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  • Other resources are used in many other recipes. Stone however, is used very rarely. There should be another use for it, to make it a more useful. The main reason to level stone gathering is to upgrade your buildings, and not everyone has buildings. Other resources cross professions. Leather/Cloth, Metal/Wood, etc. But stone is all by itself(besides demo hammers). The only thing that I can think of is sharpening stones for weapons. But I am sure there are some good ideas out there to make them mo…

  • Easy to explain, there should be a sleight speed bonus for traveling on roads. This will add another layer of gameplay for gankers and travelers.

  • Can't you just buy the 'Explorer's Anchor' on the Market? Or, is the option to build turned off, unless you have Founders? Do you also want the Founder's skins? I say leave it as-is. Albion is a game of consequences, and if you missed something, it's gone.

  • Your BZ is BS

    Lobotimer - - Rants


    I agree, why are you considered a 'criminal'? It is the black zone, right? This shouldn't be a thing.

  • Twice now, I have had to clear explosive barrels to open a chest. The first time, the barrel was in the same room as a mid-level boss, and when I downed them I couldn't open the chest. The second time, it was the final boss, and I had to go through the whole level and find all the barrels that I missed. Why do these count as hostile mobs? Since you are doing a count in the software for hostile mobs, just omit the barrels in this count.

  • Give us the ability to change the opacity of the chat window. I cannot read the chat until I activate chat and it darkens. Give us the ability to darken it as much as we want and keep it that way. Unless that's already a thing and I cannot find it. Also, unlock the ability buttons so I can put them in a more preferred location. I would prefer to see my cool-downs closer to the middle of my screen.

  • I would go even further. I think you should only be able to flag/unflag inside of a main city. You make your decision before you leave and take the consequences as they are. None of this hand-holding, flagging when it suits you.

  • 1. Even-the-odds for RZ PvP. - +v-(more players fighting less players) should be a thing with very negative consequences. More so, than currently designed. RZ should be a place to 'learn' PvP, not be trial by fire, that is what the BZ is for. - Reputation should be a thing to strive for, so make it worth while to attain. It is only there for PvP reputation loss, so make it more dangerous to kill a higher reputation player. - Include gear score in the reputation loss calculation(if not already th…

  • I would have to disagree that it raises the skill of dedicated PvPers. Fighting in your best designed gear, in a situation that you will not lose said gear, is completely different than fighting in 'sacrificial' gear that you can lose at any time. Different type of fight. Different thinking goes into, "Am I prepared to lose what I am wearing?". Even if it is 'cheap' gear, it still costs something. And, you also do not get the benefit of having a guaranteed 'same level' fighter on the other side.…

  • I don't think you are alone in thinking this. However, the question always comes down to "How do you resolve this?". How do you make the BZ more available to average players, without hindering the guilds/alliances that have worked hard to earn/protect their territory? I don't have an answer, but the amount of posts regarding this seem to indicate a want for something to be adjusted. Any changes will have people who hate it and love it. They(SBI) have been pretty good(from what I have seen) at ma…

  • Gathering gear is designed to be evasion, not fighting. Survival, not dealing damage. If gathering gear is useless in the Black zone then why even have it in the game? Since it is in the game, maybe make it worth-while to have and use.

  • That would be interesting. What about actually having weapon abilities also. Geared towards anti-gank assist like the gathering gear?

  • Toggle abilities

    Lobotimer - - Feedback & Suggestions


    I have been a victim of this many a time. I was thinking that the only thing that should cancel an ability should be the 'stop all action' key, or moving from your position. But then, I was thinking about a situation where, player one toggles an ability. Player two starts to cast, or toggle their ability. Player one should have the option of quickly using another action that can interrupt player two's ability. If the player couldn't interrupt their own ability, then they wouldn't be able to inte…

  • Thank you for responding. You are correct, I told a friend about the game, they downloaded it, found it enjoyable and decided to purchase premium. I told them to put me as a referrer, and then we found that you couldn't because we didn't follow the right steps. I contacted support and was told, no. Which is why I am here, offering my 'feedback & suggestions' to the community and company. Could you explain the exploitation of 'one referral per account'? I am confused as to how this could be explo…

  • I like this because as a newer player(founder, but only recently started playing), it would enable the newer players to be a part of the great expansion experience from the start. However, it all depends on what you mean by 'wipe'. I can only think of two options. - Are you talking character wipes(i.e. losing all fame)? That would be rough considering the time it takes to level anything in the game. Not so bad for newer players. A killer for seasoned players. I don't know who would be 'for' this…

  • Personal Islands

    Lobotimer - - Feedback & Suggestions


    I understand that moving resources between cities = bad idea. But, having the option to move your resource-less island to another city should be a valid option(albeit, on a very long cool-down). Sometimes people change guilds. And if that new guild is located in another city, you are then forced to either buy another island(very expensive and time consuming), or split your time between two cities(also time consuming). I also think that the island should not have to be cleared(no buildings). You …

  • First, I have to say that Support Tickets are responded to very quickly! I appreciate that. However, I recently referred someone, and they purchased premium. However, they didn't purchase within a few days of playing, so now I don't get credit for them joining. Why, in a free-to-play game(or any game with a referral program), would you not allow people to enjoy the game for a while before adding a referrer to their account? Why is there a time limit on this? Each and every account should have th…

  • Maybe just enable auto loot of silver on kills. I go into many places that are covered with silver drops that a speed runner just left behind for the sake of speed. If auto loot for the silver was an option, guilds would make more money, players would make more money, win-win.

  • If you can craft tier four gear, you should get a bonus when you wear that same tier four gear. Also, you should get another bonus if you are wearing your own crafted gear. This would increase people crafting, and gathering.

  • Server overpopulated

    Lobotimer - - Feedback & Suggestions


    I would agree that shards would ruin the experience. Having everyone on one server makes things much better. However, I also think with population increases, something should change to accommodate. Increasing the amount of zones would be a viable option. Spread the population out a little. Also, add more server run npcs(bank chests, market, etc.). Or at the least, move them back so you can see them.