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  • I'm not going to argue with you. I've been doing this since 1997. I know I'm right. Six months after release this game will be a desolate wasteland if the current system is not changed.

  • Ranged dps always wins in every pvp game. The only game I've seen where melee is highly viable is WoW, but it depends on which version. It's patch by patch

  • If they do not drastically cut crafting costs at higher tiers this game has no future. It's seems fun if you have a gank squad, but most people are not going to farm for hours to make or to be able to afford a high end PPV set that gets taken by gankers every time they go out. The solution is not for those players to stop going into pvp zones, that reduces too much content. The solution is simply to reduce the cost and value of items. You can't argue with me on this. It has been proven over and …

  • Music. Please make it good renaissance music, not generic fantasy music. Character models need more detail, this would greatly increase the overall quality of the game. Recall abilities and portals. The travel in this game makes me log out constantly from boredom. Global banking.

  • Who says I don't have empathy? You are creating this fantasy world where I am evil or that I dislike women. Women who work hard get paid well, just like men do. What I'm saying is that you shouldn't get your way simply because you are a woman. Toughen up and stop picking fights with people because you don't like their name. That is what Tyrants do. The only harassment I see is coming from you with your Tyranical behavior. I say we start a petition to ban you from the game for trying to control p…

  • I don't give two fucks about the confederate flag. [Redacted content - discriminatory]. If you are a feminist, especially if you are a male, you are subhuman to me. [edited by Beelzebabb]

  • I think it's clever and I laugh every time a black cock runs past me. It literally makes my game experience more enjoyable. [Redacted content - discrimination]. You aren't special. Be a woman and man the fuck up. [edited by Beelzebabb]

  • Quote from Mayflower: “Quote from Argentus: “ It is unprofessional and bad business to expect people to dig through forums to find this answer. It would take them less than 30 seconds to post this underneath the package so that it is clear. ” You mean like it is already? 2mryz6c.jpg 'Will start' - hence not started yet. ” It should give a specific date, as we are in the second quarter. Too many questions to be asked. It needs to be more specific. This isn't about patient people who have been fol…

  • I am looking for friends to hang out with at 2 in the morning, crafting, talking in vent, plotting our next moves, working together, telling jokes. The things that made me fall in love with mmos. I'm in my 30s now so my tolerance for rude behavior from young adults is pretty much zero, especially little squeaky dorks. I tend to only stick around guilds with calm, professional, objective leadership. Preferably leadership with military background. I try to always keep the policy of: If I wouldn't …

  • Real Life Job

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    I was an aircraft structures mechanic for almost ten years, now I work in a corrosion lab creating and simulating corrosive environments for oil and gas companies. Its neat.

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    I will probably be Argentus in game if the name is available. Usually a healer. I've been playing mmos hardcore since the summer of 1998 when I found out about UO. This game so far reminds me of UO a great deal which is why I am so excited and bought the legendary founders pack. Hope to see you all in game as soon as possible haha

  • Quote from Hoppla: “Reading comprehension - learnt to READ, before you spend your money... dont just click and "buy" with brains turned off. I wonder how you can surive in the mean real world. . Its all over the forum and states clearly in the describtion of the founder packs - that you can only play during alpha /beta time - and if you had checked the forum - ALL are waiting for the next alpha test, server will open proably on the 29.6. for Legendary and 30.6 for epic players.” They should spec…