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  • Player from 2017 needs help

    Axees - - Beginner's Questions


    Quote from JRyanC: “Quote from SHARKY: “Quote from JRyanC: “I want to start fresh but I have items on my first character that I don't want to lose, is there a way to transfer the items from my old account to the new one? ” If your original character has a personal island, then you can place a chest, put the items in and grant access to the island and chest to your new character.EDIT: oh, and welcome back! EDIT 2: I see you have a 'Recruiters' forum badge. Some of the recruiters items you may hav…

  • hi @DrillBoi . albion is a sandbox mmo. so it is known for being flexible in alot of way to play. pve or pvp it got all sort of content. either solo or group. if u are good at gathering like minded people, u can easily start a guild. plus setting up a guild doesn't require much in term of money wise. we are clumped in one server, means u will encounter all sort of player from across the globe. unless u are prepared, stay away from /general chat. its typical mmo chat window with cancer and toxici…

  • please be my uncle too. hahaha jk. yep saw her stats ingame and ,phew u surely didnt play around in helping her fame up.

  • i find the black hole ability is so interesting but at the same time its underpowered and doesnt reflect the true capacity of its name. i played dota2 for 5 years. in that game we have a character called Enigma with his ultimate ability which is to create a black hole on the ground sucking all nearby enemy unit into the center while chanelling it for 2.5 second. the point of this ability is to trap almost huge amount of enemy unit in a aoe where they cant really move out for a few second enough …

  • maybe its an unknown minor bug. u should report it if the issues still didnt resolve.

  • leveling any weapon will always have benefit. but it depends on your activity. if u are looking to spec up a weapon, going for non artifact type is better as it require way less fame as the artifact type. having one type of weapon spec up till 100 will also benefit the other weapon in its tree. as example, if u have 100 specialization in great fire staff, u also get bonus item power(ip) to other type of fire staff(artifact incuded). there are also another way of leveling up other weapon by using…

  • LF MY/SG/SEA Guild

    Axees - - Guild Recruitment


    hi. my ingame name is Axees. im a malaysian player. since u asked for a my/sg based guild i would like to recommend u to contact a player called ZiqiQotu ingame. hes an officer of Thetford Defender guild that are based in thetford city. they are recruiting new player especially that are within SEA timezone. they are helpful and currently active helping new guild member to fame farm and introduced the to every type of content. u can also contact their leader ingame directly: ilovea here are the l…

  • Hello Albion!

    Axees - - Introduce yourself!


    hi @TheBardAquatic. its so cool to hear that u are coming from ff and wow. albion is kind of different from traditional mmo as it doesnt really hold your hands. after the tutorial island, theres like 5/6 mission left to do before the game let u go and do your own things. my advice is to never feel shy to ask for guides in the /help chat. u most likely will be trolled if u ask in the wrong chat window such as general chat. the game is more centered around group content but it doesnt mean a solo p…

  • of all type of weapon, artifact class weapon/equipment consume the most fame per level. so its hard to level them up. in fire staff tree, the easiest artifact is probably the blazing. but to be using a blazing staff efficiently, u need to participate in a lot of group dungeon activity. as the flame tornado is best at clearing huge group of mob. since the mist of avalon buff will be active for few more days i suggest u give it a go.

  • Anyone want to play?

    Axees - - Beginner's Questions


    u can find friends ingame. its easier that way. find a player that just starting the game like u. try to engage in conversation. theres nothing to lose cuz its an online game. so get rid of any thought that people might not like u etc. the more u open up to have ingame conversation, the more u will find like minded people that u feel u want to play with. if u think u lost your way, always ask for help or guides in the /help chat.

  • mmorpg is kind of overwhelming for new player, especially Albion when all people are clumped up in one server. u gonna need your uncle help as much as u can. im pretty sure he will guide you and ull be hooked up in no time.