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  • It took you long time to realise the issue and find a solution but finally u're on the proper way, gj.

  • @Retroman When u gonna take a look at the large scale ZvZ's shape? Since disarray debuff and later changes its being overwhelmed by melee's meta, hellion jacket is way too overpowered. Just imagine swords with iron will popping hellion jacket healing back to 100% hp with focus fire stacked as hell making it more tanky than a tank. ZvZ is based on an one-way push (u engage once and then u just follow the engage by swarming enemies with melees, they are not able to heal out of this). I'm playing t…

  • Kariera w KFC 2.0

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    O chłopie, będzie z 15 już. Poznaliśmy się w innych grach i tak już zostało. Jesteśmy community nastawionym na rywalizację na wysokim poziomie (słyszałeś może o Gangu Kurczaka w takich grach jak GW 2, Aion)? Speedruny i world's first to nasze hobby. Mamy też e-sportowców w gildii, z Paladins, CS:GO, LoL. Przy rekrutacji pomocą będzie nagranie ekranu ze swojej rozgrywki przykładowej, bądź poruszania myszką (tzw. handcam/mousecam).

  • Quote from Korn: “ - It's important to be aware here that since we introduced disarray, we have seen large fights to be less about raw numbers than before - so all in all, disarray is working as intended here. ” Have u even watched any ZvZ's past Queen update? I guess no. Show me one ZvZ, where this happened: Guess what? U wont, cause now, its all about dodging ur "working as intended" disarray and even earlier, before disarray dodges, it was all about bring…

  • A to nara.

  • Karolina?

  • I'dnt touch current state of bomb squads. People cant oneshot alone anymore, it now requires at least 2 weepings/galatines/brimstones or w/e else with 2 beamers to oneshot ( if u dont avoid disarray debuff). It requires a lot of teamplay with ur teammates (other bombers and beamers) and such teamwork should be more rewarding than just pressing E by 4 dps. It creates potential for smaller groups to counter those big zergs. The problem remains only in current alliance debuff abusing. The debuff af…

  • POE is using the queue the same way as squad was doing so. So classic "no, u" happening here. We should all go solo guilds season 9 to prevent such problems in future.

  • Thanks to Squad for showing us this little trick. Amazing feature!

  • najlepsza gildia?

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    Ja bym poczekał z powrotem i zaczął za kilka tygodni, tylko Blue Amry będzie wtedy warte rozważania.

  • What's the worst in this debuff is heavily punishing strong and big solo guilds. Its worth to have NAP within smaller guilds, but its not worth to build a strong, well prospering 300-man zvz guild, cause when u start bringing 90, 100+ the debuff hits stupid values. We have what we have, if someone wouldnt start abusing the debuff, we wouldnt do so.

  • Quote from TealMjM: “To go from a decent solution in the 300 cap to this farce... it’s very clear the round table has too much influence over the direction of the game; directed to their own benefit. Its crazy to me how they can manipulate the whole game to benefit them, on a development level. ” ^ This.

  • Instead of changing anything in game, add downvoting feature on forums, so u can visually see how stupid ur new ideas are. And that's all because few biggest alliance's leaders complaining. Shame.

  • Quote from KingMoJo: “This change literally means you gave top ZvZ guilds the excuse to drop alliance and NAP to avoid the debuff issue, and all those newer alliances who banded together to stay alive will get punished even more. ” U can also finally try playing solo as the best ZvZ guild in the game, as u always wanted, nah? U'll still need 5 other strongest guilds by ur side?

  • Can u already hurry up with repairing what u've broke and push those disarray changes on the live server? Cant watch another ZvZ's with this disarray clownfiesta, please Retro.. Btw, u've never done worse change in terms of balancing zvz than this.

  • Quote from Retroman: “Thanks everyone for your feedback ... ” Everyone suggests you capping alliances or removing them completely, this is what people want, why u guys can't listen to them and at least try removing alliances for a few weeks, just to check how is it working. 1st version of disarray debuff was absurd, not matched into actual zone caps or any tests, now after 2 fights u're changing it by 180 degrees again and will wait how it will work out. Trust me, 2 weeks of alliance-less gamepl…

  • Scoia'Tael

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    @Tryper a434f8e8933a1678a7a5a0e57ae17dc6.png Proszę, graj w tą grę z włączonym monitorem. Takich tygodni jak ten wyżej było więcej. Może nie mieliśmy dosłownie każdej top bitki z winami/statmi na +, ale kilka z tych fightów ze screena odbywało się na Thornbushu z DADDY (BA) i ARCH'ami, bo Wy z Bleak Moora zawsze uciekaliście.. Szkoda, że tak w tej grze to wygląda, niby ludzie się zbierają na te zamki i żeby się pobić, mieć jakiś fun z grania w Albiona, ale koniec końców, wolą brać nogi za pas i …

  • Kariera w KFC 2.0

    KickinMACHINE - - Gildie

    Post o7

  • Gdzieś tam zniknęło w stosach papierów