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  • Server Lag

    xWuMingx - - Rants


    Quote from EvaKaneeva: “Just build up some economy, then those T5 T6 gear equipments like nothing when you lose it. I've been playing for 13 days. I've experienced some of that with players teleporting across my screen. If you just craft a little then you can just make like 10 sets. You don't go into PvP territory with your best set unless you're going with a group, but even then I swap to a backup everytime I go to red or black zones. Just stick with it Yox, it gets easier than you think. ” I h…

  • I play on both PC and Android phone, PC at home and phone while travelling. takes very long to connect to phone, there are a few bugs too few times when I open up inventory, it only came out 1/2 page, can't see the bottom slots and can't scroll accessing the inventory is abit of problem for me as many times when i'm scrolling, the item moved instead of the slots scrolling during farming, the auto target keep targeting something else I don't want, like when I just finish killing some boars, I wan…

  • Spears

    xWuMingx - - Overpowered/Underpowered Items


    I just started this game few days ago, so please advice if i'm starting out decent for my Spear built currently only into T4 equips, I started some research on equips for skills, but i'm more on PVE at this point. Spear's auto attack speed seems slow for some reason, but I like the damage was using Adept Spear until earlier with Reckless charge, but I bought a Heron Spear for its ranged stun skill. Heron Spear Q - Lunging strike W - Forest of Spears - I like the wide angle and range E - Spear Th…