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  • Quote from Speakmore: “How are you going to determine who's naked scout that is and whether or not it is they in a group of PvP on another account, and not those of another person/player in the household etc. I don't see how you can determine which is which and how you can - other than by trust - enforce this. ” The long story short is they have zero ways to determine the reality of the scenario. If I am logged into my account, and a second account logs in to do naked scouting they have no real …

  • I've been gaming since Ultima Online released and have joined numerous guilds over the years and Mostly Harmless is once of the most balanced groups of people I've ever been a part of. Most groups seem to veer somewhere between mature but so family friendly you say "Fuck" and you get a 5 minute speech about not using bad language and the other end of the spectrum where it's all about performance and ability but you deal with ego's the size of planets and a dog-eat-dog environment. Mostly Harmles…

  • Quote from Ygdrasil: “And I thought this guild had only Kodiak, Vanity and Dodgin on board - forum activity may be misleading ” While I'm currently not playing Albion, Rook has been doing a fantastic job at recruiting some great people into the guild and keeping things going strong. Most of them aren't on the forums cause they've all got something to do in game!

  • Quote from Freeruns: “1X3W08h.jpg ” I laughed so fucking hard

  • Quote from Bercilak: “We are aware that a longer Closed Beta period will lower player count (as well es our revenue btw) but we are sure this will pay off in the long run. But we thought if we have the opportunity to continue to improve the game BEFORE release, we should do it. I mean this is the reason why we started the Founders Pack in general, to get more time to improve the game. I can understand if people are not happy with this decision but we believe it is the best for the game. Kind reg…

  • Quote from Korn: “Hi DMXTRON, without telling too much already, there will of course be cities that you can live in even with a very bad reputation. We will do a dev blog on the reputation system a bit further down the road. We have thought long and hard about this for a long time and believe to have a found a solution that has all the pros and pretty much none of the cons that these systems bring with them. All the best, Korn ” Can't wait to hear the details! There hasn't been a system to date …

  • Quote from Curry: “ I am sorry to break it for you, but the game wil NEVER be ready. It's an MMO, which means it's lifespan is indefinite and it will always be changing. ” Historically speaking however, SBI isn't exactly known for their small changes. Often times when they want to "re-examine a system" they end up coming up with an entirely new system that has virtually zero compatibility and usually only vaguely resembles the old system in place. A great example is the recent Fame changes they …

  • But will the T6+ Butcher actually be fixed so I can make my Pork Pies? Asking the real questions here.

  • I just want to make my pork pies @Korn ...I just want to make my pies

  • Adding friendly fire only works in projectile based systems. All it will do in Albion is encourage people to run more single target focused specs instead of AOE since AOE will effectively be worthless at that stage. You change one thing and another simply takes it's place. What needs to happen is you have to fundamentally change the way people think and approach game play. The only way to do that is to dissuade people through game system mechanics. There are numerous ways to handle this. For exa…

  • That entirely lackluster list is why people are anticipating Albion at all.

  • Personally I don't see the issue with 99 stacks, but that's me. If someone wants to run out and carry 99 stack of food with them and lose 25% of it on each death in green/yellow or 100% in red/black kinda up to them. I still remember the agony of dying while muling up food to my red territory last alpha. 25% of the food gone, was devastating. Almost lost our territory due to one DC and a wolf :x ATM the main hate is the fame. I have to wait 14 days for LP or craft another 1700 Goose Pies to adva…

  • No Cooldown on Dagger Pair

    Kodiak_MH - - Bugs


    Quote from Korn: “Moved to bugs, we will look into this. ” Had this happen to me as well tonight. Double hit for 1k total. Wasn't CDR or anything, just seems double hit.

  • Yea it's cool and understandable to take time off during the holidays for sure. Just was curious if we had some kinda ETA or if they're out for the next few weeks.

  • @Korn @Monochrome @nogare When abouts are we going to see a fix for this? Is it going to be sometime after the holidays? The reduced fame and higher fame amounts has left the entire farming part of the tree in a pretty shitty state.

  • Cursed staff

    Kodiak_MH - - Overpowered/Underpowered Items


    Cursed Staff was multi-nerfed into the ground. I've said it before and I'll say it again: Iterative Development. Try nerfing the damage on Vile Curse. See if that fixes the issue. Nope? Okay, now nerf the range a little bit. Did that fix the issue? Nope? Okay now try nerfing the tick rate of Area of Decay. Doing all 3 at once is just bad and nothing was retooled to be in line with it. Biggest issue continues to be the lack of consistency. Is Vile Curse too OP being an instant cast stacking DOT a…

  • Warbows are basically a mix of most of the staves. Deadly Shot is roughly 25% less damage than Frost Bolt at half the energy use. Poisoned Arrow is worse than Vile Curse, but works in similar capacity enough to be functional. The stun is ridiculous. Anyone trying to defend the stun sounds ridiculous. It's effectively the AOE Hammer stun at 25m range. Yea I'm sure everyone has a story about that one Magic Arrow that missed someone by a sliver of distance and for every one of those I'm sure they a…

  • It's low because it takes the same amount of nutrition to grow regardless. There's no difference in growing a Chicken, Ox, Horse, Goat, Gosling, Lamb, etc. Despite being different tiers, they're all the same grow time and nutrition requirements. What's out of whack is the amount needed, which according to @Monochrome should be fixed sometime in the future. It's unclear at this time when they will fix it, and the rest of the farming trees.

  • [BUG] Flour Refine Still Slow

    Kodiak_MH - - Bugs


    All the refines on the Windmill (such as Flour) still refine super slow when you throw large numbers of them at it.

  • Plague incredible..

    Kodiak_MH - - Rants


    Quote from Poke: “Please STOP PLAGE ALL DUNGEON. Albion need slot in dungeon for Pt. Dungeon 10 people gained 20 fame por person! IS PATETIC!!!!!!!!! My friends have left all... for fuking plage in albion only guilds is patetic. ” I speak bad English. Allow me to translate: "Please STOP ZERGING ALL DUNGEONS. Albion needs maximum party slots in dungeon for Party Dungeons. 10 people gaining 20 fame per mob kill per person IS PATHETIC!!! My friends have all left due to all the zerging Guilds in Alb…