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  • IIRC the problem is its mana and CD that makes it suck

  • I could see demonic maybe, but super situational... the main issue with curse is in ZvZ it needs a better Q option. If curse had a solid Q with better range than the sickle, it would be vaild... lifecurse is hard but ok, demonic must be good at placing it, damnation takes timing as its cast time can make it pointless. 1 H no way, and Gcurse could be good, it works best for DoTs on anyone going through a choke, a few of them could just destroy a force pushing when they shouldnt, problem is it wil…

  • poison is best for open world PvP, any DoT is very useful in chases as it prevents mounting by ticking damage as well as keeping them in combat stops passive heals. Multishot is the only one with no place... if it were perhaps a 180-360 shot of arrows would be good enough? or maybe have Knock back ... or if multiple arrows could hit 1 target like the shurikens on dagger

  • i support regional servers, but the need to pull like 60% of clusters out to make it feel right. they should have done it with queens map change, BUT in NA there should still be alot of timers, just clustered together more, only 1 over night 1 during the day then a bunch for evenings.

  • all the problems stem from them losing their balls, and not disbanding all alliances in the first place. "We are disbanding alliances oh wait no the guys who run them said they dont want us to."

  • What is the intent of changing it to this style? My intent is to reduce total regional control by 1 guild/all/NAP secondary intent, make it viable for players of any region to play from any city. currently you must choose based off timers what cities portal to use. I would recommend not placing any cluster next to a cluster with the same timer, if its 0000 and some guilds are fighting in cluster A, Cluster B is the closest 0000 zone but is 3 zones away, it forces a choice at any given moment if …

  • Quote from Malvado: “I got kicked for "lack of fame" ” that guild is trash then, it gives adventuring points Fame is a meaningless number once in a guild using it for recruiting is sometimes useful but its never useful for kicking

  • Server

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    45-60 ping is my limit, where i start noticing skills not hitting targets and being hit way outside of zones i i expect

  • the main issue, is that 90% of game population is alts and Bots neither care about achievements well that and if you arent in a top 200 + guild you probably are scared to even leave the yellow zones and dont travel between cities and do not have more than 5 mil silver.

  • Im ok with it. Focus already is a limitless resource, just make more alts if you want more focus. the idea of selling of focus is ok perhaps... but the potions would not be worth that much as focus is limited per PC currently, but essentially free, unless item prices increase for some reason there is not enough profit in most ventures anyway, making it easier but more expensive takes away any profits left.. which i am ok with all that because really what does it matter its a sandbox having the e…

  • quests are stupid, however there could be a bit more direction for post tutorial "what do i do" phase

  • Quote from Borbarad: “Sell order is always better profit. ” no. sell order is only better profit if you dont make the mistake that you "dont understand" if u have a gear worth ~ 2 mill but i have one selling for 1.4 mil you would sell yours way too cheap just because i dont care about making money on my sale. But had you sold it for 1 less than the next highest buy oder you make 600,000 more silver after my short sell is complete and the market returns to normal price.

  • i cant trust players not to mess this up tho.... if the price is always 1 less especially the selling all idea. people already F up all the time Consider if u have a bunch of loot and you sell order all as u suggest. without reviewing each one, someone like me who wants to sell off the item i got from sheer luck and doesnt care about making a big profit might have an item selling below value then you will be pissed that you didnt review them.

  • Quote from Piddle: “It's a band aid that needs ripped off at some point, and it may as well be sooner rather than later. ” its a problem with albion since beta, they put something in and change it giving those who got benefit huge advances over others. If you are a top tier player in albion albion is fun, if you are not then its dog shit. stuff like this makes it more dog shit for newer players. While i think this way is better, they need resets when things like this come around, tons of issues …

  • Quote from Obelis: “The artifact crafting specialist nodes are being split as well, ” So huge nerf to all future crafters? Its fine on the combat side because respec.... but all the crafters currently levels artifact by leveling the cheapest craftable piece. That is essentially being removed thus any new player has no business trying to be a crafter anymore. new player goes to craft holy staffs, they must now actually craft hundreds of fallen staffs for spec, but all the people who have been pla…

  • If Albion online could track how many players from specific guild are killed by players from a specific guild in open world IE not in CGvG or hellgate. We could improve the Cluster Queue and anti Disarray NAPs 1 other measure would have to be in place i think,, only use the metric on active ZvZ guilds, excluding those who have never placed silver, unless its their first season. it will become evident. If we track X guild kills 1000 players per day on average, but kills less than 0.1% of Y guilds…

  • Hype - more grind!!!

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    ya Artifact node has 300% of other nodes... So when split it will be 100%, 100%, 100%, 0% Which is actually really good for new players getting their hands on a Fallen staff for example, as respec can be focused to fallen directly, thus its biggest IP boost finished faster, then moving to the minor IP buff offspecs.

  • OK now im thinking on it even more... melee weapons in general work mostly bruiser like combat... This is fine.. but we also have daggers.... im thinking bump the base DMG on Dagger and put in a Negative HP or resistance stat to make the function less bruiser like when using leather armor which suits melee well dagger + arti leather is just strong and not easy to kill... except specter cuz self harm

  • mmmm it made me consider something... I think armor could be reworked because they way we use it is actually odd... The skills on armor are useful on weapons that do not match up... such as gally + cleric robe works well because the unpurgable W My thought is it would have been better if the synergies matched up, instead of heavy, medium, and light armors something like Melee, Ranged, Tank, Stationary, Mobile, Casting, Instant, Mana heavy, Mana light just some ideas, then inside Melee having opt…