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  • Probably in direct response of Corpse Cleanup Union Local 341 complaining there are too many f-ing bones left everywhere.

  • Herb harvesting

    JohnnyFeyev - - iOS Test Forum


    It's nice to see the cats and squirrels getting along.

  • Zitat von Targun: „Zitat von JohnnyFeyev: „Zitat von Targun: „ “ Better not advocate nerfing droprates for this. Everyone will come out of the woodwork to bitch about it. “ Those are vanity items with no practical use. They are prestigious only when they are rare and expensive. If they are common they are just worthless. “ I know. It was just commentary on the toxicity of the forums where even if you nerfed a useless aspect, people would bitch about it.

  • Thanks everyone for the replies. I've decided to keep the guild island where it is and stop production of stone gathering with the guild house at T5, and production buildings at T4. On my 3 private islands around the world I've raised them all to 3rd level and put only houses on there with laborers of the particular type that character is focusing on. It slightly breaks the monotony by having 3 characters, one wizard, one ninja, and one tank each focusing on gathering something else. At least wh…

  • We'll see about after I max the buildings. The main problem as I've stated is lack of diversity in activities you can undertake. Unless they change the game massively, I probably won't be around a year from now. My premium ran out today, so we'll see over the next week or so how monotonous gathering is without it and if I should save up the million or so silver to purchase another month of premium. If I do that, I'll probably just give the premium to another alt and expand my empire to 4 islands…

  • No problem. I read some thread earlier about alts and it seems they don't want to encourage alt characters so it doesn't surprise me they've changed the ability to add yourself to a guild. I basically just wanted to be able to put a 100% tax on silver and use it as a savings account, no matter what character I was using. No biggie. Spent the afternoon going around adding my alt as a co-owner on everything I own. Tedious, but basically the same thing as having it in the guild.

  • Zitat von YourMother: „But why are you building out your solo guild buildings? To craft? Or just to build the buildings for the sake of building your own town? “ It basically started about the first week after release. In Beta, I was in a guild so had access to all the crafting tables without fee. Since I'm solo now I got some sticker shock the first week when everyone was overinflating crafting costs where trying to craft T4 hides in Lynchville (whatever it's called) was costing me ridiculous a…

  • Zitat von YourMother: „JohnnyFevev, what's your endgame? Ie. what are you looking to do with your solo guild island manufacturing? Then maybe I can help optimize for what you're looking to do(from what I can gather so far my recommendation would be to drop everything and just focus on stone(use all your LP on stone gathering), as it gives good returns in market for anything you need for silver and also you need it to build out your buildings). However, from the sound of your above post it seems …

  • I'll try again, Dygenn. I attempted to invite and it gives me "player not online" message. Maybe I was trying to send a message or something and had the wrong chat type active. EDIT: Tried via guild screen Invite Player as well as in general chat /invite [name] and both give me "Player is not online" message.

  • Thanks for the reply. I'm not too concerned about advancing at a meaningful rate. I'm not hard core and will probably stop playing in about a month or two. It just has gotten really repetitive and tedious doing the same thing over and over again. I gave a shot at farming, and that was boring and had almost no return on investment. I spent a few days killing camps of T4 and 5 spawns. That got annoying as I would systematically clear out a camp just to have some knucklehead come by and whack at th…

  • I'm a purely solo player currently trying to build up my solo guild island's manufacturing, so I've been bangin' rocks for about 30 days at about an hour or two a night. I've got the five major resources (skins, wood, rocks, shiny rocks, and cloth) to T4 and rocks to T5. My guild house is about 500/900 red rocks away from T6. I don't know why I made this my goal, but there it is, too late to do anything about that. Gonna see it through, as I like sending my little slaves out to bring me nominal …

  • Sorry for piggybacking your post, but I felt this was similar enough... is there a way to invite your alt to your guild since it seems to me that you both have to be online in order to do it via the in game guild invite. I'm a solo person that has no intention of playing with other people, but I would like the guild tag to appear on my alt. Any ideas?

  • I'm just hitting being able to gather T6 materials in about a month of playing roughly 1 or 2 hours a day (the first week or so was just figuring out what was going on) all of it solo. It gets boring bangin' the same rocks, whackin' the same trees, killin' the same bears, but it's something to do for an hour or two while waiting to go to bed. I don't want to hunt other players, or group up and take on dungeons. For me it's like a housewife playing Candy Crush. It's just a way to waste some time.…

  • Don't Give A Shit, Still Bangin' Rocks.

  • Zitat von Targun: „Droprates for this items should be lower. It's ridiculous they cost less than 1k silver on AH. “ Better not advocate nerfing droprates for this. Everyone will come out of the woodwork to bitch about it.

  • Zitat von UnGarsQuiBricole: „So much drama for nothing ... “ This should be the tag line above every forum.

  • Island question(s)

    JohnnyFeyev - - Beginner's Questions


    Food lasts forever. However, I found without using focus, your carrots won't produce more carrot seeds. Just keep that in mind.

  • I was basically asking what it did, and have found out since that you can suicide there- which seems to be the only benefit.

  • Thanks. I saw that after I decided to just bite the bullet and do it to one of my buildings. I made many, many mistakes in Beta and wanted to make sure before I did something stupid again.

  • Mercenary

    JohnnyFeyev - - Beginner's Questions


    There is also a cool down timer from when you first buy him. It usually takes him a full day to feel like working to begin with.