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  • i use a database and basically record when i see an update and set the update timestamp to the time it runs. if you run a script or whatever to pull this data every day then anyone that is not currently in the guild will have an update timestamp > than 24 hours from the current time. so if you know all other members were updated at X time then anyone that has not been updated you can flag as no longer in the guild. this makes the original issue obvious because all of these former members are sti…

  • Using the endpoint:…P-iSqSfYEPJou9mSA/members to see the members of a guild there are some that are listed that have not been in the guild for probably close to a year. Some examples: 1v5 guy: DylanE: SQUIDEY: Tesselate: YewaSlay…

  • it seems only the example in the wiki is working. Everything else i get a 502 Bad Gateway error. these do not seem to work:

  • looks like it started refreshing again.

  • if you take any guild web id and stick it in the below URL. none of the data has been updated since the 24th of April[Web ID]/members Examples:…w-MQJGq6OdIdvThUA/members…mMyTbGgFasFF3jsvA/members…P-iSqSfYEPJou9mSA/members

  • [26. February 2020] Queen Patch 5

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    All the t7 and t8 I've seen are still 1/3 or 1/2...

  • Quote from Box20: “Love how they asked for questions and after getting them they just noped out for 2 days straight ” Lol it's the weekend...

  • The PVP fame for some people using this API endpoint is billions of PVP fame off:<GUILD ID>/members A specific example:…P-iSqSfYEPJou9mSA/members GM of CIR now has 78,076,122,293 pvp fame: Source Code (12 lines)It is also reflected here: It appears this started happening after the Queen update. Naismith before the update had 7,807,208 pvp fame. Here is another…

  • PvP Fame has been borked.

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    were you banned?

  • Fame API seems to have stalled again

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    When using…rs/Jyg10qdzQCCQGQwgrGHReg or…mMyTbGgFasFF3jsvA/members None of the data has been updated for 2+ days for every person or guild I have checked. What is the frequency of when this data is updated?

  • killboard event api gives stale results

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    Yea guild members seems to be stale from yesterday as well.{GUILD_ID}/members For every guild I have checked all the timestamps are from: 2019-08-12T00:16 or 2019-08-12T00:17 I believe they used to be updated once a day before the data center move.

  • Quote from Erehwon: “They've only gone and done it again! sbipleeeeze.PNG ” why??????

  • attached picture of the map where there is no attack path available to Elmcopse.

  • Fps drop in city

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  • When the city zone hits 400+ and it auto hides the player models everything is extremely fast and its easy to get through town/market. Could we have a graphics option so we can enable this at will. This would be extremely helpful on mobile or shitty computers.

  • Quote from Lars024: “I believe the calculation is wrong in that cooldown modifier makes cooldowns go faster. not reduce the cooldown. as example, lets say a cooldown is 60 seconds like you calculated with. it regens at a speed of 1/60th cd per second. Now what the difference is here is that the 60 is not reduced but rather the 1 is increased. This gives us a regen of 1.16/60th cd per second. making the total cd time 60/1.16 = 51.72s which is very close to the value you experienced and can be exp…

  • Any update?

  • Quote from MEATCUP: “Quote from Bigshoes: “There's diminishing returns on cooldown modifier, so when the items are all equipped you get less then adding together each item individually. ” I think it's just one item.. ” Correct. There is only 1 thing equipped that has a cooldown modifier so diminishing returns should not have any effect.

  • here is a clearer example using a 7.1 mistcaller and the cooldown on a merc jacket bloodlust Source Code (10 lines) Something is definitely not correct here. 1.2 seconds could be a big deal in a close battle.

  • I dont believe the offhand cooldown modifier is actually reducing the cooldown based on item power. In this picture the top portion shows no offhand and the cooldown time is 2 seconds. In the lower picture the t8 torch is equipped where it shows it should have an 8.2% cooldown reduction but the inventory detail stats screen only shows 7.6%. The tooltip shows the actual cooldown is 1.85 seconds which is also 7.6%: (2 * (1-0.076)) = 1.848 = 1.85 instead of the 8.2% cooldown of …