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  • Quote from JETracktor: “Player invulnerable during E cast. He wouldnt take damage from any reflection. ” It seems like during the E animation invulnerability would be intended. It seems strange to me that it is also during the damage calculation

  • I don't think this is intended. Example: Claymore uses E on a Spear using Reflect, reflect is cancelled, no damage dealt to Claymore user

  • Quote from DAZROUN: “Although the timing of the change is quite controversial, it should be an interesting one. No more POE or ARCH pepega zerg, finally. ” The only people who don't like ARCH/POE zergs are the same people who aren't fighting SQUAK -_- Fighting fire with fire out there

  • Claw Chaining Nerf

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    I think claws function mostly as intended. I would love to see them have a secondary function, separate for Mounts. Just a bleed, no root

  • We couldn't get through half the portals. And then when we finally got one, we became zone locked and couldn't do anything... Bye bye 45 minutes and tons of pre-organization time

  • I've only gotten into the Real-Time update spreadsheets in the last two weeks, and I was still able to make upwards of 100m per month before that. I know it's nothing when compared to some of the whales, but it's enough to get into the market.

  • I'm sure a lot of people would be happy with a Copy to Clipboard button in the Auction House

  • As one of those people who profits off trade I don't check the prices of things anymore really. I've got my regular list, and I know my price ranges by heart. Learning that list, watching it's averages, seeing it's variances in cost and supply across each of the cities. This is what trading is. And yes, running between the cities is a bore, and it's a part of this. It would remove from the strategy people use. That said: With next update cutting Caerleon off from the Black Zones and giving every…

  • Quote from MrsLove: “Quote from CassX: “Guys,I apologize in advance for my maybe stupid question but i just want to make sure,this mount skins,will be visible in BZ or only in save zones? edit:i mean for other players.. ” Show mount skins for yourself:Always (Default) Only in safe areas Show mount skins of play partners (Same Guild, Alliance or Party): Always (Default) Only in safe areas Show mount skins of opponents: Always (Default) Only in safe areas ” oh gosh. You're only now making me reali…

  • Im going to re-riff on my earlier statement of re-introducing previous mounts. If after 25 referalls buying 30 days of premium you aquired a token allowing you to freely unlock a skin of your choosing. 25 accounts does mean only 125m silver if you were to abuse it. Which is incredibly lower than the cost of some of the mounts currently, however, because of the goldsink, it does mean that SBI would get 250$ in revenue for every 25 referalls so even if this got abused SBI is in the money, and real…

  • Quote from Bogul: “Lets say a character hits an incredible level of progress - for example all weapons / armors 400/400 ; all crafting 400/400 ; 5b total fame ; 1000 participated GvG fights ; 1000 arena wins ; 500.000 killed players in pvp ; 500m gathering fame etc. .. once you hit any of these milestones - you get to pick any in-game item, that ever existet, that a GM will create for you as a reward. (one item per milestone too much?) With the intention of course that people will either chose t…

  • Quote from Redsaw: “Quote from Heppernaut: “Let's take all the rich players of Albion Online, the RICH ones, who have all the recruiter mounts in a chest somewhere "Just because" And lets multiply their money with no thought. 5/7 update. ” Irony. WTB Ghostwolf 250m ” How is that ironic? If someone is fool enough to sell it to me, my gain.

  • Let's take all the rich players of Albion Online, the RICH ones, who have all the recruiter mounts in a chest somewhere "Just because" And lets multiply their money with no thought. 5/7 update.

  • WTB Ghostwolf 250m

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  • They are designed to give you a % that is proportional to their rarity based on premium.

  • I hate to say it man, but I think the Command Mammoth is just fine as it is. If it got the carry capacity as you are suggesting, people could do INSANE loads between cities. It would cause a whole new monopoly to form that wouldn't be good for the economy.

  • Quote from Lanzier: “1. Increase the fame from killing outpost guards and grant them a chance to drop city hearts, crests, and baby mounts of their faction type. The fame rewards, in my opinion, should be equivalent to t7 blackzone roaming mobs. Faction flagged players are at approximately as much risk as blackzone players are even though factions are Royal continent based, so blackzone level fame is justified. These mobs are realistically soloable in ways the faction bosses are not, so this giv…

  • I usually try to make at least 10% profit on whatever I'm crafting. Usually that does mean ~20 to 30k per item. I just have to do a lot of items. It's very useful to take into account how much an item sells. Things that move in massive bulk, only make 2k on is fine if you're selling 100 of them a day. Bigger ticket items, I tend to hope for a 300~400k profit per, but sometimes it takes a week or so to sell 1

  • Alright, bearing in mind I'm answering this thread not sober, and having not read any of the replies, I just want to jump in here and say: I make approx 600k profit per day from crafting things. I buy my resources on the auction house I buy my artifacts on the auction house I do not use focus to craft anything. It is totally possible to profit from crafting. 90% of my profit comes from Tier 4 items. You just have to do the research.

  • Quote from Tilden: “Quote from Tilden: “To go even further, why not make EVERY portal an indefinite lock (no 20 minute/immediate transfer between same-city portals)? ... [This] retains some of the biome separation that the Royals are designed for, boosting the economic activity of each city. ... ...concern around making Fort Sterling "better" than every other Royal city, and the existence of the Alderwood portal between Sterling and Caerleon ” I think I have a solution for both the biome issue a…