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  • I hear WoW has a PvE only server. You may want to consider a different game.

  • The Corrupted dungeon entrances are found in all red/black zones similar to SRD entrances. These will be easily accessible from anywhere whether in guild or not.

  • The biggest problem Albion has had for solo PvP players is no place to go to find consistent 1v1 fights. SRDs are sporadic in finding contacts and even more sporadic in finding solo contacts. Current state though SRD is best chance of solo or at least 1v2 fights. This will be solved in the 12th with Corrupted dungeons functioning similar for solo players as HGs do for 2s/5s. Reliable place to go for 1v1 fights although it will have its share of rats to deal with.

  • I can't wait for people to run away from me and kill shards again. Will be good times! P.S. did you fix shard health yet??

  • Haha poor Agony you must be one of the last remaining forgies!

  • So out of curiosity all of you kids saying PvP will die do also realize Corrupted dungeons will now exist specifically for PvP right? I admit the current iteration of Corrupted needs work yet but just checking. I would prefer some sort of no grouping / 2 max charges use change for SRD instead but also feel the current state is quite bad.

  • I more look at it like this. For new and solo players it is currently difficult to find reasonable fame places in Albion. The amount of divers is quite high (I am one myself) but the real problem is the amount of shitters who dive solos with 3+. This gameplay is toxic and congratulations you shit heads are the ones who forced this change. Luckily for us true solo PvPers we will just move on to Corrupted dungeons. Hopefully this change also allows a decent chunk of small scale players a method to…

  • Reroll insanity

    Tabor - - Rants


    I do not like even having a reroll option. It devalues crafting.

  • I am disappointed with current Corrupted design/mechanics. It is extremely difficult to actually get a fight unless you yourself decided to also play one of these high mobility builds. Albion really needs to find a balance in combat where it stops giving 100% of the advantage to kits that just come in with combo and simply bail if they fuck it up for free. As it stands speed builds just invade and once they see the target they literally are booting themselves out by killing the crystals if they …

  • Ironically in current state Corrupted dungeons are 10x more safe than running a SRD which is probably why they are putting this change in as well otherwise it would be embarrassing (it still is). In corrupted kids have a huge area to run around in with exits all over the place and virtually 0 dead ends or linear pathways that SRDs people deal with. They better be making some serious changes yet to corrupted or it is a run build rat fiesta. Very little PvP to be had.

  • Depends Silva. Problem has been as a solo OW player it has traditionally been very difficult to find consistent content in BZ. You can dive T7 and T8 SRDs for hours and find nada. For this reason many solo PvPers dive red zone T7 instead for much more frequent contact rates. Luckily all this will not matter much in a couple weeks when we finally get corrupted dungeons. This will be the focus of most of the solo vets.

  • Agreed many things need to change but what seems to be the most obvious needed change is NOT losing reputation for killing a blue who initiated combat. As a solo flagged player you often purposely try to leave the low gear kids alone because the kill is not worth the rep loss but often these kids follow you around attacking you so you need to kill them as some point. Fine if they choose to do that but being they did I should no longer take the rep penalty. As guy above said the game has changed …

  • Claymore balance

    Tabor - - Feedback


    Clsymore just needs the E changed to be reflectable like rest of swords. Instant burst damage should always be reflected since it takes skill to time the defensive.

  • It appears if you are nefarious reputation is does not allow you to use the portal that spawns after final boss kill in the corrupted dungeon. I cannot imagine this is intended.

  • Corrupted Dungeon - Crystals health

    Tabor - - Feedback


    I would suggest they remove the ability to banish altogether from corrupted dungeons. Players can fame farm in SRDs if they want PvE. Corrupted is about PvP. Anything that goes against PvP such as banishing and extended fight evading should be addressed. I would also suggest after 5 minutes of evasion both parties are ported to a small fight circle area so no more running can occur. After someone dies the reduced fight locked area would open so the winner can finish up if needed.

  • The running happens in HGs even now WITH gear swapping that is a completely separate HG design issue that needs to be addressed. I do agree though it has and will always be a problem until fixed. Same in the upcoming corrupted dungeons. This content needs to have like a 5 minutes timer where both parties are ported in final death pit fight area to eliminate that garbage. This is PvP content not run like little bitch content.

  • Rat meta on horizon

    Tabor - - Feedback


    Yeah evading fighting IE killing the crystals to banish should not be rewarding. To disincentive this I like the idea of having a stiff infamy penalty per crystal destroyed.

  • I just ran a few more this AM as well and yeah 0 PvP connections. I even sat in one at 400/500 for 20 minutes just to see if something would eventually connect and nothing. After killing the final boss it does not let you enter the spawned portal to directly hit next gate.

  • Streaming should actually get better with no swaps not worse. Now we should get many interesting fights that take some thought on how to fight around certain builds instead of just inspect/run/swap. That should make it more entertaining to watch.

  • Combat Balance Changes

    Tabor - - Feedback


    The 1h dagger is quite common paired with QS in 2s gates but I would agree it is not OP. It is in a good spot as very powerful but also avoidable. Fair balance.