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  • Zitat von Syndic: „Zitat von slizzard: „Zitat von Syndic: „I have to agree with Wadefu here, changing core game mechanics for lulz-lets-test and the attitude displayed doesn't inspire any confidence whatsoever. “ So you'd rather them try nothing at all and we sit in this whirlpool for the ride? “ I'd rather they develop the game instead of redesigning core game mechanics because a small gang of kids is crying on reddit. Here's a list of pie-in-the-sky things I'd implement yesterday instead of re…

  • Redesign Taproot

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    I would actually enjoy it on every tier if it would be some kind of magic shield so that you have roots forming shield form with magic feeling gaps between each other.

  • There is one crazy big downside of friendly fire. If you want to join fast event that you alliance have like dungeon dive etc. and they already have full party - well - you cannot join. That's actually crazy big downside. If you would like to no kill guilds by reducing possible content they have in Open World, you would need to do something like: you receive only 20% of ally dmg - allias can heal you. That's only logical way to make people still be able to participate in such events as I describ…

  • Im actually wondering how this would end. There is loads of people with different point of views, and pool is showing that people are not totally into it, because of many factors. I can actually see that most of people that are writing posts here are saying that some changes to alliances should be made (and so I think the current is better then nothing), but a lot also does not agree to current solution. Are You' (Developers) going to look for more solutions "in rush", or rather keep current sys…

  • Zitat von rds: „"or even enforcing alliances to actually share wealth. Make the energy from territories split between the guilds, make the season points split between guilds." “ Ymmmmmm, communism ... hehe ... No.

  • Zitat von Sohrab: „Here are some options I've thought about that would reduce the size of alliances. The number of guilds in an alliance reduce the a % of energy income from a territory. The number of guilds in an alliance give a debuff % on the members of the alliance. i.e. if an alliance has 15 guilds, each member has a 10% debuff in open world-- giving an even play field to guilds that have less members. The number of guilds in an alliance are capped to 3 maximum. You have to look at your gam…

  • Zitat von Syndic: „Stop developing the game for zerg guilds and punishing small guilds for not playing the game "the correct way". You're literally developing the game into the ground with this sh*t. “ This is simple as it is. If you have more active players on daily bases, you should achieve more, right? If you have better players, you should achieve more, right? ZvZ is one of the things that you can participate in inside of Albion Online, and a lot of people like me simply enjoy it, so we play…

  • Zitat von tabooshka: „terrible idea, this would only further boost big guilds and shit on small guilds that join together and provide different aspects of gameplay. Clearly map layout and portals is the true problem here, not alliance system. “ This is a good idea - in my opinion - of course. You can easily translate this pool into - do you think alliances should be deleted? If people will have friendly fire on, they would still know who to fight or not(because of purple health bars), but there …

  • Zitat von EricWer: „Make another poll: remove alliances? “ This is a pool about deleting Alliances, but just keeping people know who is with who. It would probably mostly matter for new people to know who is friendly, and who is not.

  • Zitat von Anisa: „What exactly is the point of having an alliance if your alliance mates can attack you? Just get rid of alliances then. “ Well, it would be just easier and more clear who is with who, who you should attack and who not to. Things would just stay clear I think.

  • Zitat von letwolf: „...unlimited source of abusing this system, for example, "dogovornyak", or fake fighting with friends from different alliances “ Thanks to calculations you could done about this feature based on Tomes of Insights it would not be even worth to exploit it. I would really, really like to see kill fame contributing to equipment fame. That could be such a great thing...

  • I would also add that making sound effect repeat, or generally making sounds appear all over those 30 seconds(or 15) that you can accept queue would also make things better, as you sometimes simply don't hear that arena is up and you don't accept arena match because of it.

  • Yeah, buff is needed 100%

  • New Member of the SBI UI-team

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    "Last Activity - A moment ago, Reading thread STUPID BS" - Mo Profile I didn't even know that you can track someone like that via. forum user page Welcome to Albion Team Mo! Edit: Im also singing down under new Cursor idea, you can lost track of it in some intense scenarios. As easy to introduce solution - there could be an option to give it a "dropshadow" effect in any wanted color, like red/pink etc. to make it more visible. This should be also easy-to-code option.

  • I already writed a ticked for developers, but the bug is indeed serious in my and my teams opinion, that I write it here, on forum too in order to expend the amount of people knowing about this. My team was screaming against other one while servers were simply dying. We had a lot of lags, but were like - meh - lets do this. After we finished Arena Scrim, I (DuendeBrek) got blackscreened, but rest of players were actually still playing, being able to kill eachother. The result is as following: - …


    DuendeBrek - - Rants


    Well, Albion is not perfect, but it is for sure better then you describe it based on your minimal game experience. bye

  • I would also say that making them sellable will at least somehow make guild earn a bit more from this feature and overall after-patch territories situation

  • Well, the nerfs for territories are big, maybe even huge. I would rather say that these changes will only make GvG's even less accessible for players, and only Crystal GvG's will be the way to go. No T8 on terris reduces budget for GvG teams. Less energy reduces budget for GvG teams. Mages are killed loads of times during the day, which reduces budget for GvG teams. All of above is/will result in less GvG's, because it is not worth for guild to found new teams right now, and after the patch it w…

  • Nice!

  • Please. Include. 2 times. For. Each EU and NA. ~most problems solved