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  • There are obviously lots of games out there that do have both in- and out of steam payment options. This means it's purely a money issue where it's actually possible to do but SI doesn't want to because it they presume it will cost them a lot of income. The fact that there are examples out there of these payment structures being a thing can only mean that it SI's own choice. It's sad to see that you guys are not willing to fork over money to improve the experience for the existing player-base. E…

  • Player Population

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    Cool and informative post, I like it. Zitat von Korn: „Also note that weekly active players (which you can approximate somewhat through Albion's in-game leaderboards) do not fully correlate with CCU numbers. The reason for this is that the least active players are the most likely to quit, and the most active players are the least likely to quit - on average, players who quit are not as active as those who play on. Hence, a 10% reduction in weekly active players does not translate into a 10% redu…

  • While I'm sure they'd prefer the trial players to actually buy accounts they're making money either way since gifting someone a trial pack will cost you. The retention rate of these trial players will probably be lower than for those who bought packs innitially too. With the population dropping as it is, even though they had far more purchases then expected, it's really just a matter of time until we're down to that last niche group that doesn't want to give the game up. Seems to me like it woul…

  • I really like that home plot/island swapping idea. With it you can make home plots a lot easier to take over. Everything is so static at the moment. You fight the same people for the same plots so many times. The situation was largely determined by the launch day lag shenanigans and there is no good system of moving up in the world. There is no real way for, e.g., Anglia guilds to push for a Cumbria plot, even if they out skill the Cumbria players. There is no way for a guild to progress and as …

  • Nipp & Chicken Kiss: Goodbye AO

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    Au revoir!

  • Hi @Retroman Is there a way to get into these NDA playtests? I've messaged you like you instructed but haven't gotten a response in 2 weeks. Please let me know. Thanks

  • @korn Nice job censoring threads

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    @Korn If you really don't want people to necro old threads (even if their discussions sometimes still have merit) just implement it into your system to close threads that have not been replied to in x days. What I am bothered by is that every time you do close a thread you use that to add one more statement that people now can't reply to. Just close it with a concise message and we're done.

  • Castle Chest Spawns on Weekends

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    You thought we're doing 5 day workweeks here in Europe? But yeah, that's weird. Probably an oversight. @Korn

  • No combat balance for another 4-6 weeks, game performance only a priority in Kay (end of the year), next to no guild QoL changes. Ya, I think I'm out... @Korn You can say whatever you want about the prioritization of guild QoL but at this point there is really no excuse. Sure, delaying the arena for guild QoL now might make no sense but why did it come this far in the first place? You constantly pointed out that guild QoL was one of your top priorities but apparently no work has been done on it …

  • One thing you didn't touch on is that battles between guilds and alliances in the Outlands are one part combat, and one part economic. A guild that spends real life money towards crafting progression or gear supplies for GvG teams has more time to spend on even more crafting progression, gear or even combat progression. That last bit is mostly true for smaller guilds where the same players will be touching upon all aspects of the game. In the end, real money spent is not the deciding factor as o…

  • I want to skip straight past all the server and connection issues and talk about the Albion world design, specific game mechanics and more. I'd like to talk about is the whole Caerleon portal system. At first glance this seemed like a decent idea to me when it was first introduced. A safe haven in reach of most homeplots around the outlands and a strong trade hub between everyone in the game. Two weeks into the game now and my view has completely shifted. My guild owns a couple of plots in Angli…

  • Zitat von Korn: „Zitat von Kappatronic: „1100 in a zone starts lagging?we had 100vs100 fights and the lag was insane and the disconnects. lol “ There is a difference between players in a city and players fighting in the same screen, as the amount of data transmitted gets crazy. There is also a strong limit to how many players can fight in the same screen without lag, and, to our knowledge, there is no game that can surpass it - Eve Online being a special case to an extent as each player does ver…


  • There was just a big fight in Cumbria. Same thing happened. Everybody freezes, rubber bands.

  • @Korn

  • Can we talk about the game's performance in large scale fights for a bit? I have the majority of my guild reporting freezes and extreme frame drops in larger fights. A lot of the larger fights for territories on the first day are a testament to this but even in 20v20 the game starts struggling and many players drop down to ~5 frames per second or completely freeze. Are other guilds experiencing the same thing?

  • It's obvious that this bug, combined with other founder rewards bugs and the server issues had a big impact on the overall situation in the Outlands. Some players got shafted hard and depending on how many of those are/were in a guild, some guilds got shafted hard too. However, there is no turning it back now and I don't see any realistic fix or compensation for those who got the short end of the stick. Unforeseen bugs happen all the time and it's really unfortunate that one with such a big impa…

  • About the Nature Staff

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    @AcOrP Yeah, I saw that post gained no traction and didn't want to add the additional stuff as a comment there.

  • About the Nature Staff

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    So I've been looking into the nature staff and besides it being weak and out of place in today's game there are also some interactions that seem bugged. 1. Adrenaline Driven Charity is the passive that gives you a 20% additive healing power bonus after 4 spell casts. When using this in combination with a 3-stack Circle of Life (1h nature staff E) it will not work. The amount healed with or without this buff are the same. 2. The new Rejuvenating Mushrooms can't trigger Adrenaline Driven Charity. …