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  • considering how unused/underpowered it is right now, I would be shocked if that got it nerfed.

  • I am going to have to agree with you sadly, the new Q doesn't look like it can be good without giving a huge boost to escaping/gap closing. The damage into a blink sounds like a much better way to do it than what they have currently, wouldnt even need standtime with that change either. Could be interesting to see, but I can't see daggers almost ever wanting to be that full dive into a group weapon outside of a :bloodletter specter jacket/deathgivers in some fights.

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  • Quote from Gimbo: “The Glaive has had a slow on the fling in its glory days. How about adding a short activation buff when using fling that increases resistance & speed for a few seconds with the fling ability activated by the next auto attack? ” I think a resistance or some other buff after fling could be interesting, but I would say a slow would be crucial to make the glaive into a solid weapon.

  • Yea I can see it being really good for deathgivers, they don't have the range posted last I checked but I am not sure I like the idea of a Q skill being built around a single play style. At the moment the stand time makes it really awkward as well, if you jumped in as deathgivers and got 3 stacks, you can't e instantly which gives you counter play I guess but almost means you can be blow up before you can do anything.

  • Quote from Vesen: “It is pve skill supposed to help with clear speed and let dagger users join groups. But it won't work out because cd it too high and/of it gives ass. stacks what doesn't benefit the group like sunder stacks. In solo dungeon farming increasing damage you take is awful idea. Tldr the skill is garbage, can be used on black hands, bloodletter just because extra mobility, but ass. stacks help your opponent more than you. ” Honestly daggers won't have amazing aoe regardless of the q…

  • So you would like the wild staff to be stronger when it has to heal few people but still give aoe heals to however many people need it? That could be really interesting for sure

  • Mage Tree Overall I think the mage tree is the worst offender of absolutely worthless weapons, and this could be partly because the ones that get used at incredibly good. - Fire Staves: - Wildfire Staff: I think anyone that has used a fire staff knew this one was going to make the list, it is completely worthless compared to any other fire staff and doesn't have a role to fill that another fire staff can't do better. There are a few changes that could be made but in keeping with the theme of a b…

  • Hunter Tree As a whole I would say the hunter tree is really well fleshed out with very few weapons that don't have a place, sadly the ones that doesn't fit, really don't fit - Spears: - Glaive: While currently some spears are incredibly strong, the glaive is not. It is a displacement weapon with high energy costs, low utility and low damage. This is not to say you can't make it work but it doesn't fill its role and is rarely if ever seen in serious context. While you could boost the damage and …

  • ONE POST PER WEAPON TREE I hope that I can continue to edit this thread with updates to weapons that have fallen completely out of practical use. Although some more than others I will try and touch on any weapon that does not have a place in any aspect of the game. Keep in mind that this is opinion and some weapons are worse off than others. Warrior Tree In general I think the warrior tree has a large selection of good options and all the weapon classes have a lot to offer. There are some outlie…

  • Quote from Retroman: “Added new Ability: Deadly Swipe (Q-slot / all Daggers) Leap towards the targeted area and deals 75 physical damage to all enemies in a 2.5m radius. Applies one stack of Assassin Spirit on yourself per enemy hit. Standtime: 0.6s -> 0.45s Jump Speed: 12m/s -> 18m/s Cooldown: 6s -> 4s Radius: 2m -> 2.5m ” Even though I like the idea of adding a new dagger Q skill, I feel like this one just slightly misses the mark on the theme of the dagger tree and its play style. With the up…

  • All I want are the rubberband boots Sounds like a lot of fun

  • [May 20th] Server Issues

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    Quote from Mrnin: “Quote from monsterSK: “So because they changed the game to make different activities more appealing and as a result changed up how the market acted....they should give people gear that they lost from an outside attack on their servers? That is like saying that when an new meta emerges and different items are suddenly more/less valuable you should be reimbursed if you had a vested interest in something that is now considered worthless.... The changes keep the game changing and …

  • [May 20th] Server Issues

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    Quote from Mrnin: “Quote from SilenceAwaits: “Alright, let's speculate that the devs do give a "compensation" for this happening to there servers, then what? you get 3-7 days of premium and now ddosers everywhere will start ddosing for these "compensations", if you give anything, you're literally inviting people to continue doing it, the best thing to do is not give any attention to it past trying to fix it. use your brain. ” For sure, I have played this game since beta. I am playing this game b…

  • Quote from Finalhecate: “Quote from RAYE: “…duction-for-PvE-at-least/ ” Quote from monsterSK: “This goes back to the soft cap on gear, roughly 6.0 or 900 item power is the soft cap in yellow zones (it is even lower in blue zones) as a means to balance out the game for people that are newer, the yellow zones are the first taste of pvp most players get and if it was not capped it would be terribly unfun to be one shot by someone in tier 8. With a soft cap it balances …

  • [May 20th] Server Issues

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    Quote from Midgard: “Quote from Elsa: “Hey everyone, For the past 45 minutes we have been experiencing issues with the server which causes lag and frequent disconnects. Based on our traffic data, we are suspecting a DDoS attack. Our developers are working hard on resolving the issue and we will keep you updated here. Thank you for bearing with us. Elsa & Dev Team ” @Elsa @Korn @Eltharyon Seriously? This is starting to sound old. You apparently suffered from DDOS attacks in the past and supposedl…

  • So after a fair amount of thought, overcharge is a feature I cannot get behind at all. For namely two separate but very important reasons. First lets get ride of the t4 ganker issue; while annoying, at low tiers each enchantment and tier adds 100 item power and so a t4 overcharging will be 4.1 and a 4.1 will be 4.2. This might sound bad but leads into the first major issue: higher tiers. Going from 8.2 to 8.3 for ordinary gear grants you 60 item power which for multiplicities sake we will call 6…

  • GvG Season 1 Results

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    Quote from Kostan: “That's a nice logo though. ” Yea I think whoever made it should be proud ;P

  • As someone who was toying with the idea of truly coming back to the game this whole post is disheartening. I understand a desire to include everyone in gvgs since that is effectively the end game in Albion. Gvgs are where you get to show off your hard work and skill. That being said, why would you include something that forces guilds to sit around guarding a zone before the fight? Content based around static objectives over long periods of time (because lets be honest 1 hour is a hell of an inve…

  • Ohhhh you are hostility; that makes a lot of sense Nice video