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  • Misc NDA

    Thorn-Delwyn - - General Questions & Discussions


    Zitat von Zumzat: „This paragraph is actually very controversial since equipment in this game gives absolute HP values and not relative. Lets say I have following outfit: chest gives 400 hp, weapon, shoes and hood all give 200 hp each. Currently I have 1000+400+200*3 = 2000 total HP pool. With the changes in question implemented I would have 1200+400+200*3 = 2200 HP - this is not general hp pool increase by 20%. So this really requires a clarification. Maybe SBI mean that these basic 200 HP will…

  • lets talk t8 hide monsters

    Thorn-Delwyn - - Feedback & Suggestions


    Thank you very much for reporting! 1) After looking into the issue we figured out what caused it. It is not working as intended and we will address this issue as soon as possible. 2) According to our logs the amount of enchanted hide gathered hasn't change much. 3) Along with the fix to problem 1) we want to change the decay time for T7 and T8 hide mobs from one hour to 24 hour. Thanks again for bringing this to our attention. Best regards, Thorn

  • IMP/Bat damage

    Thorn-Delwyn - - Feedback & Suggestions


    Hey guys, These changes have been intended. All imps (Morgana & Hellgate) had the damage dealt by their explosion on death increased and the radius of the explosion decreased. Additionally Veteran Morgana Imps (only open world) had their base-damage numbers multiplied by about 4 and their health is now a 10th of what it was before. Due to the increased damage you should deal with these nasty fellows and because of their lower health you should be able to do so swiftly.

  • You can get a list of all emotes available to you by typing /emotes in chat.

  • Any crowd control effect type is subject to diminishing returns if used against a mob repetitively. Effect types can be something like slow, stun or silence. Every effect type is handled separately. In most cases the diminished effect affects the duration of the crowd control effect. Diminishing returns are independent from tiers or item power.

  • Just to put this information out there: Random Dungeons are supposed to be multilevel dungeons with the same limit to players entering them as normal clusters. Even though they are instanced they behave very much the same as normal dungeons do for the time they exists. This means a group in a random dungeon isn't safe from dungeon divers. They also can't stay in a dungeon indefinitely but rather they have to travel the open world to find a new dungeon after finishing one. Looking for a new rando…

  • Zitat von Nvs1980: „Has anyone even confirmed that the fame amount in HCEs was actually nerfed? Despite my ardent support of HCEs, I don't actually do them. “ There has been no nerf to fame gained in Hardcore Expeditions. There has been a buff to red/black zone fame gained only. Zitat von Grimhawke-EB: „Zitat von Stravanov: „No.Pre-merlyn, dungeons were in use 70% of the time. You're simply wrong. “ If fully utilized = 100% of dungeons being used, then 70% is underutilized.... From my personal e…

  • That's a no. You can still craft in batches smaller than 40 including a singular item. What this change does is that you don't lose fame when crafting a big batch of items. Those big batches are now split-up by the system in smaller batches of 40 and reward fame at each of these steps. But be careful. This might still be an issue if you decide to craft high value items. For example crafting 40+ .3 relics you might still easily top the max amount of fame that can be earned in one event. Best rega…

  • Thetford boss damages Thetford players

    Thorn-Delwyn - - Bugs


    Thanks a lot for the report. Checked the setup and found the error. Will fix it asap.

  • Merlyn is Live!

    Thorn-Delwyn - - News & Announcements


    Zitat von Saya: „@PrintsKaspian the base resource return for personal islands was changed to 0% 37% when I checked the test server yesterday... was this reversed at the last minute? “ I am not sure what you mean. For non-bonus crafting/refining on island it should be 0% (37% with focus crafting) on live.

  • After discussing internally we decided to move the balancing pivot for focus from crafting without any other bonuses to crafting with a home territory bonus (25%). This means that crafting (not refining) with focus at a building in a home territory of the outlands should be more or less identical to how it is on live. * Location * Lancelot * Merlyn * BZ Territory * * * Crafting * 20% / 48% * 25% / 48% * Refining * 20% / 48% * 20% / 46% * Royal Continent * * * Base: City + Caerleon * 15% / 45% * …

  • HCE admins

    Thorn-Delwyn - - General Questions & Discussions


    Zitat von Midgard: „The bigger problem is fame, not silver and loot. Why wasn’t that adjusted in the same way? “ Instead of reducing the fame rewarded in those expeditions we decided to increase fame rewarded in red and black zone pve content. You can find the values in the patch notes.

  • Zitat von Saya: „ mal8op.jpg “ The changes at the top end when using focus is a result from replacing the formula we use to compute the kickback. Old formula: 1 - (1 - base bonus) * (1 - focus bonus) - e.g: 1 - (1 - 0.15) * (1 - 0.35) = 0.4475 rounded to 0.45 or 45% kickback New formula: 1 - 1 / (1 + sum of bonuses / 100) - e.g. 1 - 1 / (1 + (18 + 55) /100) = 0.421965 rounded to 0.42 or 42% kickback The formula has been changed to make make it easier to understand. The 18 means that if you use t…

  • Zitat von b0unc3r: „May i know what is the background behind below change? "The amount of Tier 6 resources on the Royal continent has been reduced significantly" “ The amount of nodes is the same but the nerf to respawn time of T6 nodes decreased the amount of T6 resources on Royal by about 18%. The nerf to respawn time of T6 nodes had been made because of the increase of T6 nodes in outlands that took the place of T4 and T5 nodes. Looking at the whole world the amount of T6 is pretty much same …

  • Zitat von Equartus: „Dear @Korn i got only 2 questions. 1. Can you earn new Faction points(As PvE activity) in Hard Core Expeditions? 2. WIll you get Faction points "for example" farming in any of black zones? “ You can't earn Faction Points anywhere but the Royal Continent. You will lose your flagged status on entering anywhere that is not Royal Continent (expeditions, arena, hellgates, black zone, etc).

  • Zitat von Circe1872: „You can store the fame credits at the top and use them as you want. If you have it on auto respec it will use the fame credits when one of your pieces of gear gets to the point where it can level. If you have it on auto respec and use some other weapon for some reason, it could level it though. Keep that in mind. Yes you will get the same fame for killing a mob with a T4 or T8 weapon. It just doesn't cause as much damage as a higher tier weapon would. “ There some mixed-up …

  • Acknowledged. Will be fixed. Best regards, Thorn

  • We will address a number of these issues in one of the next patches (probably one that goes live in June). The bug fixes for the missing bonuses for crafting of a number of artifact items should go live next week. - hammer, bag and cape crafting will get a specialization node - this node will take about three times as long to master compared to nodes with multiple specialization nodes - normal offhand crafting specialization nodes offer a higher bonus to the group to bring them inline with weapo…

  • Zitat von Bogul: „interesting ; did your info include time as well? or just clicks “ It is hard come up with a certain time frame but like @Constructor already wrote a Tier 7 fishing journal should need about 30 min to fill which should be close to the time it takes to fill a normal T7 gathering journal. Of course if you're unlucky with fishing spots or fish in lower tier areas it might take longer. Though that is also an advantage that fishing has over normal gathering: you can fill a T7 fishin…

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