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  • Quote from Mytherceria: “Hey everyone, apologies for the confusion. Following some messages from players regarding the new Crystal time slots, I edited @Seldom's post on Saturday as follows: Quote from Seldom: “Note: The new time slots have NOT been implemented into the game yet, we will announce in the Patch Notes section of the forum when it goes live. ” Hope this clarifies. ” Is there really no way this can be added in after a daily maintenance? I don't think you realize the impact this has.

  • Hopefully we get it soon, I don't really see why it requires waiting till a major patch though since it's simply adding a timer, no infrastructure or UI changes involved. Seems like an easy thing to add after a daily maintenance.

  • Quote from Seldom: “Good day everyone, The Crystal League has been running on both the Staging and Live Servers for some time now. After looking at the numbers and reading through your feedback we have decided to increase the amount of Crystal League time slots for Levels 1-3 during the Guild Season. We want to give you the chance to play more than one game each day, and still retain the benefits of overlapping time slots, which should keep high-end teams away from the lower levels. Therefore we…

  • The current popular idea is to continue with the three fight structure, but to run two sets of them simultaneously to separate the newer players from the more experienced ones. To use an example: 2 UTC - Level 1 fight, Level 2 fight --------------------| ----------------- | 3 UTC - Level 2 Fight, Level 3 fight --------------------| ----------------- | 4 UTC - Level 3 Fight, Level 4 fight If you're a confident experienced team you start out doing the level 2 fight to go for level 4. If you're a n…

  • *shrug* I think having duels of champions over certain open-world objectives fits just as well since as you yourself pointed it, it's not without real world precedent.

  • Quote from Roccandil: “Those mechanics accommodate people with Real Life schedules. ” Sure, doesn't mean they aren't still just as abstract and arbitrary though. Just seems like a lack of variety to me. Outposts are decided by ZvZ, Castles are decided by ZvZ, and territories are decided by ZvZ. Having at least one kind of open world focal point decided through a duel of champions (as was done sometimes in real life) provides variety and seems no more arbitrary or abstract than timed waves of def…

  • Quote from Roccandil: “ I do like that territory control is now dependent on open world battles: that makes sense immersively. GvGs are abstract and arbitrary. ” Being able to stroll in and launch an attack during a 4 hour window, but not any other time, then waiting 24 hours and bonking on it with a hammer to have all the guards instantly convert into yours seems pretty abstract to me lol

  • Quote from Roccandil: “What I hope -doesn't- happen is all the big guilds/alliances making NAPs so they can conquer everything. (In that case, I hope the devs would step in.) ” You mean like people have been doing since release? How would devs even step in. shakes finger No no you gotta fight that guy not this guy.

  • Quote from Neef: “Quote from Desriel: “The map is just not that big for logistics and opportunity cost to have the effect you desire. There's a roughly 0% chance that they just let all the outer territories belong to small new guilds. I mean hell ZvZ guilds will already run 10+ zones looking for a potential fight. You think suddenly they'll decide not to run that far for a guaranteed one? ” I think your forgetting that 1 5man team can't hold a shit ton of terri anymore, 5man skill means nothing …

  • The map is just not that big for logistics and opportunity cost to have the effect you desire. There's a roughly 0% chance that they just let all the outer territories belong to small new guilds. I mean hell ZvZ guilds will already run 10+ zones looking for a potential fight. You think suddenly they'll decide not to run that far for a guaranteed one?

  • Spear sees little play in ZvZ since it is outclassed by sword and axe in AoE pressure potential. Spear doesn't see a ton of play in GvG since carving/claymore are easier and more reliable. Axe also suffers here as well compared to sword. Spear has its uses but it's pretty niche.

  • Quote from Neef: “ Also it seems to be working fine on live with the terri resets every 2 days tons of small guilds have gotten terris now that gvgs are done ” Tons of small guilds have them because big ones don't care. They aren't even worth the 1mil cost of claiming them going forward. Some guilds on reset just killed the boss for the energy and left lmao

  • Quote from Neef: “The point is we need to see the system in action before they can make more changes for the better because if we havent even seen the system we have now in action how do we know what we want. I'm not saying the system is perfect or even good the way it is Im only saying we should see how it goes and offer feedback after testing out the system as it could be better then we think and may only need small changes. ” It's definitely possible to see if a system is broken or not before…

  • Quote from blappo: “i dont think you read english well, he is stating they are low, im stating why. if they stayed at season 7 level its 72 for level 1 that is 1440 if you field 20 teams for level 1 maybe you should take some lessons on your reading again. ” You realize crystals are free right now with way more season points and the most teams a guild currently sends is like three despite having way more towers right? You think when they add a cost to it you're suddenly going to have guilds able…

  • Quote from blappo: “our group is meeting tomorrow, but when i consider raid content.. 3 hour blocks is pretty normal.. used to raid in wow 3-6 hour segments on weekends but the rewards and fun have to equal out ill get back to u tomorrow on that. ” I don't know if it's just personal preference but compared to a WoW raid it felt like a huge slog after about an hour. I guess it just seemed a bit repetitive. The layout looks the same throughout the whole thing. You run into the same mobs at every p…

  • That does indeed sound like a "bug"

  • Scelty let MG win?

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    Eh, they're very different. I'd hardly call letting someone beat you a gimmick. Against the spirit of the game sure, but I don't really see how it's a gimmick. Also unless you admit to it you can just claim that some of your guys dc'd or didn't bring gear or are afraid to fight a certain team etc. Killing someone who went afk in a purportedly "Safe Zone" could definitely be seen as an exploit because it goes against the established rules of the game that are told to the player.

  • Daily max concurrent players likely around 10k currently based on available metrics. Total number of "active players" varies based on your definition. Definitely wouldnt consider the game dead, but it has experienced a fairly steep player drop from the 30k+ concurrent from a couple months ago.

  • The nerfing CC into the ground next patch is a massive, massive buff to axes. That coupled with them nerfing swords and spears will likely make halberd once again the best all around mdps weapon.

  • Fix this Shit

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    Quote from Piddle: “Pretty sure the issue is that he cast a spell, and it broke his invisibility. Which if you read Assassin Jacket, is written right on the ability. ” Not only is he not using assassin jacket, but the issue is clearly a leashing bug as he was well out of their aggro range, but they aggrod onto him despite that when he came out of invis because they didn't leash properly.