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  • I don't think anyone is complaining about playing in a single massive server. Most of the complaints are lag issues and this is entirely justified. One solution I could think of is to introduce multiple NPCs in the same city. Of course, they will all link to the same Marketplace/Bank in the city. This will help spread out the crowd.

  • 1. Please introduce the ability to customize the chat box further. Currently, certain biomes will render certain chat groups literally unreadable. 2. Please don't introduce additional servers.

  • I am fascinated by server technology, would be interested to know more about how the server works. Namely, I am curious if the every cluster is its own server? This should make load-balancing very trivial i.e. low-populated clusters could use cheaper hardware, or even take work off of other compute servers. Anyways, I hope the devs can do more of this type of content. Cheers!