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  • Hello Fishing & Cooking Experts, I've recently had some time to review the fishing economy and found that Seaweed prices are very high when compared to regular fish. The reason for this, I assume, is the Seaweed requirement in Fish Sauce. It was never the idea to restrict the amount of Fish Sauce being created by the amount of Seaweed available, so here's what I'd like to change: - remove the need for Seaweed in the Fish Sauce recipes - double the amount of fish chops needed (that seems like it …

  • Love everyone's setups - they remind me of the good old days where gaming took priority over game making Though some look like they'd be suitable office setups as well...

  • Unfortunately there's an issue with points not being split based on group size- we're currently deploying a hotfix for this. That said, it will still be relatively easy to obtain when playing in a group in a high end activity like black zone dungeons. We'll look into ways to make it more challenging at all levels of play for the next Challenge.

  • Introduction Fellow Adventurers, After unleashing the factions of Albion in our Merlyn update two months ago, it’s time for a new roadmap update. The core focus of our next updates is to provide a wide range of exciting activities and goals to a larger number of players and to make these activities more rewarding. With the topics in this roadmap we aim to: - Increase the amount of content and breadth of activities for existing Albion Online players - Address issues with existing gameplay systems…

  • GvG Season 4 Schedule

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    Don't worry, this is just the regular heads up regarding the season so people can make plans. There'll be more announcements next week after season 3 has ended and there'll be a little something to make the best use of the off-season to prep for Season 4.

  • Hi Frank, thanks for the proposed improvement! This idea is indeed very similar to something we have occasionally discussed in the design team. I guess the key difference to enchanting items with runes and souls in your suggestion is, that the weapon actually has to be worn to receive this benefit? As long as it is tradeable, however, this still does not mean that the user of the weapon itself ever has to PvE with it. Powerful guilds could buy these levelled sentient weapons for GvG, essentially…

  • Zitat von gmatagmis: „Case. Declare Warcamp GvG. Bring 8.3 gear to force opponent overcharge their 8.1/8.2. Once opponent overcharge - sit under the tent, and watch them trash. Zero risk economy impact. @Korn ^ “ Either its worth losing 15% of your gear for the territory or its not, and then you simply don't overcharge. Overcharging is an additional possible choice, not a must. If you fear your opponent may just fake you out, then don't overcharge.

  • Dear Albion Community, With the midseason patch out the door and everything for Steam ready and prepared it's finally time to reveal Albion’s next content update: Merlyn! Goals for the Merlyn Update The first major focus of the Merlyn update is the royal continent and its economy. While making Caerleon the central hub for the red zones and outlands during beta has made PvP and GvG readily available for all, it has at the same time harmed Albion’s local economy and the relevance of the five other…

  • Hey everyone, we have bad news about the Steam version of Albion Online. As some of you may know, when a game is launched on Steam, payment of microtransactions (in our case gold purchases and subscriptions) in the Steam version of the game have to be handled via Steam wallet. No other payment options are allowed and Steam takes a significant portion of those transactions (we can’t disclose the number but you can probably google it) as payment for services rendered. This makes sense for a busine…

  • Hey Bogul, you asked me about the order in which rare guild logos were added. This is the technical order in which they were added to the game client, this may not reflect the time they were awarded, but it gives you an idea: REV 20068 Scoia Tael (locked) Vendetta REV 24643 Insane Empire REV 31096 Hammer & Sickle REV 37053 Goons REV 39829 Rocket Beans (locked, promotional) WarLegend REV 53589 Finstack Gentlemen Honor'n'Glory Nilfgaard Wildwest REV 64278 Conflict CzeCo Envy (locked) Furia Mostly …

  • Based on feedback received from the community regarding Season 2 Siphoning Mage changes published with the Lancelot patchlog, we are adjusting the GvG bonuses granted through siphoning mages as follows: - The period that determines the bonus are the 60 minutes prior to peak time start (down from 240 minutes) - The maximum bonus is now 2.4% (down from 4.8%) - The bonus is calculated pro rata. 1 mage being alive for 8 minute grants you a 0.08% bonus - effectively 0.01% per minute. As there are 4 m…

  • Hello everyone, thank you for competing in the arena today! Unfortunately, despite public testing with several hundred players prior to the launch, we encountered some issues today which occurred under heavy load. In short, these issues prevent new matches to be created by the Arena service and lead to indefinite queue times. We're working on a solution, but as so often in game development, tracing and fixing the exact problem will need some time. We've therefore decided to disable the Arena fea…

  • Essence Mobs Still Dropping Faded Essence

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    Thanks for the report, we'll look into it!

  • There are ongoing technical issues with the starting town marketplaces which affect orders (so sell orders and buy orders) on the marketplaces in the starting towns. See: Known Issue: Starting Town Marketplaces unintentionally connected We're working to resolve these issues as soon as possible, until then, please avoid placing buy & sell orders in these markets as they may need to be moved around as part of the fix. - Eltharyon

  • Hello everyone, unfortunately we had another issue as a result of the latest Update: the starting town marketplaces (i.e. "Steppe Cross", "Mountain Cross" etc.) are currently being treated as one common market and some of the existing orders have disappeared. We're investigating the issue. The solution may involve moving orders that have been created after the launch of Joseph into a single starting town. IF POSSIBLE AVOID THE USE OF STARTING TOWN MARKETPLACES UNTIL THE ISSUES ARE RESOLVED. - El…

  • Martlock market WIPED

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    Thanks for the report, we're aware of the issue, we're working on a fix.

  • Hello everyone, unfortunately we noticed an issue with today's release: - entrances for bank and marketplaces in Martlock have been switched - content of Martlock marketplace does not appear (no offers found) fixed - characters logged out in bank or marketplace clusters spawn in the starter clusters, sorry for the invconvinience - it will be fixed We're investigating the issue and will keep you updated about an upcoming solution. - Eltharyon

  • T8 has been removed from the game

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    That is not intentional. We're investigating, thanks for the report. UPDATE: Apparently this does not affect all territories but only some that were updated in this version, we're working on a fix.

  • Loot Chests Rebalancing

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    Hey Albion Community, the recent changes to loot chests have led to quite a bit of discussion, so we thought we'd provide a bit of background on what happened and what we intend to do next. What happened is that due to a setup mistake loot chests have been using an unintended re-spawn rate since launch. Instead of re-spawning on average every 2,5 hours they were using the same re-spawn rate as regular mobs (on average 10 minutes). It took us a while to find this issue, as obviously nobody report…

  • Hey everyone, I've done some digging and found out what happened. In short: 2vs2 hellgates were unintentionally affected by the open world loot chest re-balancing. That entire change was missed in the changelog and therefore also missed in testing. We're now reverting the changes back to the previous values and hope to still integrate them into the next patch (scheduled for next week). Hope this helps! - Eltharyon