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  • Closing Solo Dungeons after they are used for more than 10 minutes is fine, but dont close GRDs There should be a long timers before the dungeon closes so theres a chance for pvp still

  • Praise Be!

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    Thats Hot, i needa go hang out in Martlock

  • Great Curse E + Mage Sandals Bugged

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    I use to be able to channel great curse and mage sandals from tanks for distance no longer and option even tho the sandals say otherwise... Extremely Easy to recreate, def a bug if there werent any patch notes on it right?

  • Quote from Acoustic: “Quote from Owlsane: “Quote from Acoustic: “Quote from Heliande: “Sorry but somehow this is not a reasonable discussion. Someone who is just experienced in arena (5vs5 content btw) arguing with other players who are actually experience in PvP is nonesense. As already said try stuff out. Get experience. Or a better solution you play a ranged clothy, but pls don't cry than when you get owned by melees. ” Really? Over 1100 matches, fighting just about every build in the game mu…

  • Quote from Captainrussia: “Quote from Nottma: “Lazy solution to a complicated problem. The most popular solution is to increase trash rates based on both assist count and proportional difference in item value. ” ^ most laziest solution ever... didn't even think about ZvZ... lazy lazy! ” Actually hiding zergs with invisible shrines is a good idea

  • Open-World PvP is actually at a all time low, no one can play pvp in this game alone these days if its not ZvZ or structured battles then it kinda sucks. Everyone is grouped up and baiting for their friends. Back in the P2P days atleast people had to balls to just fight or go out and brawl. Now it seems its not even worth going out in good gear cause ull probably just fork it over to some shitty gankers in fiend cowls. Arena is a nightmare and scheduling shit for 5v5 gates and crystal battle is …

  • running is a form of pvp and if someone doesnt fight back, thats like saying in a Bow/Caster kites you and kills you, you gonna say you didnt have a pvp battle because you didnt get the fight...?

  • Stream Sniping

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    lel this thread

  • Quote from Maszke: “Ganking is the most boring and retarded content at all albion online. ” creates economy dude and feeds the little guys, dont be such a baby. People that abuse PvP-zones in red zone are the real lames

  • Objective Based Arenas?

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    personally the next step after the free launch would be to create a variety in arena modes! Capture the flag, or King of the Hill. Arena is the perfect way to test out modes and mechanics as well since it holds little / no value as well as a No Cap Full Loot death-match mode possibly? it will bring a lot more players in to give it a chance in my opinion in this current state of gaming who wouldnt want to queue up in a 1v1 or 5v5 and throw their gear away in a deathmatch. maybe add a minimum requ…

  • wondering if BZ solos will have pvp

  • [June 28th] Hotfix

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    still happening for me

  • i mean the Ability to "change skills while in-combat" has a 10 minute cooldown, and id say ur skills would be put a a cooldown a little longer than dismounting a horse @owensssss

  • i just want to gather and PvP without being punished by heavy ass resources! its difficult for solo and small scale players to enjoy gathering without being able to adventure and fight while doing it.

  • So what i wondering would it be possible to allow players a ten minute cooldown OPTION to change skills in combat on gear, such as switching between Q:'s and W:'s (for weapons). An option similar to Overcharge which requires a catalyst (energy). i am NOT saying that we should be able to change Equipment i simply want to change skills in combat with a Extended Cooldown Reset Penalty because its difficult to play against getting tagged by Gankers/zergs, getting into a 1v1 or small scale situation …

  • why cant a gather and pvp at the same time? resources are heavy as f*** but i dont want to put on gathering gear sadly the life of a t8 lumberjack that loves to solo pvp

  • Duel Scamming still Happens.

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    You can equip gear while naked after the duel starts, its a new way to hide ur good equipment before duels. especially if you want counter peoples builds... please hurry up and fix this

  • Quote from Midgard: “Quote from Coonery: “gathering gear really messed up the game mechanics, forces gatherers to run in every situation even if its 1v1... ” And before gathering gear it forced gatherers to fight, in every single situation whether it be 1 v 10 or 1 v 1. And as a lot of gatherers are dedicated gatherers that meant certain death pretty much every time vs PvP specced opponents. That is why gathering gear was introduced. Before gathering gear it was a massacre almost every single ti…

  • Nature Healer 5v5 High-Tier PvP POV Holy 2v2

  • gathering gear really messed up the game mechanics, forces gatherers to run in every situation even if its 1v1...