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  • Combating "Gold Sellers"

    Archaeon - - News Archives


    If you want to fix this in the meantime, just disable all chat functionality alltogether in the game for about 1 week. I garuntee these sellers wont be able to advertize anything if they cant chat. I for one know I would still enjoy the game without having to talk to people I dont know, and I could just use a voice chat service with friends who do play if need be. Otherwise, they need to adopt the same tactic used by many other MMO's and make it so you cant even use chat functionality until a ce…

  • Cannot connect to server......

    Archaeon - - Server Performance


    it seems like all of the bank zones crashed, and people who were in there cant log back in. perhaps they need to add a feature from the char select screen that gives you the option to log in at your personal island once every 24 hours incase this is a reoccuring issue?