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  • Rip melts!

  • Quote from Mytherceria: “Hi @Pdwan, our devs will be changing the way Hellgates connect, which will make it harder for players to synch up in the same Hellgate. They might look into a further rework regarding the synchronization issue later on. As for the RMT reports, if you suspect anyone of conducting RMT through this, please send a message to with the evidence attached, so that it can be investigated. Thank you! ” So it is not an exploit and legal to use now? You know…

  • What is 'Lag Death'?

    iRawr - - Rants


    Quote from Saccavirano: “or maybe it's time to upgrade the SBI server, you all know that: risk=reward ” Oh i really have no place to collect that much rewards that i got for the risk of everyday lags and pings XD Sooo rewarding lags.

  • Usually i need minimal 2-3 tickets to get answer to the questions. First 2-3 times they just reply like if they read just 3 first words in it. I dunno why they even exist, may be they are faster or more competent with payment issues. But all my payments was fine, so i didn't try.

  • Well, before queen update my ping is 110-120 ms, now its 150+ That why i am sure there is a problem with the game, i see with my own eyes how it was 110 ping for me all day, and I don't understand why i should believe that 150+ is normal. Usually games becomes better with time, but not Albion and its ping.

  • Quote from Blenfjorn: “Quote from Tabor: “I can't wait for people to run away from me and kill shards again. Will be good times! P.S. did you fix shard health yet?? ” I don't particularly like running when in a 1v1 fight, but the idea of 'banishing' someone is too good to pass up. Just the word itself. Banish. So fun. Then afterwards, the inevitable whisper I will send "I hath banished thee". So I shall enjoy killing those shards. Very much looking forward to it actually. ” We will see new "Quic…

  • We finally can see who is the real PvPers. And who can wins only by hard counters they bring for swap. Old times will go, and guys who think they PvPenus is huge, will finally see how the fair PvP is looks like^^ I really like this change. So salty, mean so good for Albion.

  • Quote from Mytherceria: “Hi everyone, We are aware that crowd control immunity currently does not work while having the Invisibility buff from the Invisibility Shrines around the Portals. This allows players to be rooted and stunned when invisible. We consider abusing this to be an exploit under clause 15.5.4 of our Terms and Conditions and those who abuse this will be sanctioned accordingly. If you see anyone abusing this from this post onwards, please file a report by writing to support@albion…

  • Final boss too hard?

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    Quote from Jessie: “Did i cry? My observation while doing the end boss on hunter level with a build what is good for both PvP and PvE on much higher level mobs on live gave me big trouble on this boss. This is a test server and i give my feedback, not crying for a nerf... My biggest concern is that you cant use the whole boss room because the boss will reset while in the outher circle what is a problem for caster builds. ” Man first of all, hunter difficulty is capped with 900 ip. With 4.1 gear …

  • Additional IP from artifacts

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    Isn't from the game start till now, some lines gives less ip than other. Non artefact lines, gives less ip, than artefacts. Why it is become not ok now?

  • Hell Gate Sync

    iRawr - - Bugs


    Cricket sounds. I like how the GMs, and DEV ignore the huge breaching of T&C, and just make it looks like they didn't know about it.

  • Final boss too hard?

    iRawr - - Feedback


    Lol, i waiting for this topic. Make one boss a bit harder, and here is alot of people cry about it. This players really can cry about everything. I kill this boss with 1h mace in plate, with no damage at all. Yes it is not easy, but there is no problems in killing it, also, you can not be invaded when killing the final boss, so you can go to half HP and don't warry about rats. So what's the problem to kill this boss? If your build good only for PvP, yes, you should sacrifice the clear speed, it …

  • Quote from LegaI: “I agree that having infinite swaps is bad and cancer .That is why I said Swaps should be "LIMITED" to Pots (maybe like 1 helm swap or maybe even 1 chest as well) because otherwise the gates will be full fucking RNG rock paper scissors (which people for some reason call more skill based than the current infinite swaps, which makes no fucking sense), if u meet a full counter to ur comp, u are good as dead, allowing 1-2 swaps would give us a chance. ” You just doing it again. Mix…

  • Quote from Nich: “i cant understand why sbi is disabling gear swaps??? its been in since more a year/the whole time ive been playing ive been a newbie to hgs and legal showed me the way how to be a good 2v2er And i think it wont be fun if you can always just use 1 SPECIFIC BUILD in hgs its grabbing out all the fun even when there just a few switches like pots or food ” Why don't you give it real names? Be a good 2v2er = bring as much items as possible to equip the gear with 99% winrate vs enemy …

  • Don't mix one problem with another. Zerg is not the same as gear swap, and may be both problems should be solved. 1 is already did. Crying about "omg I can't find meta guide with flexible build", and "omg i can't build my character myself to make it flexible". Have nothing about the pvp balance. Can't create flexible build? Learn it. Or sit and wait when pewpew or lewpack will tell you how to play. So you can use they "meta build with 9999999% winrate". If this is why you play the game, just wai…

  • КинжалНавык: Хороший кончание Описание: Режет врагов в области конуса перед вами пока прыгает на 8 метров назад. Каждый враг в области получает физический урон в зависимости от Стаков на вас или стаков снижения брони на враге. Пика точенаяНавык: Больше не девушка Описание: Рывок к позиции на земле. Враги на пути лишаются всех усилений и получают Х физического урона. Во время рывка вы невосприимчивы к любым эффектам контроля. ТопорНавык: Посттравматический синдром Описание: Прыжок и удар топора о…

  • Quote from Captainrussia: “Quote from Lewpac: “Any chance we can get a list of names??? ” given my 20+ years of gaming history, I highly doubt that would happen, as this is a breach of privacy and also probably against the TOS, and I've never seen DEVs of any game publish lists of banned accounts, no matter how hard the player base demanded it ” There is no privacy breaching in posting IGN. No one ask to post e-mail or accounts. Blizzard and riot games did such posts before. Your 20+ years of ga…

  • Quote from wolfo70: “Quote from iRawr: “Quote from Quazars: “I really hope they don't remove swaps... seems like a horrible idea ” Yea, winning a fights because you got really nice and flex build is horrible!Much better if you win because you checked the opponent gear, and equip counter items after that. ” Its not really about that though. Most of our community play 2v2's to find good healer/dps opponents and to have a fun and enjoyable fight about skill. Removing swaps will remove everyone's mo…

  • Quote from Fred_the_Barbarian: “0/10 bug report, not going to watch a 14 minute video for the 5 seconds of bug. edit: he probably used chain slash and you mistook that for ghost strike. ” Pretty sure Fred is right this time.

  • Quote from Quazars: “I really hope they don't remove swaps... seems like a horrible idea ” Yea, winning a fights because you got really nice and flex build is horrible! Much better if you win because you checked the opponent gear, and equip counter items after that.