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  • It occurred to me that Sacrifice does not scale well with my choice of armor which is Druid Armor, because I do both damage and heal on self when cast on self. The Obsessive Burst bonus negates itself So I am forced to switch to Judicator armor if I use Sacrifice, if I want to maximize the self heal? Why limit our options? Why not just change the functionality of Sacrifice to work with a larger list of armors? Question is: 1) Are builds meant to be like puzzles, that people need to solve to find…

  • Zitat von blast204: „Buildings which are not fed and left with low food I believe deteriorate at a faster rate (correct me if i'm wrong think I read it somewhere) “ @Korn is this true? Does this apply to both Private Islands and City plots? Who has 100% fed buildings on island?

  • Zitat von MrManslayerX: „Zitat von Midgard: „@MrManslayerX don’t listen to these chumps .... do it allllllll! Every crop. Every herb. Join the cult.... “ Join us... Join us... lol “ Actually, the first 20 or so levels of farming specialization come so fast that I would recommend levelling all at least up to there. It helps the watering focus cost a great deal. You go form 500(?) to 3xx in few weeks(?).

  • Zitat von letwolf: „Attack during run is seldom used(except during Soldier boots long run), because standtimes of attacks and skills chews though precious time of improved speed. so focused run is okay with that. “ Axe line seems to have a few skills that you can do while running. I believe there is one for q, and e on the halberd... edit: by the way Internal Bleeding should also be immediate and without stand time. It is similar to Rending swing and Tear Apart in every other way... I have to tr…

  • Zitat von Piddle: „In the real world markets. It's more or less completely anonymous. The AO Markets aren't modeled after shop owners, they are modeled as real markets where buyers and sellers are kept at arms length. “ Hmm... Interesting point. I actually made a post on RT about similar topic just yesterday. AH Could work as a wholesales, where gatherers and farmers can unload their goods. But there could be a place for shops that set their own prices and offer customised services. Then normal …

  • Animal feeding could also work same way as seeding. Feed once, then click on each baby animal to feed them.

  • Zitat von SirAchtung: „this game gonna be super casual. in normal hardcore pvp games places with best exp or rewards it always most dangerous places with many pvp. SBI just wanna make another WOW clone. “ I don't expect that the randomized dungeons will have the best exp and rewards? Has it been said so?

  • Yea, I probably messed up my point. Resources should have decent value for gatherers (Reasonable Buy orders) But buying T5+ and especially enchanted Resources in the Royals... Or artifact weapons for example. Either they do not exist or the prices are all over the place. @Piddle how do you see the name of a listed buy order?

  • Axe - Battle Rush

    Ravenar - - Feedback Testserver


    Briefly tried Battle Rush, Sacrifice, Bloodlust -combo... Replace Sacrifice with Retaliate and you have another ridiculous open world build? @Retroman please check this out!

  • Trophy in the open world (Testserver)

    Ravenar - - Bugs Testserver


    Is this allowed?…022002b9bec6796101bb6b5ee

  • Did more testing. The combat log texts are in wrong order, but you do not get knocked down if Sacrifice self-damage would set your hp unde zero. In case of self-heal, I would prefer just one line that shows the actual result.

  • Did some play testing: Sacrifice works well with Battle Rush Graveguard self heal: With Battle Rush: 454 (+151) Without: 303 Guard: self heal With Battle Rush: 361 (+61) Without: 301 This is because Battle Rush buffs heal but not damage

  • Changelogs of patch #6 - [Additional details added January 24] The behavior of the Sacrifice skill has been updated for cases where the caster is below 15% Max HP: - - Casting on self (changed): now heals before dealing damage, meaning you can no longer commit suicide by casting the spell on yourself - Casting on an ally (not changed): heals the ally and deals damage to yourself simultaneously, meaning you can still die when casting the spell on others First, has this been rolled back in patch #…

  • Axe - Battle Rush

    Ravenar - - Feedback Testserver


    Clarification: In theory: With full stack of Obsessive Burst (8) and Battle Rash I get pretty nice heals from Vampiric Strike and Sacrifice. The Stack is filled in seconds with Rending Strike, 1 second cooldown with Refreshing Sprint. In practice: With the 100/100 stats on Test Server: (and items ranging form T5.1 to T6.3) Sacrifice: 625 heal (303 without buffs) Edit: Vampiric Strike 445 heal (323 without buffs)

  • Axe - Battle Rush

    Ravenar - - Feedback Testserver


    I actually feel like a kid on christmas. Mobility and heal bonus for my favourite weapon line. Well I wish Battle Rush would not need a target. Just clicking an area would make it more natural to use. I am surprised about the silence concerning Battle Rush... Should this be discussed a little before release? I am no PvP'er so this is probably far from optimal but something like this build. The self healing is powerful. The cooldows so low that you are buffing your heals almost non-stop. It might…

  • casual game

    Ravenar - - Beginner's Questions


    First a question list: 1) Have you left starter towns? 2) Are you settled in an outer city? 3) Are you living in Caerleon. 4) Are you PvP oriented or not 5) Do you enjoy gathering? 6) Do you enjoy crafting? 7) Do you enjoy PvE (considering it would have more content in the future) 8.) Do you enjoy farming (crops)? or just want quick activity for steady income? For me 2) I live in Bridgewatch 4) I want to do some PvP but against others my skill / experience level 5) nope 6) yup 7) yup 8.) yup If …

  • Zitat von Stormlord: „Round table = inner circle of Albion + hording a tonne of unreported exploits = unbalanced set of advantages “ I have come to the same conclusion over the years. But I don't have any proof. Many things seem to have reversed logic 1) If I control the price of a resource in a city for a short time. I get character names of everyone that buys / sells from me. I usually try keep reasonable price and try to bring prices down in the outer cities. But for the people who list items…

  • I love it! Good Luck!

  • Zitat von letwolf: „@Ravenar do you have an island in Fort Sterling? “ I have Islands everywhere! I base my own limited operations between: Martlock <-> Bridgewatch <-> Lymhurst and these have T5 - T6 buildings up and running. Fort Sterling is still under construction. But I have loads of stone blocks in BW waiting to be transported. I am lazy these days... (and fucus is limited)