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  • @OceanSpirit Do you by any chance know what causes the Spellweaver to do the Converging/Diverging double laser thing? It happens super rarely and I'm thinking it's just a random occurence.

  • Some of the things you mentioned already are in the guide but yeah I should definitely include everything you mentioned as it's important info. I did not know the Construct heals... such a braindead boss lmao. Thanks for the feedback though it's much appreciated

  • Looks like there'll be a lot of fun changes coming with Roads of Avalon. Some of the things: High Priestess will be patched (but nerfed to adjust for the difficulty) - only took 6 months to fix, hopefully SBI will also fix the bug where Yellow/Healing circles spawn inside walls and the healers can't walk on it. PLEASE Single Pulls will be removed (doesn't work on test server) - this one will have implications for other content as well, thank you for finally fixing this bug but I'm disappointed t…

  • HORRIBLE IDEA, pls SBI I love all the new content coming but don't do this... I don't know which noob has been complaining they're getting dove but don't listen to them!

  • I really hope they don't remove swaps... seems like a horrible idea

  • Big shoutout to JHR90 for translating the Guide to Korean! Link to Korean Translation:…14H5nrTw/edit?usp=sharing

  • Hello! I updated the guide again, mostly small changes but I rewrote the Basilisk Guide. I'll add a thingy at the frontpage saying when the guide was last updated. Think that'll be useful as well. Found new info on the Basilisk boss and I'll unfortunately have to redo the video. The current video still works and is fine for lower tiers but the new strategy will make it braindead easy even at 8.3 Added Healing Reduction set for final boss for cheesing the second phase. (More info in guide on how …

  • Make Albion Great Again is RECRUITING! We're a very active mature community that understand that real life comes first. We're looking to expand our roster and get some more POG players in preparation for the Roads of Avalon update. (Currently located in Lymhurst) - 0% guild tax (tax is theft) - No mandatory content (no more war camp slaves) - Access to Top-ranked veteran players - Unique republic-based leadership model that has caused us to be one of the longest running guilds in Albion - An ext…


  • @Albanian That's what we run atm, Tank grabs 1h hammer + Leering cane + CC passives on armors, Arcane brings great arcane swap for mobs and Black Monk also brings 1h hammer + leering cane for mobs. Works pretty well and provides a lot of time to kill mobs. Doesn't work for every room but works consistently enough, the only annoying thing is that once you keep CC'ing the mobs the CC doesn't last as long (first hammer lasts full duration, second lasts only like 50%) Also requires some coordination…

  • I agree and don't like single pulls either, even if it's been around for a long time and not an "official exploit" it clearly is not intended and just dumbs down these dungeons into a braindead famefarm. Alas SBI doesn't care and has even said that it's allowed. I have therefore decided to include it in the guide until they fix it or make an official statement about it not being allowed..

  • Made a video guide for the Crystal Basilisk boss:

  • @Ymbrzld See response to OceanSpirit below @OceanSpirit The issue with big packs has imo 2 main solutions and which one you use depends on how you gear up before leaving: 1. Burst one target then leash (or Single pull) until the pack is down to a more manageable size 2. Have the tank on 1h hammer+Leering cane with a great arcane or two and keep them CC-locked. This is much better the more AoE weapons you have to take full advantages of which then means you need people with swaps for bosses. @Alb…

  • Avalonian Archmage doesn't reset properly

    Quazars - - Bugs


    A very annoying bug where if you leash/wipe to the Archmage boss, she sometimes does two phases at the same time when you try to do it again. This is very annoying cause it forces you to reset the fight again and usually ends up in a few people dying for no reason. - Description of the issue: Archmage does 2 phases at the same time, doesn't reset properly. - Steps to reproduce: Wipe/leash the boss. - Result: Sometimes (seemingly randomly) - Expected result: Should not

  • Many of the mobs sometimes have misleading indicators(red circles/AoE's) which make it very frustrating when you positioned perfectly only to have the AoE randomly hit somewhere else. Avalonian mobs/bosses where this happens: Avalonian Archmage(lasers) Avalonian Spellweaver(laser) Avalonian Knight Captain (Shield) Avalonian Knight (Shield) Avalonian Winged Guard (Windwalls)

  • Avalonian Boss Chests are VERY bugged!

    Quazars - - Bugs


    Hello, this is a bug that has been going on for a very long time and I really hope we finally get a fix with regards to this. Avalonian Dungeon runs take long enough as is we don't need to spend extra time making sure the chests don't randomly break to free-loot and maybe we'll avoid the Drama(see recent avalonian post on Reddit ) - Description of the issue: When too many people try to take stuff from a Boss Chest - the chest splits to Free Loot. This has happened with as few as only 4 people tr…

  • @OceanSpirit We tried 1h hammer as an off-tank a month ago or so but it felt underwhelming, Incubus is just insane for PvE even for the off-tank if you're running 2 tanks - as long as they call it so they don't stack their E's.

  • Updated again, added a quick FAQ section and included extra minor details. Added 1h dagger build page!

  • Sorry about that... long story short - I fixed it. Should work again!

  • Ah good idea, I've never worked with Wiki pages before but I'll take a look at it!