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  • U died few times to deathgivers and now are here to rant about how op they are and how they should be nerfed.STOP THIS SHIT PEOPLE, That weapon needs nerf, this weapon needs nerf, that weapon over there needs nerf, Nerf nerf nerf. Stop this bullshit you idiots, just because YOU fucking suck and died to Deathgivers or some other weapon, it does not mean that its OP right from the start. Every single weapon is OP in the right hands, hell I even saw an arcane staff player win 1 v2, 1v3. Daggers are…

  • Yeah, Ive been waiting for at least information on the release date.

  • They dont even care, I play from Poland, most of the time its the same as in the video. Im waiting for my game to release and then I will quit Albion, even tho I love it and I have spent a lot of real life money for it.

  • Almost all MMO's have lightning mage (.. ok maybe half, but hey I love Albion not other MMO's..) I would love to play with that staff to the point where I can pay real money to get my hands on it. Please consider this and hopefully you will come to the conclussion to add it !

  • Wifi eh ? I do use wifi. What about the 2 hours I spend to download the game and UPDATE it ? You know I spend 12 hours working. I get home by 3 PM and have time until 9 or so which is 6 hours of relaxing, eating, going to the toilet, taking a bath and spending some time with my wife. Extract all of that and I get 2, 3 hours of play time. Now, I have to download the WHOLE goddamn game for what ? So arcane users can use an ability that they rarely use ? 1.4 GB + 743 mb for just a 10 mb fix... Big …

  • I cannot cast grudge on myself with the new joystick mode. When they are enemies nearby, I click on grudge but it instantly targets the enemies so I cannot target myself... Please fix this issue. Also holding the grudge button won't let me cast on myself either, it just pops the skill information.

  • After 2 hour of long wait it did start and download yesterday... however today I played for an hour and then the screen froze. I restarted the game and it displayed an error... then it asked me to download 743 mb again.... now I've spent 5 hours to download it... doesnt download.. same thing as yesterday.. I even downloaded the apk again...

  • I fig something out. It always stops when it starts downloading this file, this dependencies thing. Btw I cut the image because it won't let me upload it due to its size.

  • Any solution ? Any updates ? Can you at least show a tiny bit of a hint that you are working on a fix ? Or ? I do enjoy the game, I do appreciate what you do, but in times like this no mod, no dev tries to help or at least inform ?

  • Its been an hour, no update, no reply nothing. Are you even trying to fix the problem at hand or trying to just ignore me ?

  • still waiting for a reply...

  • By the way, you just promised to keep the game playable and enjoyable. How is that playable ? When Im spending the whole day frustrated, my whole wasted, my rest day wasted ? How is that keeping the game enjoyable ? and playable ? You know, when you promise something, you must keep it, so... keep it ?

  • Okay so before the maintenance I played a little bit doing some solo dungeons. Then the maintenance happened and finished. So I went into the game ( from my phone) and it popped something like this " Client version is xxxxx, required client version is xxxxxx ". But I had no way to update the game, it did not update when I started the game, nor it asked me to download the update like it did before. So I uninstalled the whole game, deleted the downloaded apk, went to the website and downloaded the…

  • Tried everything, still the same... This happened 3 weeks ago too. They shut down the servers and repaired it back then. But now ? It's been more than 2 hours and still nothing.

  • Its been an hour now, still nothing from the Mods or Devs, no information, no fix, no nothing ! Are you even looking into this ? Why is it that every time you extend the maintenance, the same problem keeps occurring ? I've paid for this game more than once, and in return I want to PLAY the game. You could at Least look into the problem, write us a statement give us an information and fix it.. And I am not the only one too, there are other people who report this issue currently. PLEASE give us an…

  • I keep getting kicked every 10 seconds. I created another post on this 20 minutes ago, no updates or any other information from the Devs or Mods. Im still waiting, but I do not know for how long.

  • still haven't resolved this issue, what are you waiting for ?

  • The same thing happened 3 weeks ago. Please resolve this issue asap.

  • Another issue with launcher update

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    I start with the launcher. I tried starting from the game folder albion-online.exe, same result... They fucking broke the game.

  • They fucking broke the fucking game ! I keep getting disconnected every 10 fucking seconds. I tried repair, and it says CANT WRITE ALBION.EXE . Wtf is happening SBI, wtf ? First you took down the game for a very long maintenance. Then you failed to start the servers for another 30 minutes or so. Then the launcher could not download. Now this ? We are paying for premium and gold for this game, in return we want to PLAY, something which today apparently we can't do.