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  • Avalonian Weapons & Offhands

    Volnay - - Feedback


    The celestial censer bonus looks weird to me. The numbers are aligned on the crypt candle damage bonus whereas, on weapons, healing and damage do not get the same % increase per 100 IP. I would expect the same pattern and have the celestial censer bonus lowered, set at 2/3 of the crypt candle figures at equivalent IP. I am not convinced that many healers will want to get a defense debuff in PVP. However, in PVE, if the efficiency gap between 1h and 2h weapons isn't adapted, such a tremendous bon…

  • Port forwarding for Albion

    Volnay - - Beginner's Questions


    Such a ping latency is not related to opened/closed ports on your firewall.

  • Port forwarding for Albion

    Volnay - - Beginner's Questions


    You don't need any port forwarding setup if, on your nat device, you use a stateful firewall with a pseudo state table for udp, that's the ultra majority of cases. Perhaps you filter your outgoing flows? That's a different topic.

  • Quote from PrinstKaspian: “Damage taken from Hellgate Warden and Gatekeeper spells can no longer be reflected ” Quote from PrintsKaspian: “Most area-of-effect spells cast by mobs in Hellgates will no longer trigger damage reflection ” @Retroman You may want to extend those measures to other contents. Damage reflection on mobs is exported to other types of PVE contents. Some mobs in PVE high level content can be obliterated by their own damage so easily that it kills the challenge you propose. I …

  • As regards your second point, there is nothing wrong with those numbers. These are two representations of the same reduction.

  • @Astralex Why would you reject one of the best w spells available on mage staves - purge on 15 secs cd ? All you get is an erratic spell if not stolen from an ally. And even if you manage to get the spell you really want, let's be polite and just say that the choice is quite limited if you intend to be efficient in any way. If they want to give a try to such a feature, it would be better to move the "energy beam" to the attic and then get some space for that new spell. @Retroman

  • Hunter Hood

    Volnay - - Overpowered/Underpowered Items


    Salut Saphirose, Just quickly addressing your initial question + a couple of comments. 1 - Yes something recently changed. The damage bonus was not fully applied to your reflected damage. The nature of the chest was taken into account (0% for metal, 20% for leather, 40% cloth) but your extra bonus was ignored (for instance mage vs cleric vs scholar). It is easier to notice the substantial boost on cloth gear with the appropriate passive. 2 - Honkhonk/gtfo and I ran series of tests three months a…

  • 50 million dissipated from my account

    Volnay - - Bugs


    Hopefully, SBI will implement a safeguard when they release their marketplace template to buy a whole set in one click. Otherwise the OP's problem may become more common. @Talion

  • Something wrong with your launch sequence. I bet I already got a launcher upgrade from the test server itself very recently. However, the play button remains deactivated.

  • @Berlo If you expect things to be fixed then post your message in the exploit section of the forum.

  • @Deadrino Just report it in the exploit section of the forum. What matters is whether the "devs" think this is a kind of exploit. What we, players, think about it won't rule on such a case.

  • Quote from TomatoBisque: “Based on his categories yes, because it doesn't provide any real time information for anyone you don't know where they already are. if it recorded everyone in the zone then it would be not allowed. ” It does provide (realtime, visual) information about who is doing a pve activity nearby. Even though the tool is unlikely meant to be a cheating tool, it is not entirely neutral.

  • @Korn I think your fourth option is nice but then you have to accept the fact that a red-flagged player may be downed by blue guys and then executed by faction-flagged players which basically means you created the reverse problem. That's why people have suggested an immunity to execute during the 3 mn down time if downed by another player on a yellow zone. Of course the pks may just adapt and tag / untag while in red zones without adding this measure. If you want more people to practise in the y…

  • @Korn This was also discussed here: T5 red zones back to yellow I think the short term solution is to make reds killable by factions (not by everyone though) and protect them with an invulnerability if downed in yellow zones. You should link the problem with the gate ganking which became a default activity in red zones as the pk "vital" space was shrinked when the T5 reds were reverted to yellow. I have no clue about how economically beneficial for the whole game this activity is. However my fee…

  • Quote from Nausk: “This (the leak of SBI backtracking) is just sad - yet it didn't surprise me at all. At the end of the day SBI will do what SBI does, though it might cap the games potential sometimes. ” The failed promise to open the new BZ to small groups. The disastrous avalonian invasion of Caerleon. And now this, their reputation is going to take a serious hit once more. I lost about 75% of my friends on the game and I cannot decently tell anyone to come play the game. I don't care about a…

  • Dont' blame the AO TV caster. Not his fault, there was nothing he could do. The event was a failure. With most players being locked somewhere, seeing privileged accounts able to move around freely was perhaps the most shocking part.

  • You forgot to include the 0.2 bonus per point also granted by your knight helmet combat specialist.

  • "Toutes les informations importantes", sauf peut-être la plus importante si elle est toujours valide : Outlands Migration with Queen Update: Which Zones Correspond to Which Cities?

  • Quote from Owlsane: “I don't know where your 1/(1-09413) comes from and why is it a thing in the math. ” This comes from basic maths. I hope the following explanation makes it clear for you. In this case applying a 9.4% (rounded) reduction to a value is the same as dividing it by (1+0.05263+0.02564+0.02564). And all your cases follow the same logic. Let's take an example you haven't proposed yet so that you can check it. cdr on head, chest and feet + mistcaller (a normal 8.3 though, given as a +…

  • These are the same numbers. Just presented differently. These modifiers are additive values. You may verify your own cases, for instance: 1+0.05263+0.02564+0.02564 is almost equal to 1/(1-0.09413) You only see two digits in the UI, hence the rounded value 9.4% Two tricky things to take into account though: 1) The cooldown modifier of the inventory tab is written with two digits. This rounding problem is obvious in certain situations (for a instance a T7 omelette with no other bonus) 2) The omele…