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  • Sound effects can be annoying at max level, but the queue notification been on the same category means you often miss it. if queue notification sounds were on a different tab, we would lower the annoying sound effects and have the queue sounds maxed out. 19176

  • Quote from Neef: “Tabor just because you pretty much only play 1 handed curse doesn't mean you should go after every item that counters your build xD From looking at your killboard you do just fine with guarden helm the way it is, And yes i am saying you have a good killboard. ” I am going to bite and answer. IF something is indeed unbalanced (I honestly can't tell), why would it matter who calls it out? :D. Like would someone who mains Guardian Helmet or Pike admitting to it being broken, chang…

  • As someone already posted on reddit, there can exist an implementation that GVGs are still the endgame, without being rendered totally useless as SBI plans to, and without having as much power as they did during the golden days of 3 teams dominating the whole map. Both playstyles (GVG and ZVZ/open world) are legit and fun. I just wish they could co exist without one being inherently stronger than the other.

  • while i am not saying this is good for the game, or it should not be modified, have you tried to use tools that the game offers you to to counter this? Have you tried a mercenary hood? Have you tried a fort sterling cape? Has your teammate swapped you out of the ground effect with fiend sandals? Have you preemptively 'rolled' with assassin boots or royal boots away? Have you preemptively mage sandals delayed teleport? Also assuming he (somehow) missed his cape, would he EVER be able to beat you …

  • Every tier, or 100 IP gap gives approximately a 9% bonus or boost over the previous tier. Change that 9% to 12% instead and you will see 4.1 gankers actually using 5.1 or 6.1.

  • Quote from Bogul: “And that is a short-term negative experience for you ” Which is short-term because a player said it is. If that player 'decides' to raises taxes to 300% or 1000% then there is nobody to intervene and tell him but you said it is short-term and instead you would have been a victim of good faith to a guy called vasort or bogul or saya or diva or whoever. In then meantime, when that player is capable of raising taxes to 300% or 1000% it will be even harder to fight him by breaking…

  • Quote from Bogul: “instead of hating on the people who got lucky and were in the right time with the right amount of resources and connections to create this situation in the first place. ” Is that what you get from all these? I believe the hate is on lies, blackmails, price fixing, secrecy, deception, and anything else that is only honorable between criminals and mafia practices. It has nothing to do with luck.

  • I get with what forneus is saying, and he is not entirely wrong about his claim. The way I would implement his suggestion, if black market was to be shared with royals to keep the majority of the buy orders generated by the black market in caerleon in like 80% in caerleon. and 20% of the buy orders move to royals (4% each city). Caerleon remains the trade hub, the signifcant hub, and royals are given a flavour of what 'endgame' is.

  • If you do change the BM in caerleon exclusivity, then you might as well delete caerleon alltogether as it will serve no purpose. The mercia higher tiers/added season points/increased resource rates is not as big of an incentive, as BM is. And then by all means, if mercia is irrelevant, without a BM tied to caerleon, then you might as well have blue army + mg fight in anglia, instead of mercia. That is quite a backwards and contradictory suggestion, from some earlier voices that were asking HCE +…

  • As Alan Jerome Harper would say: Quote from Alan Jerome Harper: “Let's make a list to decide if we should move the servers to EU ”

  • Associate bug

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    It seems that if someone has enough time, to manually add enough guilds, he can advertise his city shop as low % tax, and high associate tax and lure customers to their shop. Why would an associate pay more than everyone else? suggestions to fix this: 1) either update the tooltip so on mouseover it tells you if you are an associate or not 2) either have associate fees never exceed normal fees 3) either ask for consent to guilds or players if they actually want to be associates. check screenshots…

  • actually yesterday was a scheduled monthly event, that only for yesterday they implemented a queue system to make the game more responsive. a bad analogy would be to go to a free healthcare European hospital, get treatment for 2 weeks with minimal or no payment, and complain that your room does not have premium channels on tv, or that they don't serve champagne with the steaks but you only get orange juice.

  • Quote from Korn: “Quote from Storydor: “I think the only thing that would make me feel good would be if you just said: "Sorry, we screwed up big time. We've secretly been remaking this game in another engine that handles networking and scaling better. In a month we will relaunch the game in Unreal/whatever and things will most likely be better" ” Unfortunately, it's not a hardware issue. If the performance could be increased by adding more hardware, we would instantly do that. ” out of curiosity…

  • if the technical problems are impossible or expensive to solve the issue, you should seriously consider 'design' band aid fixes asap. For example if 'spamming' alts or flat 4 characters in a zone to lag it or shut it down, becomes a strategy, then an obvious (band-aid) fix would be to have fame or pvp kills or pvp kill fame or item power minimum requirements (perhaps different for each zone) and just for reset day.

  • I've supported this game A LOT. In every possible way. This reset was bad, awful and should be textbook of what games should NOT be like. But even that is all right as long as you apologize, and think of how to avoid that from ever happening again.

  • Quote from GluttonySDS: “she probably doesn't need to be on the rt anymore as what does she offer? ” scamming advice?

  • Quote from Rengarne: “From my testing Albion only casts your spells / consecutive spells after a delay equal to about the time of your ping. For example if a spell says 1 second cast. you get a 150ms + 1000ms cast = effective 1.15 second cast time (if your ping is 150ms). Assuming the an NA players has 50 ping and a EU player has 150 ping, we can conclude that EU players have a 100ms diadvantage. This affects stuff such as FireQs, FrostQs, ArcaneQs and Holy's Flash-heal the most. Thought it woul…

  • i might get occasional stutters in caerleon, but even in caerleon a lot less than before. I believe the real issue was what he explains on 1:05 on the video.

  • what fixed it for me

  • what fixed it for me