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  • Claymore balance

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    Dual sword already s***, why would you wanna make claymore same level of bad...??

  • Quote from Droo_: “.... The more we play, the more I get frustrated playing as an archer as I can not execute such action and I think, in general, the lack of this control puts archers (and I guess other ranged classes) in great disadvantage compared to melle builds. .... ” Ranged players are already top dps and meta. They are already at an advantage. Melee is dead with and exception of daggers.

  • If you get carpal tunnel syndrome from farming (clicking literally 9 spots few times) what activities you enjoy at Albion that dont do that? PvP and PvE both are way more click intensive so they are out the window for you... so what are "content I do enjoy" that is less click intensive than farming? Only thing less click intensive would be watching your character at login screen.... It's incomprehensible for me when people make a topic about action with apn of 30 or less when the core gameplay o…

  • Quote from Geofors: “Most players will tell you that the resource return in cities is better than craft stations on your island. I'm still in the T4-T5 refining and crafting range and in Martlock with the fees here, I find all T4 work is overall cheaper on island and for T5 it's variable on refining but crafting is almost always cheaper on my island. It appears that City work gets more appealing at the higher tiers though. I'm approaching T6 in several of the things I craft so will find out soon…

  • Quote from Dragonsi: “Thank you Lohend for your fast reply! Just one more question for now. I played all night overnight and headed to bed then work. 1.) I just got to Thetford, and I logged out in front of the King. It asked me to join his faction and accept a quest. Can I join multiple/all factions, or am I forced to pick just one? 2.) If I do pay for a month's Premium, which doesn't bother me since I paid for months/years of Wow and both Final Fantasy 11 and 14, and then 2 months later, I sto…

  • Hammer already getting nerfed... was just looking LewPac video about new weapons, finally seemed that hammers might have a strong weapon to break into meta but 40sec CD? NOPE!! Rather surprised Oathkeepers are not on the first nerf list with 2.5k shield. Most of the weapons look underwhelming and skills are really niche. That happens when you have xxx amount of weapons already in game and you run out of ideas.

  • Quote from Dragonsi: “Thank you Meatcup! I played a good 10 more hours overnight, etc. since posting this. I figured out you had to get to the mainland to do Journeyman items. I chose Swamp Cross since I'm a Holy Mage and using cloth mostly. I'm in full Journeyman Mage Robes, and have a Holy Staff and Outstanding J. Tome of Spells. 1.) Where do I claim and build an island and home at? 2.) Where do I farm and plant seeds? 3.) Where do I cook at? I see Sous Chef leads to Alchemist. 4.) I fished a …

  • Server

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    150 ping for sure is not game breaking and doesn't stop you from dodging skills. If you want to get it lower use VPN like i.e ExitLag, should cut off 20-30. Yes lot of people quit when they need to play 250+ ping, that's sad. Yet how many people would still be around if servers would be separate clusters and each server population would be 1/4 of what current population is? The game would be a graveyard, ghost town... It would be just another dead pvp MMO with no players to play with. Having 1 u…

  • Can't wait for new posts about "I didn't do anything, they banned me for simple trade!!!"

  • How dare you not to do as princess65 demands!!! LividConsciousCondor-size_restricted.gif

  • Easy dungeon clearing build for you: Easy and cheap build, one of the fastest for solo clearing. You can check out other builds from that site for other weapons and setups. Greataxe build can be improved by later using Hellion Jacket for lifesteal aura for even faster clearing speed. After you have some understanding of solo dungeons boss mechanics you can swap out to different weapon that you like.

  • This would just make newbies leave yellow zones altogether. Blue and yellow zones even atm struggle to handle non pvp players. Now forcing pve players to stay at blue zones only would lose more players. Better solution would be to turn red zones to inventory/bag loot only so that more people would spread out over the map. Black zone should remain full loot zones but giving red zone access with reasonable risk for pve players would be a nice change and help balance out population between zones at…

  • Quote from PenguinSniper: “So, silly and not beneficial. Okay. I don't think it's silly, actually what I think is silly is that you still take damage from mobs even if the server disconnects. In other mmos if you get disconnected, you do not take damage anymore until you reconnect. Not beneficial? Considering Neef characterized it as 'winning the race', I think that is the very definition of benefit. Hard continue! ” If you block damage when people dc it will be abused. Getting ganked or about t…

  • No, giving journals to laborers doesn't boost happiness itself. Only trophy itself when placed inside the same house as laborer will boost happiness.

  • Dismissed my laborers

    Lohend - - Beginner's Questions


    I can agree that selling journals is as profitable as using laborers yourself but building production buildings on personal island 0.o Just leave the spots empty and craft at city's. You'll still make better profit from production buildings even with 50% tax.

  • 1. make alt character 2. buy 30 day prem for it 3. buy island .... 5. repeat until profit.

  • Dungeon Stealers

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    Step 1: get decent gear (if at yellow zone, get that gucci gear you do arenas with) Step 2: see a dungeon stealer Step 3: flag for pvp Step 4: down the stealer Step 5: repeat until they start crying Step 6: profit... "Regular" dungeon stealers have junk pvp gear, they rarely stand up for a fight when they see you flagging up. At first I was trying to talk to people who tried stealing your dungeon but that doesn't work most cases, they just ignore or just scream that they do what they want. Usual…

  • Your Arena Sucks So Fking Bad!

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    With players even at the moment failing to grasp how current arena works and you want more diverse content? Arena is just a stepping stone for CL. CL is the "arena" content you are referring to as main "arena" of mmo. Arena at current form is just daily minigame. Daily expeditions are zero risk and also little reward. So is arena ZERO risk with little reward. Both of them are not viable ways to make profit. Solo queue and Party queue are separate. At first people should learn how current arena w…

  • Chain killing

    Lohend - - Beginner's Questions


    New dungeons are bad, they should close after player enters. No way to enjoy the old school dungeons or have any time to look around. At current state they cant really be enjoyed at all, always they are taken and if not you will see hijackers every 2-3 minutes. Only way to do them atm is to pvp flag up urself, wear some 8.x decent pvp gear and smack anyone down who enters. Just yesterday had an encounter where i had to down 2 divers 3 times before they left me alone, solo divers usually give up …

  • ... are you the same guy from steam forum who is offended by everything? It's like deja vu