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  • Quote from Bercilak: “It is very likely that the resource of the items you are using have a value of 20.000 silver (likely more)!” I want to see your REAL GAME DATA calculations. If tax on refining works on the same as craft. Then it is so dramatically more bad that what i even thought.

  • Ok so give me the values of upkeep of a territory, the amount of buildings you can place on the land vs 1 city plot and the upkeep there, You counter talk this but provide no numbers. you have all the DATA but refuse to let us see it. Raw Materials can be gained just from durability on tools and time. The loss of death in pvp is negligable when just gathering and crafting. It would prob equate to the same as in pve only areas. The cost of transportation... you mean the time? no actual cost diffe…

  • Quote from Brabbit: “Its no longer the difference between paying 1000 silver or 1100 silver for an item. Its paying silver vs not paying silver.” Dont mind if i just correct that do you ? Its no longer the difference between paying 1000 silver or 1100 silver for an item it is paying 0 silver (red), 1000 silver (yellow), 4000 silver (city) and 6000 silver (island)

  • @Bercilak Post the costs of refnining of in all areas. Red Zone T3-5 Normal to Mythical Yellow Zone T3-5 Normal to Mythical City Zone T3-T5 Normal to Mythical Island Zone T3-T5 Normal Mythical

  • Quote from Stormlord: “I didn't write that pago” Apologies, it was a quote from a quote and it used your name instead.

  • Quote from Bercilak: “HOWEVER territories need to have upkeep + are in dangerous zones ...” Removing the Upkeep from City buildings now? Removing the same food cost as territories? removing the same endurance fatigue because of higher traffic in cities? Nothing dangerous about crafting/gathering in T3 gear that costs nothing to replace Resource refining still costs more in cities and islands, give us the numbers for all zones T3-T5 uncommon to Mythical! Quote from Stormlord: “So crafting a lower…

  • Still makes it difficult to compete when you are paying 200%-300% but it is better than 400%-600%

  • It is not a question of scale. You are paying at minimum in a city, 4 times the cost of that a yellow guy can craft the exact same thing. For honostly no real added risk. The additional thing required is a guild, More people willing to play together. Ok i will just drop this if SI says that they want this game to only be for guilds that have territories. But until then i will continue. If you see 4 items for sale at 150,000s each, then one item for 450,000s.. Will you buy the 150,000 silver on o…

  • Quote from Devious: “Now the differences in costs is meant to make up for the risk involved in being in the zone which sounds fair.” Ok so for a red guy, hes in the super dangerous area surrounded by everyone out to kill him. So his item is free. Yellow guy, he might fall down and his gear loses some durability and has to repair it sometimes so he pays say 400 silver to an item The city guy, super safe has god mode on, never dies to NPC's and has plenty of free space to farm materials and npc;s …

  • T5 L5 an item craftable in cities and islands has an item value over 1 million. If i was a Dev i would bombard this thread with ALL the values and %'s and stuff. Or i would be ordered to post as little as possible and prob close the thread.

  • Ok, i will let this go if they change the way its advertised as 0%, 5%, 20% and 30% Free, Small Fee, 4 x Small Fee, 6 x Small Fee.

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  • Quote from Stormlord: “Best thing as a CAS UNITED boss you can do is talk on behalf of your cas guild and find demand for your suppliers by asking the guilds in order to strip away some of the pain of doing it alone set up a location within Albion for direct trading.” I do not argue this point on behalf of my guild. I argue it on behalf of the quiet and often unspoken city dwellers trying to play the game as a crafter and maybe even make a bit of profit on his lower tier stuff. Quote from Fluffe…

  • Yes, but i want them to have MORE from the game than just farming resources and selling to red/yellow and then buying items of red/yellow. It is yet another FORCED mechanic. and one big step towards a Paywall using the casual/crafters as the suckers that have to buy gold just to stay in the game or join a red/yellow zone guild.

  • oh wow. so if they dont think that its jsut a 15% or 25% increase and they think that paying 4 times or 6 times more is cool. Just on crafting costs. Then think thats ok for these guys to be selling the same thing on the same market. Id love to have the refine cost values presented here so i could add them to my arguement. raw materials hold some value but you can eliminate it yourself with spending time.

  • Quote from Redbeardt: “If the city tax is 20%, and the item's value is 100,000, then the city crafter pays 20,000 to craft it and the red pays zero.” I think this is where alot of people are getting confused with this system. they are taking the Item value as some kind of LAW that you must sell the item at this price on the market. It is a number made up by sandbox interactive. You say its 20% tax for the city.. But he is paying 4 times what the yellow guy is.. for a 15% increase. I cant argue h…

  • I never said the item value was 100,000 Edit: (the item value would have to be about 505,000)

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    Quote from Korn: “It is not just likely, but 100% certain.” well, so long as you dont forget to stand there for a minute to flag for pvp.

  • Yes, City tax is 20% (or 4 times higher than yellow) +pers %tax you are paying a minimum of 4 times higher than yellow. MINIMUM.. and you are paying daily rent. so if you put it up people are paying alot more. If it gets to 50%. people are paying 10 times that of the yellow zone. Edit for anyone that does an example i would like them to use a small item value eg, 1000 and a large value up to and including 1,000,000. *also not refining is more expensive in the city aswell

  • Quote from Stormlord: “mayhap I can convince the great lord of paradox to set up cheap shops for the poor and greedy in the city.. but how does we benefit?” You cannot setup cheap shops. the minimum higher price to a yellow zone shop is 4 times higher. AND you have to pay daily rent so in order to make some money from the building you are going to set it higher crippling the even smaller guy who doesnt get his own shop.