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  • Quote from supapupa: “Quote from Okeanix: “Yes. Light Crossbow invaders still can't catch you and you have to clear map more smarter. My suggestion literally benefits everyone and fixing broken system. ” Is that to increase the HP of crystals. No more. Then the rats will not whine and will get a chance for pvp. ” Who do you think the rats are? You keep saying rats and I feel like you're referring to the invaders. Everyone else who talks about rats are referring to players who go into corrupted d…

  • Quote from supapupa: “Is it a sandbox or what? I don't want to play hit and run like a rat. I want to farm quietly. I'm not in the guild anymore, I have 10k frames and will soon have 500k infamy. I don't bother anyone playing like this and I don't need pvp. And why should I fight rats if I don't want to? The player attacked my dungeon, I kicked him out. What is the problem? If the game forces me to act on a losing path, I will delete it. It is obvious. ” I agree with you in general - BUT I think…

  • Quote from agonyclutch: “Haha so mad I love it ” This supapupa guy is the #1 rat:…9ip1p/please_fix_ratting/

  • Quote from Fusionbomb: “Quote from Grimhawke-EB: “But the url that you linked that suggests theUS federal reserve system is part of some sort of international non-governmental cabal and a massive coverup is just a convoluted and ridiculous conspiracy theory. ” Well that notion is up for debate, I guess. All the actual information on the page is correct, afaik. ” It quotes a lot of facts, sure, but it uses those facts to insinuate that there is a cover up trying to hide how the federal reserve is…

  • Quote from Psyopy: “The fact that the Federal Reserve Banks are not federal agencies has been established by multiple case law. It is indeed a fact. Anyone claiming otherwise is the one wearing a tin foil hat. You don't like my dusty case from 1982? Try 2016 - United States ex rel. Bishop v. Wells Fargo & Co: "Specifically, the court identified and considered a number of factors for determining whether a federally-established entity qualifies as the government for purposes of the FCA, and conclu…

  • Quote from Fusionbomb: “Quote from Grimhawke-EB: “Quote from Psyopy: “Hey Piddle, I think you meant this link: ” Make sure you wear your tin foil hat before clicking this link. ” What do you mean? ” giphy.gif

  • Quote from Psyopy: “Hey Piddle, I think you meant this link: ” Make sure you wear your tin foil hat before clicking this link.

  • WTS Sheepdog Skin

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    500M OBO Message me on discord Grimhawke#9254 image0.png

  • Not really how SBI is supposed to design the way matchmaking works in order to counteract this problem because the rats can simply throw more numbers at the hellgates. If there are 100 teams from this discord coordinating 2v2 gates and only 50 non-rat teams actually trying to fight, half of the rats are still going to get a free gate, the other half will lose their throwaway 4.0 set and in the long run they still profit.

  • Quote from Borbarad: “1h dagger is not for zvz. Look at this bruh, wanting to be useful in zvz. But you see, the E is Single Target. Single target is not good for zvz unless its something like one shot crossbow. 1h dagger is incredibly strong if you cc soomeone down. And for dungeons ? Bruh u can do t8 group dungeons solo. That´s a big bruh ” Sure, 1H dagger can solo t8 group static dungeons but it isn't really better fame or silver per hour compared to a optimized 5 man group doing HCE level 15…

  • Quote from Mytherceria: “Quote from Boedavildje: “So the offseason tourney is now at the start of the next season? With ava weapons disallowed what is the point of moving the date of the tourney? Edit: apparently season has been moved a week as well. Still doesn't change the fact that announcing one date and then changing it 2 weeks in advance means you will have teams no showing due to plans already made. ” Quote from SkuzKabel: “Yeah like wtf is this? You announced before one date, people took…

  • It's not bad, depending on the guild you're in, hideouts allow you to live deep in the blackzone and largely avoid a lot of gankers who tend to stick closer to portals trying to catch people transporting loot. Solo random dungeons aren't truly solo, so in high tier zones if you're trying to do PvE there, expect to get dove by 2+. As a solo player, I'd recommend being the diver not the one getting dove. Next patch is introducing corrupted dungeons, which are essentially 1v1 hellgates - so you cou…

  • Quote from NetCode: “ After testing the above changes I believe that the one-handed dagger lost its viability and is no longer enjoyable or effective to play. If a change must be made will you leave the damage at 60 and reduce the lifesteal to say 90% so we can slowly work towards a solution? Lifesteal from 100% to 35% seemed rather harsh. ” I'm primarily a dagger player so may be a little biased. I haven't tested the new 1H dagger changes on test server yet either. But as someone who has done p…

  • Dash

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    Agree, bring back the old dash! I miss when it scaled really well with IP as well.

  • I think that 500 limit only applies to accounts without premium or is some sort of restriction on new accounts. All I know is that you can swipe your CC as much as you want to buy gold from SBI and then sell it via the in game gold/silver market to buy gear for yourself. There's tons of whales in the game that already do that.

  • Quote from Norgannon: “Quote from Twissa: “Free respect and no losing fame while doing so ” I feel that just having the re-spec free of cost would be enough, you don't have to go that far either. ” No way would I use this if it meant losing 20% of my total fame. For players with hundreds of millions of fame already, 20% can add up to a lot.

  • Using the skin item consumes it and unlocks that skin in your appearance settings which you can access from right clicking your avatar portrait on the top left. You can select the skin to appear over the standard direwolf whenever you have it equipped and are riding it.

  • I think the compromise is to offer a one time free (both in terms of silver cost and without the 20% fame lost) respec of all artifact lines and allow players to redistribute as they see fit.

  • Cluster Queue

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    Quote from Askelad1691: “In my opinion zvz fights shouldn't be decided by number, but by skill/economic power. Now we have big fights with informal alliances massing 3x the enemy and the mechanics cant work properly. We should create a new mechanism "fight interest". Guild A set an attack for guild B territory, so any other guild/alliance interested in this fight should pay and set a co-attack or co-defense. Those defending and attacking involved will have total priority to the fight(the map wil…