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  • Quote from GrayMo: “Hey folks, In the leadup to our latest update “Percival”, @H4n1baL announced the introduction of our Vanity & Customization feature. As I am now in charge of the feature, I thought I’d give you some information about what is coming next and explain today’s patch to you. Now that we have rolled out mount skins & character customization we want to expand on that system by adding a “Wardrobe” section to the Appearance UI. Here you will be able to select a visual appearance for y…

  • Assuming that sooner or later we will most likely get vanity slot in appearance bar, what would you guys want to see as a vanity set? I personally would want to see the t8 heavy plate set like the one from end of alpha/early beta. Imho still the best looking armor albion-armory.jpg

  • I think you forget this ain't an action mmorpg, not only that, this game has terrible servers. What you want, wont work

  • Quote from Guilefulwolf: “Hi, i wanted to ask (if this wasnt asked before) what people think about mobs having special moves that would kill the player instantly if he/she doesnt manage to dodge it. I have in my mind something like showing the normal red area of effect filling up slowly (slower than normal, maybe 2 seconds) with a skull picture in it and u r dead if u dont dodge it. ” such mechanics are not advised for non action mmo rpg. Mechanics wise, this will make the game a pain in the ass

  • Quote from Gugusteh: “Quote from Komamura: “how did you get that silver knight icon? ” the 5th one? it's the 1st season reward ” dammit xP

  • how did you get that silver knight icon?

  • same here, tho I craft all on t5 since visually those sets are more appealing. I only buy paws parts and a few cosmetic cloaks

  • 1. Add armor cosmetics so it's not clones running around everywhere, and stop with the BS that people need to see what the enemy wears. Theres inspect for that. One armor cosmetic I would suggest is the white full heavy plate armor from the alpha days. The very first plate. I would easily spend 1k gold on it if it ever comes. 2. Let us use cloak cosmetics same way as mount skins. We have those awesome cloaks, we need more ways to use them. And indent want to be penalised for wearing cosmetic gea…

  • Android client updates

    Komamura - - Feedback & Suggestions


    same here. I suggested Albion on android being an actual client like all android MMOs but they still ignoring me it seems. Also, the new patch fucked up the installation, cant play

  • pm me offers, or chat up here. Or pm me in game if I am online

  • [Closed]Buying Recruiter's Horse

    Komamura - - Trade


    the Legendary recruiter horse yes? I have one, for sale as well.

  • Quote from tabooshka: “im not gonna play cuz they didnt add new armor wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ” Well, what is the point of playing the game tho? There's nothing of interest to me to grind for. Simple fact. The day the factions get cosmetics is the day I might come back.

  • Quote from Evas_Flarelight: “I wish they did. Even it was purely cosmetic and can be disabled visually when engaged with other players in Dungeons, PVP, or GVG. To be fair though, the faction capes and mounts are really nice. ” That means I'm not gonna play for a while longer, lol

  • To be fair, faction armor would be my only incentive to do any faction warfare...

  • Quote from Evoque: “Hey @ZaZii An announcement like this is not planned right now, so we shouldn't expect to have this next week. However, I will ask to publish a more longterm overview like this in the not so distant future, I can't give you an exact date just yet though. Since we put a lot of focus on the Royal Continent in Merlyn, some of the areas of discussion right now are shifting to improving the Outlands, GvG warfare and the PvE experience, specifically variety in the open world. Please…

  • The armor the lady wears from the hammer faction (guessing fort sterling, hopefully) will that be part of the faction rewards as vanity armor???? Please if not, make it so, looks way better than most if not, all plate armor in the game. Just please for God's sake, don't give the armor's helmet a pony tail. It will kill the badass Appearance.

  • As long as being Neutral in the faction war won't allow you to be attacked in safe zones, I am fine with the addition. However, if being Neutral still puts you at risk of being killed then many beginners and new comers will certainly leave. Why? People will abuse their ability to attack blue zones and kill noobs who want to play safe. However if they join a faction, the fault is theirs.

  • Please add zoom in and out to the game on mobile platforms either through pinching or a simple slider in settings. Thank you

  • Combat evolving? Ha, even Runescape has a more interesting type of combat (and I'm talking about Old School!). To be honest this game lacks too much.

  • Nowa Potęga

    Komamura - - Gildie


    Wszyscy mowia ze stworza nowa potege, a ja wciaz widze OOPS I tam inne pierdoly zadzace w czarnych granicach. Boze... Nie ma zadnej cholernej potegi poki tamtych tchorzy nie zalatwicie. Lol