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  • Spears

    Idebenn - - Overpowered/Underpowered Items


    The whole kiting thing doesn't work for spears or anything else because there are too many gap closers, ranged attacks on "melee" weapons and speed boosts. It's a general problem. It's a neat concept which doesn't work in the current game. Ranged weapon builds can rarely kite so they need burst.

  • Daggers in general have been overbuffed. Not sure what "skill ceiling" you're talking about with so much instant, ranged, burst damage.

  • I'd be nice if all the caster weapons were one-handed, bringing the ratio closer to 50/50. In fact, all of them could be but it seems like the models were already made and multiple are two-handed by design. When it comes to staves though, you could make them either and nobody would notice since the 1h staff models are already huge.

  • Quote from Dismadeus: “Quote from Idebenn: “Once again, there are 6 curse staves and people are only talking about one. The helmet unfairly punishes all the other staves when they're either bad or mediocre to begin with. ” any ability that clears debuffs is powerful yes. like , lifetouch E, fallen E, arcane W, guard helm etc etc. especially lifetouch, my god thats an amazingly strong weapon right now. this is because the debuffs you clear from you are equally powerful. what you ask is no counter…

  • Once again, there are 6 curse staves and people are only talking about one. The helmet unfairly punishes all the other staves when they're either bad or mediocre to begin with.

  • Not every curse build uses Death Curse. The helm unfairly punishes all other curse staves.

  • Certain channeled skills like Cursed Beam will be interrupted half a second or so after the teleport. I'm not sure which other skills suffer from this issue.

  • On kiting melee players.

    Idebenn - - Rants


    Pretty much, Bloodletter is also stupid with Chain Slash there. The issue is that all of those are ranged, burst skills, on a supposedly melee class.

  • It's not like the slow on Frostbolt does anything with how fast people are. Fire could use a third Q skill, similar to Hoarfrost.

  • I disagree since it has a built-in movement speed boost so you aren't escaping without blowing a cooldown, and Whirlwind's own cooldown is pretty low. It also isn't fair to compare the weapon to daggers as those have been ridiculously overbuffed. The energy costs do seem too high though.

  • On kiting melee players.

    Idebenn - - Rants


    I complain about "melees" not being melee anymore. When they're impossible to kite/catch and leap across the screen killing you in a few hits, they aren't melees anymore.

  • On kiting melee players.

    Idebenn - - Rants


    At this point I wonder, what are you even supposed to do as a caster, especially against dagger builds? Fire stands the best chance overall but is very vulnerable to reflect, still loses to daggers Frost stands a low chance, you can't even kite them, you can't run away either, your slow is a total joke and does nothing, roots break on any damage. Ice Shard spamming will not work against a decent player. Curse stands close to zero chance unless you're on a Lifecurse facetank build, trying to simp…

  • Because if you don't tone down obviously overpowered stuff and instead try to bring everything else to the same level, you're enabling uncontrollable power creep which is one of the main sicknesses that can kill a game.

  • Quote from sandstorm22: “Yea it's not fun. I start with Fire in Arena, but if I see there is a hunter hood I switch to Curse. Fire is hard countered by hunter hood and not a thing you can do to stop your dots if hunter hood popped. Hell I can't even see the visual. ” And curse is hard countered by guardian helmet.

  • Do not raise exotic mounts, you will only lose money. Raise animals for meat.

  • Quote from Crane: “Hey dude, He ain't talking about breeding horses or oxen, he is breeding rare mounts (swiftclaws). Swiftclaws are worthless to raise, unless you can get the pups at a very low price. They may rise in price once the mount changes are implemented, but I doubt it. I raised my rare breeding to over 76 before realizing there was no money in the profession. ” Yeah that's what I meant. I'd say the same about armored horses and basically any mount used in BZ which doesn't have a limit…

  • imo, this game is WAY TOO GRINDY

    Idebenn - - Forum Banter


    Maxing specializations takes months and months of daily group dungeon runs in BZ.

  • As the title says. Right now you would be losing money by raising and saddling animals as the cubs are more expensive than saddled mounts yet their return rate is laughably low. The closest thing I can blame this on is the sheer amount of mounts people loot from corpses and then sell cheaply for some quick buck.

  • Due to the recent, strange nerf/buff to Armor Piercer and no counter to Guardian Helmet, I'm bumping this. Give this weapon some much needed attention.

  • Quote from Owlxzie: “and also numbers is everything in Albion. If you are tired of getting ganked by higher numbers what about FFing with high numbers as well? The thing u are saying is ilke, oh no t5blob attacked our territory but we are only t1 blob. Oh no its unfair??? Diving is mechanic, diving with 20people is being a gypsy, scouting is pussiness ” Yeah, let's run a 5 man dungeon with a raid of 20! What a great idea, surely we'll be getting tons of fame and loot!