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  • 1. Devs response on current game optimization progress. We now have so many people playing ZvZ now & it becomes a lag fest when lots of people stacking on each other. I hope 1 day I can attend a large scale ZvZ with minimum fps drop & ms spike. 2. Different castle layout 3. Daily blackzone castle / outpost chest respawn for more contest

  • When will you fix the issue where if you got DC from a ZvZ due to ms spike, you cannot use any in-game chats until the next maintenance?

  • Game keep crashing after the new update

    grark247 - - Bugs


    Has anyone noticed that after the new avalonian update, the game got crashed more frequently? Previously, my game client never got crash though.

  • As an ex-member of the RT from season 7 and avalonian season, I would say that the RT should be viewable by everyone. The RT is most filled with members asking for changes to favor their own gains even though they're saying it's for the community. Normal players may not be able to post their suggestion on the round table to keep the thread clean. But at least it should be viewable so that everyone is aware of what's going on in the RT & could voice their opinion in the suggestion / feedack threa…

  • Castle / Outpost loot

    grark247 - - Feedback & Suggestions


    Money is what drives the world, not season points. Also during weekdays of off-season, outposts and castles worth nothing

  • Castle / Outpost loot

    grark247 - - Feedback & Suggestions


    Make the blackzone castle / outpost loot available even during the weekdays to make the objective more worthy (The loot during weekdays can be lower than weekend). Especially during the off-season, castle and outpost doesn't worth anything until weekend. You can greatly create more content for players by making this small change imo.

  • Disarray (Zerg Debuff)

    grark247 - - Developers' Statements


    With how some alliances try to avoid debuff by splitting into multiple different alliances, how would someone abuse the disarray debuff if it only applies guild-wise (Not based on the total amount of people from an alliance, but only on the amount of players from each guild)? Would this give alliances that do not abuse debuff have a better chance at fighting? Would there be a way to abuse this again in ZvZ?

  • 1. Option on game client to enable / disable pre-load the game assets to reduce disk I/O operations 2. Optimization of the game client to reduce fps drop / stuttering issue since the game now focuses on ZvZ 3. Figure out and fix the issue when players got lagged / disconnected from large-scale zvz due to stuttering, their in-game chat becomes unavailable until the next maintenance

  • You sure choose a good time to shutdown the server, what a shitshow

  • Unless there's a permanent penalty on players in mega alliances like what you have with negative reputation players that are hostile flagged, I don't think it will change that much

  • There was recently a poll on Alliance feature and the result was overwhelmingly "Remove alliance". But personally, I think that this is far more complex than a yes/no poll. I think that to break mega alliance, we have to focus on power projection of an alliance/guild. Here is what I think and wanna hear your thoughts on this. Hopefully the devs will come up with a plan to solve this issue soon because I feel like people were not given what they were promised for Queen update and people are alrea…

  • Poll: Alliance Feature

    grark247 - - Feedback & Suggestions


    Keep alliance, removing it will only create a problem of mega guilds that can field 150-200+ people and small guilds still won't be able to compete, but: 1) Turn friendly fire on: This would make sure that alliances will think twice before adding new guilds to create mega alliance, coordinating a zvz fight will be harder and can potentially break the non-balance fights -> more susceptible to dramas & political tension -> Potential threat: Mega guild (Since a guild is capped at 300 members) 2) Ma…

  • Quote from Retroman: “Quote from grark247: “What about the season points requirement for earning gold rank & crystal rank? Is that going change given that this season is only 2 months? ” Yes, the season point requirements are the same. Because while this season is shorter, there are also more season point sources. Which in total should create an even higher season point pool. Keep in mind this is an escalating event and over the course of the event more things will be added. Some of these things…

  • What about the season points requirement for earning gold rank & crystal rank? Is that going change given that this season is only 2 months?

  • SBI should revoke all the recent bans that relate to client manipulation and revise these bans case-by-case. It seems like many people are being banned unjust, 1 member from my guild was also banned today and he had no idea what he did since he didn't download the client from unknown third-party nor was he involved in any bots/tools. Also, you guys should really start giving a specific reason for a ban, "client manipulation" is such a vague term that does not give any helpful information whatsoe…

  • Bulgarian chat

    grark247 - - Feedback & Suggestions


    Can we at least have the game to support Unicode encoding instead of just ASCII?

  • 1) Optimize the game engine to reduce lag in ZvZ fight. I think this is the most important thing because of the upcoming Queen update 2) Rework the random dungeons to have non-linear dungeons for more diversity and more interesting PvE content. 3) Gem sockets for the gear to make it more customizable

  • So how do we earn the Crystal Realm Token level 1?

  • Apparently 20m is something. One of my friend just got banned 200 years for buying like 20m from the russians. I don't involve in RMT but since SBI noticed his 20m transaction, I was afraid that SBI might one day mistake me for RMT.

  • So my friends and I often do ganking in black zone. Instead of splitting the loot, I always sell all the loots and split the money evenly among each member. The problem is that the loot is usually more than 20m silver. I always have to trade each member in my party at least 2m silver. I was wondering if SBI could red-flag these trading activities and mistake me for RMT? Also, this season my guild is trying to get to gold rank. In order to encourage people to engage in more mage raiding activity,…