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  • Quote from Bukem: “I like that nobody has answered this question Does 100 artifact robe now give 100 in all 5 armour pieces after the split, or less? Weapons make perfect sense because there aren't Royal or Avalonian weapons covered by the existing spec, but it isn't clear for armour ” the total fame will be splitted by 5. level 100 artifact shoes will be then 5 times level 83. Have fun leveling it again

  • Nurturing Ox Calf

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    Quote from wiki : “The grow time is 44 hours which is halved by Premium ” do you have Premium? otherwise it's 44 hours that you need to wait

  • Avalionan Boss

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    fix your settings and then you will see the spells again. Just finished her about 1h ago and had no issue to dance

  • Yep. it reduce bei 31%. That means if you devide 1 by 1.31 = 0.76. You see you miss now 0.24 from the 1 and this is the 24% reduction.

  • In a yellow/blue zone you can just find a solo dungeon, go in and stay there afk. Noone can enter = noone can drag you to red.

  • Blue zones,Yellow zones and HCE exist allready. Dunno where's the problem. When you want only PvE, why would you start a full loot PvP game like albion online? There's a bunch of "only PvE"-games where the economy will suffer from the Inflation. The main reason why i play albion is because it's like dark souls: "git gud or die trying" I love full loot pvp where everything can trash. Otherwise the game is boring!

  • Skip intro

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    for real? it exists already. Game Settings => General => General Settings => "Skip Intro Video" . set the marker and it's done.

  • Are you living in the past past past? read this: [5. May 2020] Queen Patch 11 Quote from PrintsKaspian: “[...] Increased Durability Loss Based on Number of Attackers - Item durability loss now scales based on the number of players who attacked the victim. This change will only apply in areas where player vs player combat is lethal, and does not apply in the following cases: - When all players involved in the kill are faction flagged - During Crystal League Battles - In Hellgates - The chart belo…

  • Quote from Ellimac90: “There should be a woodboard near the market, click on it and make Morgan's rest your home. If you die then you'll have the option to go back to your home. Pay attention not to use the Outland portal from a royal city because then it may reset your home and you'd have to do it again. Enjoy ” If you port down from the outland then you get a debuff "using a realmgate will remove your current home location". But if you run down to the realmgate and go throw it to the royal con…

  • I guess he dont know how a cleric robe works - this is the reason why he didnt lose HP for a short time. And he never played against nature staff, so he have no clue how to play against nature.

  • Imagine someone will tell you here how to make alot money, e.g. with refining. Guess what will happen: everyone will do it and then this will be less profitable. The good story, you can be profitable with almost everything in albion. E.g. get Premium, then get an island and use the plots. Use your Focus for Refining, Crafting, watering or animals. Use journals while gathering / crafting. Give this books to your Workers or sell it.

  • Portal Permanent Lock

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    Quote from hyorinmaru: “if you try with t4 horse and all t4 guardian armor it is quite easy they will even ignore you, and if not it cost you 10k to get this gear back so no loss ” You love necromancy, or? look at the date of the last post

  • Quote from Handong: “I used to play a game long time ago named Priston Tale and there was weekly pve competition where you enter in an instance like an arena and had to kill waves of mobs, was from round 1 to 7 (or 8, i don't remember), your group make points according to the amount of mobs you kill, there was a weekly ranking for guilds... for example, if 5 guys from the same guild decide to do it, they make points for their guild I was thinking that we could have something similar in albion, c…