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  • While implemented to inhibit the rapid guild hopping of GvGers who were fighting for multiple alliances as mercenaries this feature is both ineffective and subsequently inhibitive to the diversity of alliances in this game. According to the current map layout and ownership compared to its previous states in the past, the diversity of territory ownership on the map is STILL under the previously established umbrellas of power. Essentially the people who used to pay the GvGers to protect their terr…

  • Yes but it sucks, only good for executing people on a T4 Ox that are wiped on world bosses.

  • HAHAHAHAHA This is fucking amazing, you are giving the perpetrators gold stars right! This game REWARDS smart and innovative players right?

  • Zitat von flyn: „Players can now execute while silenced as intended “ This applies for self-silence of skinner work boots as well, I believe they are different effects and would like to make sure that they are included in the fix and not forgotten.

  • Zitat von QuickSwipe: „Would this mean that someone wearing a mage robe can pop Purging Shield and attack someone wearing a Hunter Hood or Assassin Jacket with their reflects up, and by attacking them, they take damage themselves, and Hunter Hood's Retaliate and Assassin Jacket's flaming shield would be removed? “ Purging shield already existed on Lumberjack garb, they just transplanted it from there to the mage robe where no one used berzerker

  • Please allow us to scale the skills and abilities larger than default, if we want to be playing blind thats our decision but hitting Q with a fat thumb when you meant to hit F is a pain.

  • Would this mean that someone wearing a mage robe can pop Purging Shield and attack someone wearing a Hunter Hood or Assassin Jacket with their reflects up, and by attacking them, they take damage themselves, and Hunter Hood's Retaliate and Assassin Jacket's flaming shield would be removed? If so, any changes to them? To all leather armors, really. This ability already exists, its on the lumber garb. Just nobody really PvP's with wood gathering.

  • Zitat von PrintsKaspian: „After death, the screen goes black and you cannot hear surrounding sounds “ Why is this change being implemented, its fun to watch your friends kill the guys who just killed you. Isn't this bad for recording and making videos?

  • If Territory was dropped and claimed it cannot launch a retaliation for 23 hours

  • Big, no, bullshit and should have a "3 hours retaliation cooldown to fix this 1 bullshit problem" yes.

  • I've noticed behavior a few times when dealing with GvG's. When a guild loses a territory through GvG they are expected to have lost it. When considering an attack you have to take into account the surrounding territories for chances of retaliation. What I've seen is after a territory is successfully defended/defeated usually you expect to enjoy your victory. What I've seen happen multiple times is guilds dropping territories and being claimed immediately adjacent to the previously defeated terr…

  • I am greatly looking forward to GvG format fighting without the stakes or buy in of regular GvG's. I feel that this will open it up to unconventional GvG team team tactics that I will enjoy.

  • How do I downvote this?

  • Battle Mount Re-Launch

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    When battlemounts were first launched they were significant forces to be reckoned with, able to take on entire zergs on their own. Since then battlemounts have been nerfed to support roles such as ticks and damage mitigation for the flame lizard and damage buffing for the venom lizard. The ballista is itself a direct anti-battlemount weapon but due to the fact that only the largest of engagements see battlemount deployment this has seen their activity drop to 1 day per month on average. It is my…

  • Zitat von PrintsKaspian: „ Other Changes - Respawn bubble behavior has been updated: - Players no longer receive a protection bubble on login - Players no longer get a protection bubble on respawn, i.e. after death “ Who's idea was this an in response to what concerns?

  • Zitat von Circe1872: „its always been like that, it still cost the same amount to place a mage so that is all you get from killing one. it doesn't cost twice as much to place a mage, so you won't get twice as much energy to kill one. this isn't a bug. “ Its double energy month, POINTS are being produced 2x, but energy is being produced 1x.

  • This month is supposed to be double points month as is usual for the last month of a season. When killing siphon mages the amount of energy the mages drop is only the base amount, not the double amount that it should be. Points are still being produced at 2x rate and if you place mages in a territory you generate energy from the 1000,10000,50000 milestones at 2x the rate meaning that those guilds are achieving more energy than they should twice as fast. The bug is that even though points are bei…

  • 2 things that suck rn

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    Zitat von keeperofnature: „1: Interrupts puting instant spells on cooldown without gaining their effect: This happens mostly with quarterstaves but also with the fiend sandals(position swap). Why not put instant casts on cooldown after use, then check if the ability went through, and if it didnt refund the cooldown. Unless getting instant spells canceled is an intended mechanic... 2:Nerf judicator armor(force field): judicator armor is the single most broken item in the game. I like to compare i…

  • Zitat von Vocandin: „...:::Recruiting black zone experienced players!:::... Due to the huge amount of applications higher tier players and gatherers take priority in getting processed The Fleet is a guild consisting of hardcore players who are intent on not only mastering the mechanics within a game, but also the planning and research outside of it. We value both organization and communication a lot. This means if we aren't in game, we are theorycrafting, making spreadsheets, crunching numbers, …

  • We've got crafting in Martlock and Carleon On a mix of personal and guild islands.