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  • There are cities where handful of people own almost all the slots. Limit the number of city slot player can have. It improves market competition. - Max 1 big city slot 4 buildings - Max 2 small city slots 2 buildings. And change also auction system. It is awful and favor current owner. - Current owner max bid should be winning bid not old bid + 1 because he has advantage anyway. If you have silver you can bid a lot but lose only last bidder +1

  • Gear matters more than skill.

  • Owner can keep his slot forever. Just need an alt or good friend who outbids current bid. You exactly know how much owner has to bid now. Because your friend can tell you the max bid or you already know it if using alt. Then owner comes and buys a slot for 50% of the price. Win-Win owner gets slot back cheep. alt of good friend can craft without fee.

  • I like healers who think they are there only for heals. They just stand even team is full health and don't even think of to do damage to mobs.

  • Best selling Item

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    I did not reveal my best income options yet: 1) Make a Guild and recruit some laborers/players to work for you. Then they will recruit even more players and you get a big player base for silver. They pay tax every mob they kill. Really good money. You get 200 people working for you it is really good silver you make. Tons of silver!!! I can not spend that much they get you. 2) Buy good city slots and make buildings. Up to 300 - 500k silver per day:D Having 10 buildings 3-5M per day. Nice profit e…

  • Best selling Item

    SuperElmo - - General Questions & Discussions


    Gold makes silver:) 20k gold per day which is around 5,5m silver:D Value is changing depending silver gold ratio. You only have one market to follow (instead 5 + 1) and can do it anywhere even when gathering resources. That's pretty easy silver. But I stopped now and also find buy low / sell high strategy can work well but it is a lot of hassle to travel between markets. Gold market is easier. You can also try to buy market up. Like buy all leather and sell it high. Have done it several times wo…

  • I suggest 1) upper limit how much gold you can have, because all game items can be bought with silver, there is no need to convert more silver to gold than amount for 1 year subscription. It is also fair for new players. If you buy 1 year subscription you are 0 and have to collect it again. Currently there are storage's of gold per account, I have noticed couple of 300 000 gold orders. Currently only reason to convert silver to gold is to make silver out of thin air. 2) add % tax to gold market.

  • There are speculators on gold market. And it is just a silver making tool. You can see big orders rolling over and over again and making silver. If you have 100k gold you can make 100k silver just by selling it +1 gold higher. 100k is pretty big vs compare it by killing mobs and get that. +10 gold higher and its 1mil. Usually you can see two big orders with difference 2-4 gold and just wash silver. The market has big flaws. There should be 5% tax (of total value) whenever you set up order (even …

  • Having a city slot has unfair advantage over other players. 24/7 income without login. This needs some rework. Currently who gets the slot can keep it forever. 2 times lower bid needed to keep slot. If numbers go high it is really unfair. 20mil vs 10 mil. Also 24hours owner bid must go. Not fair. Slot rotation is good for market. Not letting handful of players to get rich. Changes are need. 1 player can only own 1 slot. Currently there is like 1 player owns 5-9 slots. There is no completion and …

  • It also happens when leveling up gear levels - weapons, armor. I did T6 expedition killed end boss. Got lot of Fame but it was not carried over to next lvl 29. It said 0/Lvl amount.

  • Pro-tip! Don't forget to wear your best gear when going HellGates.

  • It is really the way, if you can get slot from start you can keep it forever. This auction is a joke. Wrong timer. Who wants to buy slot from previous owner, it must pay twice the price. Previous owner has made 30 days a profit every day and you force us to pay more.