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  • Hi @Hyrkali, The bundle will be permanently available, until you have either purchased the bundle itself or all individual pieces with gold. Once they become available for gold ingame, the individual skins will not be tradeable and will unlock directly to your account when purchased. Hope that answers any questions. Cheers!

  • Interface improvement

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    Hi @DaLi, I like your suggestions! Unfortunatly, dealing with these nametags can have a pretty serious performance impact, especially in large ZvZ situations. We always have to be really careful with changes like these. I'll discuss them with the coders to see how much of an impact this would have and think of potential workarounds for performance issues. Thanks for your feedback! Cheers!

  • Quote from Equart: “I imagine how people will abuse this frogs via druid robe/Q stacks on swords etc. @GrayMo ” Frogs, Bats, Foxes, Rabbits, etc that can be summoned by vanity gear are not targetable and are also unaffected by AOE's. So this should not be possible. - Mo

  • Quote from Equart: “Yeap, i got question. Are you planning to add alternative visual animations of weapon/armor spells, for $ or in-game currency? ” Currently there are no plans to do this. I am also not sure if this really makes sense. Do you have a specific Idea? - Mo

  • Hi folks! Queen is approaching rapidly, so I thought I would take some time to explain the new vanity features coming up. The update will contain multiple additions to the "Appearance" section of the Player Menu (accessible by clicking your character Avatar or name in the top left corner of the screen): 1. Avatar Selection 2. Wardrobe 3. Emotes 4. Misc. Avatar Selection As the "old" avatar selection screen was running out of space to display all of the avatars and rings, we decided to integrate …

  • Hey folks, with our next major feature update Queen coming up soon, we will be making extensive changes to the Outlands. To make the transition for everyone easier, we will be adding a new feature that allows you to move and transfer your laborers. Laborer Contracts…c641ac5e094610621023f66fe Simply put, these let you pick up any placed laborer and transfer them to your inventory, as you would with furniture items. To do this, we have added a "Pick Up" button to the…

  • Updated Guild Logs

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    @Funstealer @Al-Capone These logs will be kept over a period of 60 days.

  • Updated Guild Logs

    GrayMo - - Developers' Statements


    Hey everyone, we have been getting a lot of feedback over the last couple of months regarding the lack of a way to get information about leaving/joining guild members. With an upcoming update, we will be adding features to the existing Member Logs UI to make this information easily accessible. On first glance you will see that we have visually updated the Guild Logs UI (formerly Member Details UI) to make it more aesthetically pleasing and allow for displaying longer lists. This change has been …

  • Hey folks, In the leadup to our latest update “Percival”, @H4n1baL announced the introduction of our Vanity & Customization feature. As I am now in charge of the feature, I thought I’d give you some information about what is coming next and explain today’s patch to you. Now that we have rolled out mount skins & character customization we want to expand on that system by adding a “Wardrobe” section to the Appearance UI. Here you will be able to select a visual appearance for your character’s equi…

  • Hi @KCyanide, I am the one you suggest should be fired Even though I personally had no hand in the sorting changes, I believe the intended way this is supposed to work is much better than it previously was. For Reference: * Old Sorting: * New Sorting: * 1. Equipment items (main AND offhand) 2. Equipment items (rest) 3. Mounts 4. Consumables 5. Farmables 6. Simple items 7. Furniture items 8. Journal items 9. Unknown itemtype items * 1. Equipment items (main hand) 2. Equipment items (off hand) 3. …

  • Please BEWARE this SCAM tactic

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    Hi @Ravenar, So do I understand you correctly that you would prefer to have "130 m" there instead of "130,000,000"? I would argue that this would make the situation worse, see example: 130,450,000 = 130 m 130,000,000 = 130 m The only way to actually read out the real amount would be via a tooltip, which I would clearly argue is worse. A player could put the correct amount in at first, then pull the same scam mentioned above and there wouldnt even be a change of the number displayed. What are you…

  • Travel Planer typing bug

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    Hi @kamilasd1, this is already fixed on our side and will be patched ASAP. Cheers, -Mo

  • Hi @Captainrussia, It should be on the Test-server today. Unfortunatly, searching in the dropdown is not yet possible. Our Coders are working hard on this and we will add it ASAP. Edit: We are aware that there is a visual bug in the island lists. On it! -Mo

  • Hi @Bogul, sorry, didnt mean to mislead you... I thought you were reffering to the explanatory pop-up, which in fact can be toggled off. Currently we are not planning to make any further changes to the adventurer's challenge screen in the near future. I'll dicuss this with @Retroman though, and see if we are happy with this behaviour. -Mo

  • Hi @Lifsteinn, Quote from Lifsteinn: “When you select a craft panel with the option "Only show craft with materials from inventory", the options keep scrolling up (to the first option). Sometimes is impossible to get to an option below before it scrolls back up. ” Thanks for making us aware of this. Currently the system checks your materials after every crafting process and generates a new list. Thats why it always jumps to the top... I'll take a look at this behaviour and see if we can improve …

  • Hi @Bogul, The Adventurer's Challenge pop-up contains a "don't show again"-toggle in the bottom left corner. Just activate this and you will never need to see it again. Hope that helps! Cheers, -Mo

  • Marketplace small bug

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    Quote from kamilasd1: “@GrayMo @H4n1baL It's a bug? ” Hi @kamilasd1, Yeah, seems to be bugged. I will pass it on to the coders.

  • Hi, thank you all for the feedback! I thought i'd pitch in and give a little bit more clarification on this: This will be an additional tab in the travel planner UI, which only allows me to manage the islands I have been given access to. It will not serve as a replacement for the main travel tab. This second tab will allow me to select islands from the list as favourites. These favourites will then be sorted alphabetically to the top of my travel destination list. The sort order will then be: * …

  • Hi @kamilasd1, I think you have a good point there. Will pass this on to our coders and see if this is easily doable. Thank you for the feedback! Cheers - Mo

  • Hi @Midgard, @H4n1baL and I are pushing for the Island filtering to come ASAP. It is very high on our priority list! Cheers! - Mo