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  • Multiple Axes "Q" cause stacks reset to 1

    CantProveIt - - Bugs


    Yea, Im not sure that this is supposed to be intentional or not but it does severely limit the axes potential to spread bleeds among mobs and players alike.

  •…0d57039b5052bbfaef347507d THIS MAN MUST BE STOPPED! THE FIREWORKS ARE TOO EXPENSIVE! The fireworks are sooooo cooooool But you know what isnt cool? An Empty wallet I'd buy them more often if they weren't so expensive. The gold price has been Jacked ever since Steam Launch. Maybe Lower it to compensate the Items actual value? The New guild Mounts are only 25G but a firework is like 300G???? Please :0

  • The execution system is a little unfair imo. Say you get downed by something and a guy come up to you with the intention of killing you. He starts the execute but here comes your friend or guildmate or something and interrupts him and saves you. The Person Executing you shouldn't be able to continually attempt an execution. I think there should be a small cooldown on executing IF you get interrupted. What do you guys think?

  • Glacial Staff seemed so good and looks so cool... If only it was actually viable Really feel like this Weapon could be really Good, but either needs a change in mechanics or a rework... You guys have any suggestions or thoughts?