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  • Hey, I'm interested gonna send you a pm.

  • So much carebears everywhere now. I'm one of those so called "new players", just got my first 100 in some masteries and the cost is so fucking low. Just the silver drop from the dungeon im doing almost covers it and its totally worth it. If you dont wanna do the silver investment turn it off, done. Ffs

  • Dunno why some people are understanding it like "you can buy from/sell to any market you want with just one click!". You will still have to buy shit and travel, you know? Or people just fucking love to get naked and run to all cities? Most of the people that cant be arsed to travel and check rn will still be the people that wont be arsed to make the trip if this change was made.

  • Great idea, please Devs, hear this man out! Also, people that are saying that its a bad idea probably dont even think about doing transports thenselves or are just afraid of changes. It's a great idea, with this everyone will know what zone needs his resources and then feel more inclined to risk the travel and invest his time for the chance of profit. Generating more ganking opportunities, resources sinks (cuz death and trashing, a lot of gankers just trash some resources that they can carry or …

  • Please, make it happen devs. The zoomed out map is really useless.

  • Quote from MadSkillzDLR: “What I dont understand is how people are allowed to do this for months and no one does anything xD It should be an insta ban for anyone involved ” I think banning is a little too much, because as far as I know it is "working as intended", its just a really badly thought out and implemented mechanic. But yeah, I dont understand how they still havent done anything about it.

  • Quote from Blenfjorn: “When i do merc and generalist books in HCE... ” Are merc labourers even worth it? Everyone says that they are crap

  • New Weapon: Flail

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    Hi, dunno if someone already suggested something like this before, but if not just wanna bring it to light. It would be really cool if we had some kind of "Paladin"-style weapon in Albion, like a blend of holy and mace/hammer. The main focus of this weapon would be the tanking aspect but with a little support for heals, maybe some weak AoE heals per Q that hit a enemy (like Brigitte from Overwatch), one or two shielding/healing options for W slot. The weapon options could be like: 1. One-handed …

  • Laborers

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    What about the labourer happiness? If you keep your house t5 and they level up to t6 or 7 they start to get lower return rates, no?

  • Oh, so they were used before Group RDs was implemented? Didnt knew that, and this explains why they get so little atention nowadays. Thanks everyone for answering

  • So, what happened to HCE? Im a newish player, started on with the f2p and played casually since. I saw some videos about HCEs and how good the fame was and etc, buy almost no one is doing then anymore. The loot/fame/silver got nerfed or people just lost interest?