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  • Dungeon Stealers

    ImaDoki - - Forum Banter


    Quote from PenguinSniper: “Quote from LootGoblin: “Quote from PenguinSniper: “Quote from Midgard: “Quote from Olafxder: “they can just walk in and steal your fame and loot ” Its not your fame, and its not your loot. They have as much right to it as you do in an open-world setting. ” Quote from LootGoblin: “Quote from Geofors: “I have only one rule for solo dungeons: "Play SOLO dungeons SOLO" 1. If I enter a dungeon and find someone is there before me, I leave at once. 2. If someone follows me in…

  • thanks godness... The sheer ammount of books i'm getting there is total nonsense..

  • Crossbow is rly a little out of the curve...

  • Quote from arionsxp: “Acho que todos concordamos que o novo sistema de sincronização esta horrivel, quando uma dupla vence uma HG o moscego demora MUITO pra nascer, ok, da pra ver que o loot deu uma melhorada, mas mesmo assim ainda esta desbalanceado, é muito ruim você entrar numa HG e cair de cara com uma dupla, digo isso porque aconteceu comigo e vice versa, ok isso foi pra se livrar dos ratos, até que funcionou mas agora está muito dificil querer fazer HG depois dessa att. ” faça dg corrupta,…

  • Taproot has been OP for a very long time when soloing, no matter the content.

  • This is a clear downside of "free dungeon for all" that came with 90sec closure of the dungeon entrance. If everyone is doing it the blackmarket can't keep up and overall loot drop is reduced.

  • Funny how OP has 0 PvP fame.

  • Quote from LetmeBurn: “Poor divers, now they have to go corrupt dungeons and fight people in pvp gear whit pvp skills. ROFLMAO ” fight people with RAT gear with ESCAPE skills. Just fixing your sentence, 2 hours into the CD and had exactly 0 actual fights, but 3 rats running from fights.

  • The cheer ammount of people playing rose. Thats why.

  • What we need is a battle Royale thing... closing circle of fire. It's a hellgate.. i wonder why it didn't happen yet.

  • Any chance this will be fixed?

  • Combat Balance Changes

    ImaDoki - - Feedback Testserver


    Quote from Fred_the_Barbarian: “Talk about kicking a man while he's down. Why nerf cursed skull? Isn't it bad enough already? Having it move so much more means it's going to be significantly harder to drop it on a clump and you actually slightly reduced the overall damage (250 < 263.28) Letting multiple areas stack again seems more like a bug fix than a balance change. ” its 100% a buff...

  • Direwolf needs to become viable first

  • Quote from Shevarage: “Quote from ImaDoki: “around 70~80% are tome chests, not counting the final boss one, that is never a tome chest. To be fair with everyone, those tomes could be at least tradable, so that i can choose if i want the fame or trade it for some silver. Or just make it more like 50-50. To someone like me, who is already max spec on what i want, those are just plainly useless. ” Welcome in Albion a game that doesn't care about old players. But be happy ... at least you're not a g…

  • Corrupted Dungeons spawn

    ImaDoki - - Feedback Testserver


    Quote from Equart: “Make spawn of new 1v1 Dungeons ONLY in Black zones, otherwise people would never leave Royals , it is already too populated. (for T6/T8) ” You can't join the T6 CD from blues/yellows already.

  • Quote from Creammy: “SBI, HG and CD should only drop Tome of Insight and Bag of Silver non-tradeble. Like T5, T6 e T7. The other part of reward comes from your opponent's equipment. ” what use is an untradable tome for people that has already farmed everythin they want? At least reduce the frequency of those chests. Or put some tradable tomes.

  • Quote from Twissa: “Quote from ImaDoki: “Quote from Thorn-Delwyn: “Connections are not entirely random. ” there is a clear PATTERN(!!!) in how the connections are made.Each zone has a "depth" and connects itself generally to a lower and a higher "depth", when possible. You can guess some stuff from the codex posted on Reddit. ” Ah? Which codex? Do you mind sharing it please?Is this what you're refering to?…ough_the_mists_of_albion/ ” Yes

  • Quote from Thorn-Delwyn: “Connections are not entirely random. ” there is a clear PATTERN(!!!) in how the connections are made. Each zone has a "depth" and connects itself generally to a lower and a higher "depth", when possible. You can guess some stuff from the codex posted on Reddit.

  • Quote from Lynnkk: “For god shake stop complain, the time for a RD to close in YZ and BZ is 10 minutes since they patch it months ago and in my opinion that was a great change, (i tested it a lot so im pretty sure) cause there's a lot of RD now that u can go in and farm instead of waste 10-15 minutes to find one, cause when one close, another one open. Now, in RD ad BZ will be the same, do u think people will wait in the entrance 10 minutes to it close and do it safe? In this game, time is more …

  • Quote from Parallel: “Quote from ImaDoki: “Don't forget that, each 400 infamy, your loot/fame increase in 1% Also, we are doing T6 rank. T8 rank with a lot of infamy is probably nuts. ” Well at least the developers know that this is a concern among players who enjoy this content. 1% really isn't all that much when the baseline seems like it's close to nothing. Even having a 250% increase in loot and the blackmarket functioning properly, it seems like much less than 2v2 Hellgate. ” If it becomes …