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  • Did you get one already? BTW, you're not allowed to give kickbacks.

  • Zitat von Bigboyz: „Many of us have been here since alpha or beta stages of this game. In my discussions with most players, I think if we held an Albion-wide player vote, a server wipe and restart (just like between each phase of alpha and beta) would pass in a landslide. Correct the issues with alliance power, and restart the game. It’s the only way this game will stay alive. This question wasn’t in the year-end survey so I posit it again here. Nobody wants to grind our way up again, but most a…

  • Zitat von RottenH20: „Will players stay after a force wipe? Yeah and I think more new players will come. Most people playing this game have been here for a LONG ass time. I really don’t think they will quit if a game wiped. Also your forgetting the amount of old players or just new players that will come into the game. Also a massive advertising opportunity. I’ll lose my shit and fuck that. Alright I can understand the amount of hours and time people have put into this game but would you sacrifi…

  • Zitat von Arqe: „Ok so,if u dont agree with people just say it.Do not say "go moms house" blabla cause it shows how ignorant you are about conversation. More grind will start with wipe,more fame farming will start with wipe. Also will kill the population cause as i said people wasted years to reach their targets and u saying "i dont give a fuck about them" basically. Gold are returning yeah,what about endless trade's?What about profits?Are they returning too ? What about Lp's ? If i saw correctl…

  • Zitat von Bigboyz: „Decent point Grim, SBI is currently likely making changes that will correct many of the issues I discussed, but one can’t change history. And many of these flaws will have lasting effects even after they’ve been fixed going forward. With core issues fixed, then server wipe. That was my proposal for a vote. “ Even if they wiped the server, certain guilds or alliance will always end up on top with an economic advantage. Even then, there are diminishing returns to how much advan…

  • Zitat von Bigboyz: „Nice try. The first quote regarded new players starting into the current Albion world of players. They have no way to catch up given the current LP and grinding mechanic given to new accounts. “ The grind in Albion is not that bad, and do you expect new players to complete with veterans as soon as they start the game? New players with some dedication and proper guidance can get 400/400 spec in 2-3 months if they have a good community to play with for FF either open world or H…

  • Other games have had wipes/server restarts (see Shadowbane, Darkfall). The new servers were active for a while but those games still died because they had fundamental flaws that were never addressed. A server wipe doesn't fix any core gameplay issues (if they exists) and wouldn't address any of the core issues you seem to be complaining about.

  • This Shitter got OWNED

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    Zitat von Lolbunchofbads: „You didn't follow the rules. You posted in the wrong forum. You also fame traded with Looneybin which is against the TOS. You aren't smart. “ Could've been the MODs that moved this here. I also don't see Looneybin getting any kills on Fishin.

  • Zitat von Theat: „Armor Piercer: Cursed 'W' ability All enemies take 272 damage, 45 pierce resistance for 8 seconds. Energy Cost--39 Cast Time--instant Cooldown--15 seconds Cataclysm: Damnation 'E' ability All enemies take 424 damage, 51 pierce resistance for 8 seconds. Energy Cost--109 Cast Time--2.5 seconds Cooldown--45 seconds “ Yeah it's pretty retarded. The AOE is big for Cataclysm, but it is telegraphed for 2.5 seconds so anyone not in the center of the target area can just dodge it by wal…

  • Theoretically, a person can redeem as many keys as they have unique email addresses to use. Meaning one person can redeem all your keys, and have an army of temporary characters with 7 days premium for farming carrots or refining low tier mats. As long as they're redeemed, you get credit towards the referral awards though. It doesn't matter if they end up buying a starter pack or not.

  • WP but technically that was a 2v1 and the claw guy was solo and came later. Feels bad for that Warbow guy - he missed so many deadly shot, ray of light and magic arrow.

  • Zitat von Khladraven: „ - Frazzle on arcane is far too low for a 40% damage increase on target. Far too low. “ Nice post. What do you mean by far too low? The cooldown?

  • Zitat von Retroman: „Cursed Staffs: - Cursed Sickle (all Cursed Staffs) - Is now a skillshot with a boomerang-like trajectory. (range 21m) - Hitdelay: 0.5s -> 0.2s - Standtime: 0.3s -> 0.4s “ NDA patch notes just updated. Still nothing for any of the weak E spells but at least cursed sickle got a range buff. By boomerang does this mean it can hit the same target 2x in a single cast? If that's the case it's a powerful spell.

  • @PrintsKaspian any update on when the update will be available on TestFlight?

  • There are plenty of items that are profitable to craft and sell via either the AH or black market. Sometimes even without using focus. Of course if there are a lot of other players producing a certain item then oversupply will lead to those items selling for less, but the black market provides a soft minimum price at least. Input and output prices are constantly changing, based on what’s in the meta, major events like invasion days, etc, so what’s profitable one day may not be profitable the nex…

  • Zitat von gmatagmis: „It's alive! “ Praise be!

  • Does anyone know who built and manages It hasn't been working for the last week - I really liked it for checking my deathfame stat since the SBI killboard doesn't show that anymore. It was also really useful for quickly looking up people's guild histories.

  • Joining a Guild

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    Depends on the guild. More casual guilds will have tax set to 0%-10% range. Guilds that own territories can justify higher tax rates to help repair/feed crafting stations and fund gear sets for GvG teams.

  • I think fallen staff is still strong, the recent balance change just made room for other healing staffs to start seeing some play. Bloodletter is still strong for mobility, especially if you have decent specs to get your IP up and reduce the cooldown. Doublebladed has always been a good choice for gatherers - the one drawback to it vs. bloodletter was that it requires more energy as you're cycling through cartwheel, stunrun and overpower which has quite high energy cost. With the increased coold…