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  • Quote from Midgard: “Quote from StaffJack: “Hello, players bought the skins because that is what they want you to see. ” And you know this how exactly? I dont believe anyone buys a skin unless its what THEY want to see. My eyes receive collateral damage from that. ” I want you to see my skins Midgard.

  • Queen Patch 13 is Here

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    Looking forward to being able to run solo dungeons again.

  • Personal Islands

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    Quote from woneyed: “Island Suggestions I generally am one to collect Island items and like to decorate my island. Are there any plans in the future to let players- 1) Rotate buildings to match the roads 2) Introduce more decorations 3) Keep the same number of Item/laborer slots in each houses but let people decorate the home and not waste slots. I hate going into each building and seeing it crammed with trophies just to get max returns and not being able to break up that look with other items. …

  • An easy fix would be to allow newer players to leave their guilds without the cool-down penalty if they haven't bound to one of the city portals yet. It gives them a chance to sign up with a guild that won't exploit them, after they have figured out their mistake.

  • Transporting them from the rests to the royals is a HIGH RISK, HIGH PROFIT endeavor. You should be buying them there and transporting them to the portals.

  • Don't sell very well? I buy TONS of them, are you just trying to sell them above a profitable margin for the buyer? For the most part if you aren't going to transport them to their respective city, just sell them off right away instead of putting up a sell order.

  • Change to butchering.

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    Quote from Zoream: “Can we have instead of clicking every fish type to be cut up, a salvage style layout where we just load all the fish into it and it cuts it up. Could incorporate the meat into it too. ” This would be an awesome improvement to the Butcher & Mill user interface, I would love to see it done. Quote from gideonflynn: “Too good UX. Forget it lol, people on forums here are gonna hate you for trying to make improvements. ” I will never understand you eternal pessimism... You have a g…

  • Quote from gideonflynn: “Sooo, you fixed it by removing the actually practical warning for picking up an animal, when there's actual progress being lost? Did someone get butthurt or what? :cry_laughing: You people removed actual UX, seemingly because you messed up an update to it. Either way the issue isn't completely fixed, now there's no warning when you have fed an animal and are trying to pick it up. Also, please do a 'pick all available' on farm plots, it's not newbie friendly, it's basic U…

  • Crafting stations craft button blackout.

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    The Craft button is staying blacked out for an extended period of time after crafting.…4b996acb83e1ac772545821c4

  • Quote from gideonflynn: “Just don't count on this getting better. There's no reason it would... at all. ” Well they just patched it, sooo....

  • [13. May 2020] Queen Hotfix 11.3

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  • The new Icons are sleek looking, but used on the map they are hard to take in at a glance and figure out what they mean. The old ones were instantly recognizable for what they are, and made it easy to find the building that you wanted to use.

  • Quote from Fastorius: “You did not mention that they changed sound (harvest, plant the crop, take the animals, settle the baby animal and ect). New sound sounds awful. Previous sounds were much better imho ” Came here to say exactly this, both this and the popup notifications(which they had fixed prior to this patch) are big downgrades in quality in this patch.

  • All the items you sell on the market are subject to a 3% tax. This is a silver sink to reduce the amount of in-game silver. The point of having treasures for each of the city is to encourage the purchase and movement of those treasures around the royal island. if you don't want to bring the treasure to the proper city, you can just sell it to another player for a lesser price.

  • Just like I have been suggesting since January. Allow Players to anchor their personal islands at the rests, but provide no crafting or refining bonuses there.

  • It would have to function like vanity items, with the ability to turn it off for other players. Identifying your opponents gear at a glance is a crucial aspect of the PvP in this game. Other than that aspect

  • Quote from gideonflynn: “Netflix hasn't had problems. They have the highest amount of traffic in the world. Simple as that: the most internet trafficked company in the world was ready. AWS, DO, Zeit and other giant providers are ready., The highways aren't fucking congested. A game which isn't in beta should be stable. That's how those processes work. With these kinds of stability issues, the game should be in beta. You shouldn't advertise a game as 'finished' when there's many QoL things missin…

  • Quote from iRawr: “Quote from RenKatal: “Quote from iRawr: “No thx bro, i am already to good in PvP games, to play 3 vs 1 or "git gud at running away". So i am here to play albion, not in "Run away if its not 5 vs 1". I just don't like when 5 vs 1 shitters, jump to the location portals right when see 2 or event 1, player dismounting on them. This is my content, and this content here, they got PvP gear, they got numbers, they here to fight other players... but they running. Why my content is tryi…

  • Quote from Tabor: “Quote from RenKatal: “Why should you have unfettered access to Black Zone content without any of the risks associated with it? ” This seems to be one of the most common misconceptions of the BZ. The BZ is the vast majority of the available zones in the game so just that alone tells you it is not suppose to be hard to simply access. The risk of the BZ should come from playing the content in the BZ not simply just stepping foot in the BZ. This is the current design flaw they nee…

  • Quote from gideonflynn: “@RenKatal I appreciate your input. Are you hired by SBI to respond to posts? You're stating that the current state of AO servers is enough. But given the hundreds, even thousands of people saying they have problems there's some underlying problems which should be either disclosed to the public or fixed. If SBI fails to announce that they're experiencing problems in a manner, that ends up with players losing their gear - bought from swipes - ONLY because of problems on SB…