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  • Guy told me to kill myself

    Evas_Flarelight - - Rants


    Hi @RyAce, I took out the link. Please forward the screenshot to instead.

  • 400/400 ?

    Evas_Flarelight - - Beginner's Questions


    Just to clarify that we're not including the Mastery node in this case, just the Specialization nodes. Sorry if my calculation was wrong in my initial reply since you mentioned you have a 100 and 92 in Broadswords. So in your case, it's level 5 on both Claymore and Dualswords and level 92 in Broadswords (10+92 = 102) you're at 102/700 in the Sword line.

  • 400/400 ?

    Evas_Flarelight - - Beginner's Questions


    400/400 used to mean the weapon and armor specialization nodes before the Rise of Avalon update. There used to be only 4 specialization nodes for each weapon and armor branch. With the Rise of Avalon update, the weapon Artifact lines were separated and each artifact weapon received their own nodes along with the new Avalonian weapons.There are now a total of 7 weapon specialization node per weapon line. So say for example in the Bow line, I've maxxed out my Warbow specialization and it's now at …

  • Quote from Frog: “Why hasn't this thread been moved to rants? This is just scary to me... Albion is basically the last bastion for hardcore MMOs & it's doing extremely well right now, if they try and pussify this game and make it like every other game on the market it will lose its niche and be belly-up quick. ” The discussion and feedback on this thread is still constructive, I'm reading good arguments on both sides.

  • The enchanted stones make more blocks as compared to the regular ones. It helps a lot in the refining side of things.

  • Quote from K9Tvz: “You can't have a mega server with connections from all over the globe and have a stable server with this amount of players. It just won't happen. On top of that........Unity struggles to handle large player amounts in general. Unity struggles with this on the network end man, it shows time and time again with legit EVERY single large scale MMO out there that was made in unity, its a known issue. Unless you can show me one example of a single MMO that uses unity that is actuall…

  • Quote from teopower89: “I read it, and it only mentions city hearts as a reward, hence my question if it also rewards faction points. ” Since it mentioned the rewards are city hearts, it does not generate faction points. Here are the activities that reward faction points:

  • Hi there @teopower89. Here's all the information you need: A Brief Guide to Faction Warfare Quote from PrintsKaspian: “Trade Missions - Trade Missions (sometimes also called "smuggling missions") can be accepted at the stack of crates next to the Faction NPC. (In the future, the Faction NPC will offer these missions directly and the stack of crates will disappear.) - Missions cost City Heart resources, which can be obtained with Faction Points. - To accept a quest, the player needs to meet the c…

  • Bug in stagbourne

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    Have you tried typing /stuck in the chat window?

  • Hey there @DanDeRivia. You cannot repair trash, some people are buying it hoping in the future it can be used for something. They're also used by players who suicide near the realmgates with trash in their inventories, when newer players click on the body they lose their protection bubble.

  • Hey there @Ediscre, Rebinding your keys to your mouse button is fine.

  • You have to build a farm plot first before you can plant the seeds.

  • You can already see this on your stat page. Click on your character's portrait on the upper left, select stats then click the third tab under Deaths. Edit: You can also inspect the other player by clicking on them and pressing Y before engaging them in a fight.

  • Hi there @Hypatia415, welcome to the forums. I think it's more about fear of the unknown that's keeping you on edge and this is quite common if you're going to the most dangerous parts of the game (Red and Black zones) if you're new. Here are some things I can share from my experience: First, I think it's the fear of losing your gear and the resources you've gathered. You'll get better at this over time the more you spend time on that zone and the more you're able to amass silver and resources. …

  • Hi there @Kalil. The /lfg channel is a global channel for all languanges, it's not just for English speakers. So if you speak Portuguese, you can also type there. The general language channels (/en, /fr, /pt, /es, /de, /ru, /pl, /cn, and /kr) are for your language specific discussions. You're not supposed to post in the language channels if there's an existing global channel for it. For your reference, here's a list of the global channels you can use in-game: /help - Help channel /rec - Recruitm…

  • Hi there @Fishing_op_op, welcome to the forums. Please send a ticket to the support staff here: so they can take a look at your issue.

  • -Edit-

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    Thread closed as requested by the OP.

  • The recovery fee is calculated based on the items' weight and travel cost modifier. It's usually better to recover a few items at a time instead of recovering the entire stash.

  • Your faction flag is automatically removed once you enter the Roads of Avalon and it's also the same when you enter the Outlands. So to answer your question, you can't earn faction points in the Roads of Avalon since it's not on the Royal Continent.

  • Hey there, please see this thread here: Gender Swap Quoting myself for reference: Quote from Evas_Flarelight: “The Developers have mentioned that due to the technical work involved in changing genders (it's not as simple as changing hairstyle or skin tone etc..) that this could be available in a future update and it's definitely not off the table. ”