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  • I've seen a lot of pvp vids and the only real winners are ranged players. How can melee become a viable option in group pvp?

  • this is alpha/beta, they are suppose to exploit the game as much as possible. If the devs are competent they will be keeping track of outliers and balancing the game before release. The real exploiters are the ones who find bugs and keep them secret until release then abuse the bugs to their benefit without worry of a server wide wipe.

  • Quote from Neshert: “As long as premium account only regenerates maybe a 5-10% faster it's ok..” It is usually twice as fast for premium accounts.

  • I quit archeage after a few hours once I understood premium versus FTP and how important labor points were. I just don't like the idea of my progress being halted by a system which only exists to drain real money out of players wallets. I don't mind paying a subscription for better advancement, something akin to a % more experience, but crashing into a ceiling just to force players to sub feels 100% wrong.

  • Quote from Frammshamm: “I have no clue why they make changes like these. Fucking idiots are sitting in the office making shitastic PvP videos and playing their own game. WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU NOT TESTING THINGS PROPERLY. Instead of playing games and making stupid fucking videos, how about TEST YOUR GAME TO SEE IF YOUR FUCKED UP IDEAS WORK BEFORE PUTTING THEM IN AND CHARGING PEOPLE FOR THE ALPHA.” it seems the devs already posted that this is a known problem in another thread.

  • Quote from Kamui: “You are aware that u will get like 0 lp on f2p accounts? this system was intruduced to make us buy premium acc. They wont let people go with such and easy walk around, they will make it almost impossible to enjoy the game for f2p. They have to since they introduced that dumb restricting system, coppying it from UNSECCESFULL f2p mmorpgs on the market.” It currently regenerates over time. It will probably regenerate over time faster if you have a subscription. If we are currentl…

  • With the current point system I plan on using maybe 3-4 characters or alt accounts since it will be FTP. I don't know if we will have access to more then one character per account. 1) gathering 2) crafting 3) merchant / good character 4) pvp character I remember in UO just running around naked mining or logging. That's all my gather character did. That way when he died to the zerg of reds I didn't lose much.

  • Learning Points - FACTS!

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    But then what will they sell in th if cash shop? A refillable point system you can use when ever you want is more attractive than a 30 minute booster that will time out while you are running around gathering resources or killing mobs. Plus sold time based boosters would clash with the subscription bennifits. I don't like time restricted caps on advancement especially when they can be largley bypassed with alts. The current cap screams cash shop to me.

  • LP will become nearly useless on release due to free accounts. LP will become a major limiter to people with one account but I believe the real reason LP exists is to control the pace of player development via the cash shop. A lot of FTP games use limiters like this then sell consumables which add more crafting points or LP. Archeage does this and you use a type of LP to do everything from opening loot bags, identifying items so you can use them, to gathering and crafting gear. I quit with in a …

  • teleports

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    Quote from MasterZedX: “This isn't a themepark.” Ultima Online was not theme park so... Anyway, recalling was highly exploited in UO and made it too easy for players to avoid combat. It was funny seeing half the people on your screen start recalling when a zerg runs through.

  • The developers have stated that pay to win is not the way they want to go. This could change (as we have seen in other games) but for now there are no plans for pay to win.

  • I think they disabled gold use this round.

  • In release I would love the option to toggle the gold/silver name plate for founders. I do not like the idea that my name will stand out in PvP and would rather just blend in more when in town.