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  • Finished #3, highest we ever got so far, also a video of our current life in 5FLAT unknown.png [url][url][/url][/url]

  • Mob aggro has been weird after patch, you can also hear and see mobs losing aggro very often while faming.

  • Same as everyone, 25 new keys!

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  • GVG doesn't exist?

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    First pic: GVG happening on the map Second pic: nowhere to join it We tried kicking people and reinviting, getting people from outside and nothing makes it show up. Rip territory

  • I was really hyped about the update in terms of QoL changes, it kinda sucked there was no search function, stuff we had that worked was removed but oh well. I've always used spreadsheets to more easily sort data and work with it to get information I need, so extracting chest logs to a spreadsheet would be amazing, except it isn't Why the hell, it only extracts 50 entries at a time? To help even more each page displays 16 entries, so even if I had the bandaid fix of "oh just scroll 5 pages and do…

  • In depth Lancelot Feedback

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    0. Tome of Insight In beta 2, you could make a character, give it premium and given enough time, log in and literally click a few buttons and become a T8 gatherer or fire mage or whatever you wanted. In Beta 3 is was acknowledged to not be within what devs envisioned of LP, a tool to help catch up but not skip the grind. The solution was to make LP usable after 30%, this way you still had to grind 30%, meaning you had to be active. Tome of Insight would be great if it gave LP, it would just fit …

  • Last 3 keys!

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  • Zitat von zakodomo: „In game name -Luzzarax Highest gathering tool you can use and which one is it -T7 Mining What's your main build and what tier do you have unlocked? -T7 Full Plate Heavy mace Any experience in the outlands? -Yes i gather and pvp at the outlands Last 3 previous guilds -Assault Reason you'd like to join -Hopefully i can find a good group of people to play with and have fun Looking forward for your reply ,hopefully i can join and try out the guild! “ Make sure to follow up on di…

  • [27.10.17] Albion Developer Talk

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    Zitat von Korn: „Zitat von Billoufield: „"Intense guild warfares" LOOL I think everyone who is aware of the problem of the 30% shield on city plot and the possibilities to switch guild anytime you want have laughed hard to this sentense. Open your map and see how boring the blackzone is at the moment. But most seriously : Nothing really concrete on this video, i'm affraid that it's just a bait to slow down the hemoragy on players. “ We‘ll significantly reduce the defender bonus for home plots. T…

  • Don't worry, devs will fix it soon tm, that's the ETA we get.

  • T8 hide and stone gatherers welcome!


  • Keep posting, well done edits +1

  • [ZERG] got their Anglia locks in and accepted their faith and went for an easy fight outnumbering [GG] 2:1 Enjoy

  • When you bring the 7.2 MP to royals against a fresh team. GF regardless, but don't gear crutch that hard next time

  • Took a while for the timezone fix on portal clusters. What about warcamps in zones like Ashwood or Hazelwood, are those intended? They are neither in a portal zone or a hotspot, plus a similar warcamp in Lichendell got removed close to the end of the beta.

  • Welcome back Sunday Castle fights unknown.png

  • How to stop the no show GVGs

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    Zitat von Arredio: „I would prefer the no show guild being punished with 1 week without making an attack. “ Costs 12.5k silver to make a guild (with global discount), and 150k silver to launch an attack, takes few seconds to drop guild, make new one, launch and quit guild.

  • New guidelines! How to apply Reply to this post with the following: - In game name - - Highest gathering tool you can use and which one is it - - What's your main build and what tier do you have unlocked? - - Any experience in the outlands? - - Last 3 previous guilds - - Reason you'd like to join - - Screenshot of your stats (no bad crops please, no external links) - - Join our discord and link your application(VERY IMPORTANT) -

  • How to stop the no show GVGs

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    Zitat von Stravanov: „Zitat von Vocandin: „Zitat von Stravanov: „Zitat von Vocandin: „Zitat von althoradeem: „Zitat von Vocandin: „Make the attack fee something that is not pocket change, 5m silver for example (a big number but not something insane for a guild). If the attacker participates in the gvg and the score is anything not a 150-0 for the defender, attacker gets refunded most of it (90% or something). If the GVG is a no show or ends as a 150-0 to defenders, defenders get the whole 5m. No…