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  • Beta 1 was when this game had vision. We have lost many of the good aspects of this game over the years of beta testing.

  • Zitat von Bercilak: „Zitat von Azu_Raged: „The thing is that ... you can still sell silver which in turn reverts to gold ... I had some idiot PM me selling silver .. I highly doubt its the gold sellers. Its the solo players doing it cuz they took away solo ganking. #bringbackthe soloexperience “ Yes there will be a special solution coming for silver trading next week. You have to be a bit more careful here since it is more essential for all normal players than gold trading. “ As long as I can tr…

  • Combating "Gold Sellers"

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    Why don't we have right click reporting functionality in-game? Why can we not invite people to groups by right clicking on their name, or send whispers via the same method? All modern games support right clicking for report, whispers, and invites.