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  • Again Lofthild you are making the false assumption that PvE players and PvP players are mutually exclusive, when that is more the exception and not the rule. It's more about Risk vs. Reward.

  • I think you guys are making the false assumption that PvP players and PvE players are always mutually exclusive. Yes, some are strictly one or the other, but I'd venture to guess that most players enjoy both forms of content, such as I do and many in my guild as well. Apotosariel, I also think you are mistaken in saying that SBI is moving to "abandon" open world PvP. They will never abandon it, but maybe they recognize that only a portion of the game's playerbase actually partake and enjoy in it…

  • hey look I logged on today and spent my fame credits and BAM GOT MORE IP AND IM STILL MAX SPEC. Imagine that. Thanks SBI for giving me more IP!

  • Ok bud, if I have to explain to you how raising the level cap on skills/abilities is not a net loss then I'm convinced you just want to cry. Hope that works out for you.

  • So do you do the same whining in other MMOs when new content comes out and the level cap is increased? Because thats what is going on here. You've literally lost nothing, but have opportunity to gain more, and you complain. Just enjoy the game and have fun gaining additional IP while exploring new content.

  • Artefact from 400 to 83 ...

    Georg51 - - Feedback Testserver


    lol ok bud, calling a net 0 change a net loss for no reason other than to give yourself an excuse to cry is never going to help you get ahead in life. I'm saying that mindset and approach to things will cripple your progress. And I admitted that instead of saying something constructive, I was so put-off by the pitiful and pathetic crying in this thread (over literally nothing) that I instead addressed it. That doesn't make me a hypocrit, it means I'm being honest.

  • Hello all, I'm UnkleRukus in game, the founding GM and current co-GM of Death-and-Taxes and I would like to throw my hat in for a bid at the round table. I have played the game for over a year now. I came to the game with a vast history of MMO experience including: being a raid leader for a competitive WoW guild for 5 years, achieving 2 server-firsts raid clears and many other accollades. I am also an original Beta tester for Ultima Online where I was a member of the notorious Evil is Good guild…

  • Ive been wanting to put something constructive in here but theres so much whining about nothing that I feel more compelled to admit that some of you are strictly crybabies. Heaven forbid a change happens in your life that costs you literally nothing and gives you an opportunity to improve but you cry because it means you have to work a bit more to earn it. Some of yalls are gonna have a tough time in the real world, I'll tell ya that.

  • Just make hideout access permissions be 1 of 2 options with a 24/hour cooldown. 1. Guild/Alliance only 2. Public

  • 5 Damnations... what are you rolling around in 100 man zergs? You know they dont stack, right?

  • The cursed skull rework is a step in the right direction but it would be very helpful if SBI could explain how the mechanic works to control the direction of the ability. Did testing on the test server, and it looks like controlling it is based on the quick-cast options chosen by the player. If: 1. Quickcast on button PRESS: pressing E will make the targeting circle appear, and upon button RELEASE, the spell will cast and the ability will move in the direction the cursor was when button was rele…

  • Here's the issue. Arena's already cost nothing, and have absolutely no risk at all involved in them, yet they give daily rewards. It's also not exactly quality content by the game's standards. It's a fun little thing to have, sure, but its not competitive and meant mainly to be for practice and trying out different things. If you inject meaningful rewards, with no risk involved, in a content area meant more for casual and practice play, you're going to have major problems. Because then people wi…

  • Combat Balance Changes

    Georg51 - - Feedback Testserver


    @Retroman I like that you are giving Cursed Skull a rework especially considering the less than desirable Avalonian Curse staff which leaves us Curse players wondering wtf to do with it. And it's 100% a buff because I'd rather deal my damage faster than slower. But whats funny is no one talking about the nerf to Locus lol.

  • If anything needs a rework on bows its multishot. Literally useless skill....

  • This would make sense is arena was full loot. Otherwise it's stupid. Can't offer rewards for no risk.

  • You can control the wizards long enough that in any of the mob groups with 2 or fewer wizards, you don't get a single electrical storm cast out of them, if done perfectly. The method we've used an nearly perfected goes like this: Great arcane 1h Hammer stun Great Arcane Silence pool But the time this rotation is over, the 1st wizard should be killed by the DPS without a single ability cast by the wizard, and the 2nd wizard should be nearly dead. Sometimes we can rotate another great arcane to st…

  • Cluster Queue

    Georg51 - - Developers' Statements


    Quote from Deathskills: “Quote from LoganSilkCheeks: “difference between adding things to the client via third party software and *exploiting* things that are in the game; exploit is a broad term. and using exploits is different ” Not as per the TOS in the format they are written. Exploit is receiving the same treatment as cheating and RMT. ” So.... you're saying nothing will happen?

  • [6. July 2020] Queen Patch 15

    Georg51 - - Patch Notes


    the fact that the snuck in so many other changes without notice is suspect at best, but straight scummy at worst. Seriously SBI do you even care about integrity? Swiftclaws literally garbage over night.

  • Hey SBI if you want to prevent zergs ganking this isn't how you do it. You're literally only hurting solo/duo gankers with this. Our gank parties will just have to add 1-2 more people, get the same result. So....... whatever.

  • SBI Made a lot of promises about Queen, and every update it seemed that SBI was attempting to further make the game more balanced for smaller guilds - but I feel like we're at a point where we can admit that almost every single measure has failed miserably to that end. 1. Hideouts - what was supposed to be a bone tossed to smaller guilds to establish safety in the BZ's, where Territory control is based entirely on ZVZ now, ended up quickly becoming a bane to small guilds as the construction cost…