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  • I agree it's strong, however I think the issue might be it's difficult to dodge. If the cast time was 1 seconds instead of 0.7 seconds, I think it would be more fair.

  • Since it's release it has seen hardly any visibility in 5v5 or zvz. While the debuff is powerful, it has 1 glaring issue. It is cleansable. If Evensong could -Not be Cleansable OR -Stay on the ground (similar to Hood of Tenacity) It would significantly help this weapons viability. Please consider this change

  • I don't do much Corrupted Dungeons, but what if there was a mechanic that tracked how often you fought players vs. how often you "dodged" player fights. The more the player "dodges" the fights, the more health and more spread out the demon crystals are. This means that a player that tries to avoid every fight will have a significantly harder time trying to rat dungeons while players who dodge once in a while from bad match-ups will be minutely affected.

  • Here's a guide without having to ask for PM's lol…tq_0VQvw/edit?usp=sharing

  • The skill doesn't show how big the AoE is, or even how far the player moves back. Please change it.…76bbdf67044c27a2069c031c4

  • Hi Has anyone had a chance to test out Bridled Fury (Ava Daggers) in ZvZ and had satisfying results? I'd like to know what your build was and how are the results.

  • Imo wrong The Ava weapons are made for ZVZ. Daggers are nuke. The entire point of the jump back is so that they can use Shadow edge OR Dash to get close to clumps and then use "E" to not only Nuke, but to jump away safely and not die.

  • @teopower89 So, the main issue with Cleric is that is doesn't give you invulnerability which can be a pretty big deal. For example, "Sight" skill on Captain Knight Boss, Divine Pulse on Basilisk, dodging Archer Silence, and etc. The 2 second invulnerability is really useful, especially if you grab aggro.

  • Quote from addidas: “AoE escalation is to counter focus fire which promotes hitting clumps. Focus fire is to allow 1v5 or 10v50 etc to have a chance. ” And that's where the design problems are. Why does Focus Fire protection even exist in the first place? I've seen cases of people in Hellion Jacket out-healing 15 people attacking them simply because of focus fire protection. If we want real balanced ZvZ AoE escalation shouldn't exist. Focus Fire protection shouldn't exist. 10v50 should win if th…

  • Quote from deivleon: “why you use 1-2x Ironroot Staff in your guide? ” ironroot shares damage with other mobs. If you do 100 damage to 1 target, it does another 50 damage to the other mob. Imagine Permafrost Q deals 100 AoE damage every second. If IronRoot is active 50% will splash, making your Perma Frost Q deal 150 AoE damage. Increasing the effective damage of your party by 50% is quite frankly, broken.

  • Awesome changes but the truth is healing doesn't counter bomb squads,in fact nothing does, except for the absurdity of AoE escalation which still exists. I've said it before and I'll say it again The primary benefit of AoE damage should be in maximum effective damage done and not in kill pressure. If you want kills, get single target DPs. If you want better damage to weaken a zerg, bring AoE damage. Right now it doesn't make sense that AoE weapons are better at killing players than single target…

  • Enigmatic Staff + Mage Sandals

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    Quote from FriedWater: “your cast/channel won't be interrupted by 'teleport'. E after F just before teleport will work. F after E won't. Atleast that's what it looks like to me. ” Seems a little silly to not be able to teleport mid-channel.

  • Quote from Georg51: “Your guildmates can also help by back-routing the way from your HO to a royal continent zone, such as a blue or yellow zone. ” The issue we had with that is sometimes we can't find any roads at all leading to the Royals Today I spent about 2-3 hours looking for connections to my HO (Im BW locked) and my only observable options available were traveling +10 zones in the BZ just to get a 3 link connection to my HO... I don't see this solution being abusable because it's helping…

  • Enigmatic Staff + Mage Sandals

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    Any update on this bug?

  • Hi When using an Avalonian Map, it gives you a guide path leading to the Dungeon. Would it be possible to have an item or a silver sink to be able to track your way back to the HO? My biggest issue is that if I accidentally lost my home by suicide it would be nearly impossible to find my way back. I also suspect that black zone portals only lead other black zone portals. Help pls?

  • Hi, I'm not sure if I'm the only who feels like this, but the small scale content for Ava, specifically for groups of 2 and 5 players feels immensely easier compared to the 10 and 20 man content. Could we consider either buffing the Rewards for the 10 and 20 man Ava content or nerf the mobs? It feels a little disapointing how getting a purple chest in a 20 man Ava dungeon might get you 24k worth of items while a 5 man Ava zone might get you 60k worth of items from a blue chest.

  • I can still use flash heal

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    Dude. That shit is worth alot of money. Don't ever change the spell actives.

  • Due to the lack of guides with detailed information regarding how Avalonian Dungeons work, I decided to make my own. I hope it helps! Avalonian Dungeon Guide

  • I'm a little sad Arcane Purge waa removed, it was useful for Avalonian Dungeons... Could we bring the purge back into one of the other abilities such as Frazzle?