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  • A few times I've seen some players write offensive content in english chat, for example: racism and sexual content. Talking about those themes should be bannable or at least auto-muted/filtered by some kind of chat AI/Bot when detected. People need to learn to respect others one way or another. That makes the game experience a bit unpleasent. We are all here to have fun, not to offend each other, even if 'kidding'. Not forgetting the spamming, it happens often before server maintenance, people u…

  • 1. Full PVE Area/Island for players who don't want/like PVP. At the moment I can't use my full T7.3 MP set in PVP area. Not giving experienced players free money sorry. 2. STOP nerfing/changing items. If I invested 20m on a T7.3 MP item, I BOUGHT it for the stats and configuration it had on that time, if you change it, it's not worth 20m anymore, but more like 15m, so I'm losing money and not getting what I bought! 3. What about a pet system?

  • Some PVE Ideas

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    I just can't use my high end (T7.3) items in RZs or BZs, it's just impossible. One can meet invisible gankers or big flagged groups and get easily hunted. So, what's the actual point of high end items if I can't use them on T6+ maps for better loot? So my suggestion is the following: Make a full PVE island somewhere, where players that HATE PVP can enjoy the game in PEACE. Or a shop item to protect equips and inventory items from being stolen upon death or a shop item to put a kind of 'shield' o…

  • Please consider stop trying to constantly balance the items! If I invested some 20m silver in a Robe with nice specific skills, it's because I BOUGHT it for the SKILLS and WANT to use them... if you NERF it, it will not be worth 20m, but 15m or even less, so I'm actually losing more money and the skills I PAID for aren't available anymore or were changed. Think about it a bit. Ok? Albion is more about player combat skills, sets and grouping than items. Thanks.