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  • You just decided to play with LP's in a wrong way dude.. Same thing happened to me long time ago and i was like "lol how can i fame up these shits?".I left the game,come back,then left again and come back.Then i learnt this:There is no way to get endless LP for everything i want.If i want to reach my targets,i have to fame up them without LP.Have to use LP's for critical,important skills." Now everything is fine. Also SBI have to make really understandble video for new coemrs cause it really con…

  • Weapons for HCE

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    Best comp dps = Boltcaster - arcane - blazing Semi dps = Curse , Badon , Frost maybe triniry Eh Dps = Sword-Axe etc

  • Go Hce or Mercia dungeons then ? The game offers you many option to fame up.

  • i really wanted to see the golden border in legendary packs.Its founder exclusive right now.Hope they can give legendery starter packs too.

  • Dude dont you get it ? They are buffing little and nerfing high.And at the end they saying "we are working on it,as u see there are some buffs too". I really regret to famed up my curse 400/400.Was waiting a real buff since 1 year. Planning to respec and give all credits to usefull weapon.

  • Zitat von tabooshka: „just need to remove deadly chop from axes and its all gucci “ It's getting nerf. Axes: - Rending Swing (all Axes) - Hit Delay: 0.2s -> 0.3s - Deadly Chop (all Axes) - Damage: 174.04 -> 152.00 - Adrenaline Boost (all Axes) - Movement Speed Increase: 40% -> 50% - Damage Increase: 20% -> 25% - Removed the ability Battle Frenzy (all Axes) - Added the new ability: Battle Rush - Charge toward a target (ally or enemy). Enemy Healing Received is reduced 20% for 3s in a 4m radius. A…

  • Im not the one who is qq ing here. Read the op,and cry more.

  • Shozen already said on twitch.About new gear. We will see t9 for sure.The question is,will they need 7173727371737 million fame farm for wear ?

  • Why sword is getting buff every patch ? Why curse mage got nerf 17377263 times? Why bloodlerter has 2 escape skill ? Why people are faming ? Why people are logging in ? Why people are killing each other ?

  • for 5 more specs people will fame up more than 1-100 artifact weapon fame.Lol serious ? Currentlt 1 artifact weapon need 45m combat fame for making 100 spec.And u offering 104 to 105 for 169million.WTF ?

  • Misc NDA

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    movement speed is great idea.I think it needs a bit more cause walking is painfull AF in game. For the rest,we will see if its good or bad.

  • We already playing in release.This is not beta or alpha or teta so deal with it.Fame farm if u want to reach our levels. Most of you guys probanly wants to kill people after wipe with your t4 dagger or same type of weapon in open world. People famed up,reached their targets and tbh the shit part of this game is "faming".Now you are sughesting to remove everything they have and fame up again.You are trying to make the game more booring. İ would suggest,make smaller word map.Then both sides can do…

  • Ok so,if u dont agree with people just say it.Do not say "go moms house" blabla cause it shows how ignorant you are about conversation. More grind will start with wipe,more fame farming will start with wipe. Also will kill the population cause as i said people wasted years to reach their targets and u saying "i dont give a fuck about them" basically. Gold are returning yeah,what about endless trade's?What about profits?Are they returning too ? What about Lp's ? If i saw correctly someone offers …

  • People are famed up most of the skills.Paid tons of money.Wasted a lot of time because of "there will be no wipe anymore". Now you asking for game wipe.Dafuq ? There is no beta or alpha or teta anymore.So if they do wipe,many people will go another games for sure.

  • High ping and lags

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    Solution = European servers. I dont know why they are keep staying at USA servers.There are millions of good servers in Europe and its the center of the world.Also the fact is eu people more crowded.

  • Same for our group too.

  • Lol how people are crying like "the game is dieing,its not sandbox" etc. There are safe zone's in the world.Learn "WHAT" safe zone means please. Also people who are thinking hce is "zero risk,high reward",they are just bunch of people who doesnt know anything about HCE. Hce = 1-High investment for gear.For +10 HCE u have to waste minimum 100m for gear it goes like 150-200-250-300m for only 1 character and 1 class. 2-High repair costs.You guys are wearing 6.1 for bz dungeons and saying "high risk…

  • Cry more.Its an exploit.İf u have balls,keep doing this ok ? No need to talk anymore.You guys are not game designer.Safe zone must stay safe.If u want pvp or loor there are red zones and black zones.Take your balls and go outside.Thats simple.And you cant decide ehat players have to do.If i want to do HCE i can do whenever i want.Now shut it. Cause you guys are not worth to discuss anything.Cause u dont know "how to discuss" basically.

  • Online gaming community was toxic and still is.In any type of pvp game for sure. Sbi saying it's exploit,and still some retards are defending exploiters. İts f...n safe zone,wake up your mind.If its not safe,why we cant use harmfull skills.But we can use harmless skills for people for pushinh them outside.LOL

  • Lol people thinks "its game mechanic" bla bla.So if there is a bug,you can also say "its game mechanic i can use it" etc.