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  • Steps shown in Video: 1) Using carrot soup in a Corrupted Dungeon 2) Warning for invading another dungeon came up 3) Consumed beef stew just before being teleported 16 second recording of bug:

  • Quote from Talion: “Hey there, It's very hard to give a general statement on what constitutes prohibited software/cheats/tools. While there are a lot of cases of "clearly okay" and "clearly cheating", there is also an almost limitless amount of possible fringe cases. Hence, first and foremost: if you are unsure if a certain type of software or tool is allowed or not to be used with Albion Online, please ask us, telling us exactly what specific thing you'd like to use or do.A few pointers: - Anyt…

  • For the following part of the TOS.. Quote from SBI: “13.3 No Manipulation ... - use software enabling “data mining” or which intercepts or captures data otherwise in connection with the Website and the Game. ” 1) Are we allowed to use the REST API available at ? (e.g. OR user script to modify albion online killboard) 2) Is the client network traffic allowed to be monitored ? (e.g. and it's derivatives) SBI's tech lead said it w…

  • Quote from Intrepida: “Hello The plugin was great Do you know why isnt working anymore? Thanks in advance ! ” There could be bugs, but it is working for me in Chrome using Tampermonkey. This is what I see when visiting your player page. A2pzJFm.png What specifically are you referring to? NOTE: A known bug can happen when the browser caches a request/response (data from SBI) and the user refreshes/visits a page. The plugin can no longer inspect the response to change the html on the page. To temp…

  • After logging into the staging system on my new computer, the Security code is never emailed. NOTE: It was emailed logging into the production system.

  • How do you decrease the price of gold without hurting the poor (new players)? I think your current plans will mostly hurt the new players. There are plenty of smart people out there that can come with something... A few random thoughts are: 1. Charge an interest rate for holding on to gold 2. Give the rich something interesting to spend their silver/gold - cool mounts - very expensive boat travel that allows them to sail anywhere (maybe a teleporter token) - specialized ZvZ weapons - contracts f…

  • Albion Player Killboard Enhancements Enhances the Albion Online killboard ( using a Tampermonkey/Greasemonkey script (chrome plugin) Download here Battle Page Alliance Summary: added a new section that tallies Battle History for the alliance. iymBBdo.png Alliance's Attrition Chart: added a new section that shows total unique players for an alliance (victims, participants, and group members) vs Time. Each death that has fame subtracts from the alliances total. icthlE…

  • Our guild, my 22 year old son and I, decided to start doing stupid things together. Well, Short_Bus was formed and high jinks ensued. We are currently not accepting applicants, but if an alliance wants us to join then let me know.

  • frazzle bug

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    You can also include ice block, but I think it was designed to work that way. Although there may be no initial damage, I believe all of the sunders are still applied (e.g. dagger Q on someone that is ice blocked).

  • Quote from letwolf: “okay then, because if working as stated, it is unplayable/ no use item ” The implication in the description is that the caster's resistances are decreased for the duration of the channel and this is clearly not the case.…6d3761242a94de313d497cebc

  • Multiple Axes "Q" cause stacks reset to 1

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    When multiple axes attack with Q, the stacks are reset to 1. I assume for all single only DOTs the last attack wins (e.g. T8 poison can be overriden by a T4 poison). It seems the same strategy was used for single only DOTs with multiple stacks (Q on axe), but maybe a different approach would be better. Example Solution (others must exist) - Keep multiple DOTs on the target, but only the biggest damage is active. So multiple poisons would do the most damage and the Axes Q would not seem broken (m…

  • closed

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    I am tired of paying taxes. Taxes = others in control of my money

  • Suck an Iron Cock

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    Syndic - Synonym for Dick He didn't like it when a bigger one was flopped in front of him.

  • - In game name - Fiesto - Highest gathering tool you can use and which one is it - T8 Pickaxe - What's your main build and what tier do you have unlocked? - - ZvZ - T7 Great Frost, T7 Merc Hood, T7 Cleric Robe, T8 Assassin Boots, T8 Cape, OR - T6.x Wild Staff, (same) ... - Fame Farm - T8 Bloodletter, T8 Mage Cowl, T8 Assassin Jacket, T8 Mistcaller/Cryptcaller/Torch - (will run ZvZ stuff too) - Any experience in the outlands? - Yes, was in POE for a few months and participated in ZvZs. - Last 3 p…